How to Sharpen a Ceramic Knife at Home?

Ceramic knife – the knife of a new era!

Ceramic knives are quite an attractive cutting tool in the modern kitchen. Most people choose it because of its durability and performance.

These knives are the sharpest ones among all others available in the market. If we talk about more perks, these are very sharp, reasonably priced, and weigh much lighter than steel knives.

Being a new generation kitchen tool, ceramic knives are highly promoted as having long-lasting serrations and sharp edges. Though advertisers claim it as being sharp forever,  it’s not the ultimate truth.

They don’t get rusty but after a couple of months of usage, they might get dull and damaged edges. As you are reading this content, I can assume you have already used ceramic knives and are now looking for a way to sharpen them back again.

Chipped ceramic knives can be dangerous to use. It might slip away while cutting fruits or vegetables and cause harm to you. That doesn’t mean you need to throw them away and buy a new one.

Repeatedly buying new knives can be an expensive process,  rather try to sharp the used ones at home.  In this article,  I will talk about some DIY methods to help you sharpen your dull ceramic knives at home.

Ceramic Knife vs Steel Knife

Every household has conventional metal knives. Not to mention,  we all have ample ideas about it. Stainless steel is the main material for steel blades. In contrast, ceramic knives are made of certain types of ceramic.

It is referred to as zirconia or zirconium dioxide,  the second hardest material available. The hardest material is diamond. Diamond sharpening stones are used to sharpen the chipped ceramic knives.

You need to keep in mind that, while sharpening, different techniques should be applied for steel blades and ceramic blades. Ceramic blades are easily breakable, despite the hardness.

So, you need to be very careful during the sharpening process and hold the knife in such a manner that it doesn’t get too much pressure on any particular point. Otherwise, it might break into two parts suddenly.

In addition, you’ll often notice the rough edge formation, when you sharpen a metal knife with stone. On the contrary, you wouldn’t feel that burr for ceramic knives. You can test if your ceramic knife is sharp enough or not by cutting a piece of hardboard paper. The sharper the knife the easier it is to cut it.

How to Sharpen a Ceramic Knife: Helpful DIY tools


You do have sandpaper at home,  right?
It’s an easy and cheaper way to sharpen ceramic knives with sandpaper.

Firstly,  place the sandpaper on a flat surface, a counter or table or anywhere leveled. Make it wet with a few drops of water. Wet sandpaper works well to sharpen the edges. Secondly,  holding the knife in a manner of cutting something,  move the edges on the sandpaper.  After that,  keep repeating the same step until both sides of the edges are sharp enough.

Finally, you can test your knife with the above-mentioned hardboard paper method.  If you’re satisfied, clean it well before using it.
Though this technique of using sandpaper is an easy and convenient one, it takes time and effort to get the desired result.

Diamond Sharpening Stones

Diamonds are expensive but diamond sharpening stones are not. These are easily available in hardware stores and are quite pocket-friendly. It can be considered a good investment because diamond stones can literally serve you for a lifetime.

Different grits can be found, for example, coarse grit (200), medium grit (600) or fine grit (1000 or more). The finer the better results. You need to use hand gloves as a safety caution.

To start with it, position the sharpening stone on a rough flat surface. It should be slip-resistant to avoid any chances of mishap. Next, make the stone wet with a drop of water or two. Hold the knife horizontally, the sharp edge should be facing the stone.

After that, carefully touch the stone with a sharp edge and move the knife back and forth. Beware not to apply any downward pressure or it may snap the ceramic blade. Furthermore,  keep repeating the steps at least 7-8 times and turn over the blade to sharpen the other side. Finally, clean up the knife before using it.

Sharpening Rod 

Another simple yet effective way to sharpen your ceramic knife is to use a sharpener rod. Make sure to buy a diamond steel rod as that works best.
Holding the rod in your left hand, place your knife at a 90degree angle on the rod.

Sweep a couple of times.  Turn over the knife and do the same steps for the other side. Keep repeating till you achieve the desired sharpness. (770)


If you are unsure about the DIY methods,  you can buy electronic sharpeners. Some of them are battery-powered and some work with mains electricity. These are easy-to-use tools. Each brand provides its own set of instructions to use the gadget.

How to Maintain a Ceramic Knife?

Ceramic knives are rigid and to some extent fragile as well. You need to keep in mind certain issues to sustain them for a longer period of time. In the first place, do not try to cut meat with bone or frozen food using a ceramic blade.

Try to use a wooden or plastic cutting board for better use. You should hand wash it gently. Be careful not to drop it directly on the floor or it might get chipped.


Ceramic knives stay sharp for a longer period if you pay attention to the maintenance. It does require sharpening after a certain while, depending on the usage. Heavily used knives become dull in a short time.

Try the sharpening methods discussed in this article, and let me know if they helped you out in any way. You can always reach out for further queries. Just drop a comment below on the comment section and I will get back to you. 

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