Why Do Pellet Grills Explode?

If you’re the same as me, spending a gorgeous day cleaning up after a pellet grill explosion is the last stuff you would like to do.

Unfortunately, we must be aware of this and take protective measures when using pellet grills.

We’ll also go through how to restart and shut off your grill securely in case of an emergency. Be careful out there!

What is a Pellet Grill?

A barbeque grill known as a pellet grill is one that gets its fuel from compressed pellets derived from biomass, most commonly wood.

If you are new to utilizing pellet grills, it is crucial to understand that the wood pellets you use in your grill should be of food-grade quality, and not the same quality as pellets used in a wood stove.

After being lit in a burn pot, the pellets are then delivered into the cooking chamber, where they are distributed over the grate surfaces to provide the necessary heat.

Pellet grills are often more costly than traditional grills; nevertheless, they provide a wider range of possibilities for outdoor cooking, including charring, smoking, baking, and even roasting.

 A pellet grill, in its most basic form, combines aspects of gas, charcoal and smoke grills in order to provide you with the benefits that are associated with each distinct cooking method.

If you are not careful, pellet grills can explode, which is a risk you have to be conscious of despite the fact that they are a brilliant new form of cooking that has just become popular.

Why Do Pellet Grills Explode?

There are three primary factors that contribute to the risk of an explosion in a pellet grill: an excessive amount of pellets in the firepot; insufficient airflow; and inadequate ventilation.

If there are far too many pellets in the burn pot or, in general, if there is more than roughly an inch of pellets flaming at once (or if they are packed tighter than this), then you have too much fuel burning all at once.

Explosions in pellet grills are almost always caused by adding excessive amounts of fuel all at once.

As you are aware, pellet grills are a new innovation; as a consequence, there is some conjecture regarding the factors that lead to their detonation.

The burn pot becoming clogged with a combination of pellets and ash is the most typical cause of explosions in pellet grills.

Because of this, the air may not be able to properly circulate through the grill, which might result in the pellets igniting too soon.

When something like this occurs, there is nowhere for the heat to go, so it builds up and eventually results in an explosion.

A Pellet Grill Explosion: How to Avoid It

It may come as a relief to find that pellet grills don’t spontaneously combust and that explosions are actually rather uncommon. Your brand-new pellet grill isn’t just waiting for a fire to start up.

Although grilling with pellets is the most complex form of grilling there is, using one is not particularly challenging. Sadly, human error is always the root cause of pellet grill explosions.

To prevent an unintentional explosion of your pellet grill, it is imperative to comprehend how they function.

Make sure the grill has enough pellets.

Making ensuring there are enough, but not too many, pellets in the fire pot is the easiest way to stop a grill from exploding.

Before starting a new cooking session, make sure there are no pellets left over from the previous one.

As long as you follow the fundamental steps for a proper shutdown, you must be secure the next time you switch on your pellet grill. Leftover pellets from a shutdown gone wrong are the main culprit in pellet grill explosions.

Before you start it up, lift the lid and have a look inside to see if there are any remaining pellets. Once you’ve done that, you may usually move on without any problems.

Maintain a backup generator

A backup generator is essential if you own a pellet barbecue. Because they are electric, pellet grills are easily damaged by power outages.

Make sure to let the pellets inside the burn pot burn all the way down if you don’t have a generator and the electricity goes off, and then empty the hopper.

During a power outage, it is possible for an explosion to occur if an excessive number of pellets are left in the burn pot.

The most frequent cause of pellet grill explosions is the accumulation of pellets in the fire pot following an incorrect shutdown.

Before turning off your grill, you should check to see whether any pellets are still in the fire pot to ensure that this does not happen. This applies to both the end of your cooking session and any subsequent power interruptions or flameouts.

Keep a generator on hand to power your pellet grill in case of electricity outages to prevent having to deal with them while you’re grilling.

To ignite the grill, raise the lid.

A pellet grill can also catch fire and explode if the flames go out of control. To prevent this, always open the lid before lighting the grill and leave it unlocked for at least 10 min while the burn pot’s flames settle.

This enables air to enter and aids in controlling the flames. Once the grill has reached the desired temperature, you can close the cover and start cooking.

Keeping a fire extinguisher 

It might seem like an obvious safety precaution but always keep a fire extinguisher within reach in case of an unexpected blaze. Because flames may start quickly with pellet grills, it’s crucial to be ready in case anything happens.

Final Words

The question now is, what should you do to protect yourself when you’re working with your pellet grill?

Here are some pointers: Never let your grill run alone, use a backup generator,  monitor the fuel level and always close it down correctly. Always read and abide by the manufacturer’s instructions.

You won’t need to be concerned about the possibility of explosions while using your pellet grill if you stick to a few easy guidelines when preparing food on it.

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