How to Clean an Oil Drum for a BBQ

Oil Drum BBQs are regaining favor because of their increased adaptability and heatproof design. They can be an excellent tool for smoking flavorful meat in your garden. They are sometimes referred to as Ugly Drum Smokers.

Before utilizing them for grilling, these oil drums must, however, be well cleaned. It is possible to clean an oil drum smoker using a variety of techniques.

The drum can be cleaned with the simplest and most straightforward method possible by placing hot, boiling water inside the drum.

Alternately, you might fill the drum with water and burn it until the water inside the drum begins to boil.  After that, you can make a caustic soda and water solution to remove the heavy chemicals that were contained inside the drum.

Add vinegar after washing the drum with this mixture, then wash it with soap.  Before using this drum for a BBQ, I strongly advise washing it at least twice.

You must burn the interior of the drum to eliminate all contaminants. Sandpaper is another option for thorough cleaning.

If you want to discover how to burn the inside of an oil drum and many other fascinating facts about them, I advise you to read this article all the way through.

Can You Use an Oil Drum for A BBQ?

An oil drum can be used for a barbecue, often known as a barrel barbecue. It is an economical BBQ smoker with simple operation.

Oil drums can be heated with charcoal and have a capacity of 42–96 gallons. They are suitable for smoking due to their sturdy bodies and ability to withstand heat.

The most common type of container for cooking meat is a steel drum since it insulates heat well. However, some oil drums have a covering of lead or other dangerous elements on them.

High-temperature cooking may cause these substances to leak into the meal, which could subsequently result in health problems.

Therefore, you can buy a drum that is constructed specifically for smoking BBQ or meat rather of using old oil drums that were once used to hold oil, gasoline, or other petrochemicals.

The following are some advantages of using oil barrels made especially for BBQ.

  1. Oil barrels are sturdy and strong objects.
  2. Simple DIY projects can be used to prepare oil drums at home.
  3. A range of sizes are available for steel drums.
  4. You can turn an old oil drum into a BBQ drum instead of throwing it away.
  5. Compared to a grill, your oil barrel can hold a lot more gratings. The meat will stay warm, crispy, and tender for a very long time.
  6. There are several uses for oil drums. They can be used to grill or smoke meat.

The finest oil drum for grilling is a horizontal one, whereas the best oil drum for smoking is a vertical one.

How to Clean an Oil Drum for a BBQ

To get rid of any pests, algae, or other chemical substances that might have accumulated over time, you will need to clean these oil barrels more frequently.

It’s not as challenging to clean a 55-gallon drum as it sounds. Here, I’ll discuss 2 cleaning techniques.
To clean your BBQ oil drum, just adhere to these simple instructions.

Cleaning Procedure 1:

  1. Remove the drum’s lid, then place the pipe inside.
  2. Quarterly fill the drum with water.
  3. Include 1 bag of baking soda.
  4. Include 1/2 a bottle of vinegar.
  5. Replace the drum’s lid.
  6. After a few hours, rotate the barrel completely.
  7. Permit the drum to soak in the liquid for about 12 hours.
  8. Lastly, rinse the drum well with water before using it to smoke meat.

Cleaning Technique 2

  1. Add water to the drum until it is 25% full.
  2. Place one bleach bottle inside the drum.
  3. To ensure the mixture is homogenous, turn the oil drum in all directions.
  4. Before using the drum, carefully wash it after bleaching it for 24 hours.

BBQ is most frequently done with charcoal-fueled oil drums. To fill a drum with a diameter of 43 inches, 3 kilograms of charcoal is required.

If you want to increase the toughness and general lifespan of your BBQ oil drum, I strongly advise using the two cleaning techniques mentioned above.

How To Burn Out an Oil Drum For BBQ?

Before smoking meat in an old oil drum, you must burn it.

This removes oils, pollutants, and other dangerous compounds that may leak into food.

It removes oil and residue from the drum’s surface. Two ways exist for burning oil drums.

Method 1: Burn the drum

Method 2: Set oil drum fire

You can put chips or charcoal in the drum and let the fire burn naturally. This fire can be extinguished in 3 hours.

Use sandpaper to remove excess chemicals and contaminants from the drum. If the drum’s interior has rust, don’t use it for meat smoking.

Final Words

The idea of using oil barrels for BBQ is incredibly creative and fascinating.

You may also use an old oil drum that has been sitting in your basement for a while as a grill and smoker for barbecue.

However, you must thoroughly clean this oil drum before you can enjoy a barbecue with your family.

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