How to Level Blackstone Griddle- Tips & Tricks

So, you are struggling to level the Blackstone griddle. It isn’t very pleasant when you try to level your griddle time and again but can’t. Besides, the uneven griddle can create potential safety concerns and disrupt cooking.

It bothers when griddle doesn’t level at ease. However, leveling is certainly not a difficult job, and a few little tweaks can help you achieve it right away.

So, how to level Blackstone griddle? You can level your Blackstone griddle by following a few simple ways. For example, you can level the surface or use washers to adjust the griddle stand.

Sounds complicated? No worries! Read on because we’ll break down the process in the easiest manner possible. Let’s dive in.

What is Blackstone Griddle and How Does it Work?

Blackstone griddle is a commercial-grade restaurant griddle that has an unrivaled cooking surface. It provides the perfect conditions for creating the finest foods with even heat distribution and temperature consistency.

It is perfect for searing meat, making pancakes, and even baking desserts. Also, it functions as an excellent tool for making sauces, frying food, or anything you need. This commercial-grade gas grill will provide many years of service in your restaurant or home kitchen.

Griddles come in various sizes and are made of different materials, including stainless steel and cast iron.

Cooks and chefs often prefer cast iron griddles over stainless steel because they are easy to clean. Griddles are usually only used for the first and last few minutes of cooking.

Why Should You Level Your Griddle?

Leveling the griddle ensures the best cooking surface and performance.

As normally people mounts griddle on countertops, they are prone to constant jarring, causing uneven surfaces and making them difficult to use.

The uneven surface of a griddle might create danger. For example, it can lead to griddle toppling, resulting in severe damage.

Apart from this, leveling the griddle helps with cooking also. A leveling kit improves the functionality of a griddle by allowing the grill to have a more consistent surface.

When Do You Need To Level Your Griddle?

Manufacturers usually install griddle tops at the same height as the countertop when installing griddles.

Griddles, however, can be installed at any convenient height. Grills that are not leveled may have a surface that is several inches uneven.

This makes the gas grill difficult to use, making it less efficient. Grills may not be installed at the height of more than one inch above the countertop.

If you face this situation, you should think of leveling your griddle.

How to Level Blackstone Griddle – 2 Easy Ways

You might have got bored to death as your grill doesn’t get leveled each time you attempt to level. It’s pretty annoying. But, you can get rid of them once and for all by following these simple techniques.

Let’s face it.

1. Level the Surface

To level a griddle, you will need to measure the inside of the grill and make sure the inside surface is level. If the surface is not level, you can move the grill down or up to the desired level.

Leveling the surface is extremely important here. 90 percent of the leveling problem occurs because the surface griddle is uneven.

Often, you can’t find a perfect surface or floor that the setup fits all the way evenly.

So, what to do?

Use wooden wood scraps, cardboard, or leveling paper beneath your Blackstone gas griddle stands.

You can collect wooden scraps from your old deck and make some same-sized templates out of it. Make sure the template size and surface the grill down or up to the desired level.

But, if you’re a little simpler than me, fold a paper or towel to square size and place it under the uneven griddle foot or under any other foot that needs to be leveled.

A smart tip for you: when you are done with grilling, lift the griddle and remove that paper towel, and you can use it to clean the top of the grill.

Carry out a water test to check if the grill is leveled now. Simply pour water on the top of your griddle surface. If it remains, still make sure.

2. Use Washers

You can level your griddle by placing washers on the top’s feet.

It is possible to lift one side of the griddle more by placing washers beneath the legs at the point where the top is attached to the frame to create an even surface.

A small leveling adjustment like this is great when the griddle is not level but not so far off that wood or cardboard would have to be used like the solution above.

If you use more than two washers beneath the legs, you’ll lose stability because this is where the griddle top is attached to the frame, so you don’t want to use more than two washers there.

Putting too many washers together on the griddle top causes the frame to lean, and the leg may break.

However, it is sometimes better to use washers because the leveling might only be off by a cm or two, in which case using cardboard or wood would be overkill.

How to Turn On Blackstone Griddle?

One of the best things about the Blackstone gas grill is that it can be turned on and off. Following these steps, turn on your Blackstone griddle.

  • Find out where the griddle switch is located. Usually, you should find the switch in the middle top of the griddle.
  • Turn on the switch.
  • Now, it is ready to use.

Final Words

Leveling Blackstone griddle is not a difficult job when you know the proper techniques. If you know how to level Blackstone griddle, you will not have to worry each time you attempt to set it up.

As you get so far and understand the ways mentioned above, you can easily get rid of the annoying problem. This will also ensure your safety and quality of cooking.

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