How To Clean A Presto Griddle Like a Pro

The incredible electric griddles manufactured by Presto have made the company famous. No matter what food you’re preparing, a Presto griddle will make it simple for you to cook it, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner. But what comes next when you’ve finished cooking?

How can you make certain that the griddle receives the appropriate care and maintenance to ensure that it continues to function flawlessly for a good number of additional years?

Now, in this piece that I’m about to write, I’m going to describe just that. Since I’ve even been able to track down instructions directly from Presto on how to properly clean a Presto griddle, I’m going to base all of the recommendations I make today on those instructions. This way, you’ll know that you’re following the most effective method for cleaning your griddle.

Are you prepared to get things going? So let’s get started!

How To Clean A Presto Griddle

When you obtain a new griddle, it’s a good idea to clean it as soon as you take it out of the packaging and put it in use for the first time. To keep the griddle appearing new while in storage, some manufacturers will put various products to the surface.

A thorough cleaning of your griddle before using any cleaning products is recommended, even if they aren’t dangerous, just in case it affects how your griddle functions or how your meal tastes.

In addition, Presto recommends cleaning its griddles prior to their first usage – and it’s an easy procedure:

  • Put some dish soap in the sink and fill it with warm water.
  • Use a gentle sponge to clean the griddle’s surface.
  • The electric parts will be harmed if you let the heat control elements and electrical parts get wet, and your griddle won’t function.
  • Using water, rinse the griddle.
  • Dry completely before putting it away.
  • This is the ideal approach to getting your Presto griddle ready for use, and I’ll tell you below how to keep it looking brand-new by cleaning it according to Presto’s instructions after each use.

Cleaning the Presto Griddle After Each Use

Even though cleaning your Presto griddle differs from the original cleaning, it’s not that difficult.

Simply being more conscious of food spills, burnt foods and other cooking-related issues are all that is required to cook differently.

To help you understand what I learned by reading Presto’s care and cleaning instructions, I’ll list everything I discovered below:

  • Put more hot water and dishwashing soap in the sink.
  • Keep the water away from the electric parts and the heating elements.
  • To clean the surface, use a cleaning pad that is not made of metal.
  • Steer clear of steel wool and other abrasive kitchen cleansers because they have the potential to scratch non-stick surfaces.
  • The non-stick layer on the griddle should be enough to remove any stubborn food, burnt food, etc according to Presto.
  • To prevent rust after cleaning, simply dry the griddle.
  • To get the oil out of the drip tray, remove it and wash it separately in warm, soapy water. Then, dry it thoroughly.
  • In order to maintain the exterior of the griddle looking beautiful, Presto recommends just wiping away spills as soon as they appear in order to prevent them from adhering and only using warm soapy water when it is absolutely required.
  • The griddle’s outside should be fully dried after a thorough cleaning, if at all possible.
  • Keeping an eye on your Presto griddle shouldn’t be difficult because the entire procedure only takes a few minutes.

For this particular griddle, I strongly advise cleaning it after each use since otherwise, burned food and other tough messes will be challenging to get rid of, especially since you can’t use abrasive cleaning tools to help get rid of messes that are stuck on.

However, you can easily avoid this by utilizing the non-stick surface to its fullest and wiping the griddle as soon as you finish using it to keep food from being excessively stuck.

Your Presto griddle can look excellent for many years with just a fast cleaning procedure.

Guidelines For Discoloration

Due the griddle constantly being heated and cooled, Presto warns that with time, the nonstick coating on the griddle’s heating components will begin to deteriorate because of this.

Presto has created useful instructions on how to eliminate the discoloration to resolve this problem and restore the griddle’s original appearance.

Despite the fact that my own advice strongly complements Presto’s, I feel compelled to share it with you in the hopes that it will help you get the most out of your griddle, both visually and functionally.

So here’s what you should do:

  • Purchase a professional cleaner first that is made for cleaning surfaces 
  • These cleaners are offered in food and hardware stores.
  • Keep an eye on the drip tray.
  • then bring the griddle’s temperature up to 225 degrees.
  • Combine 1 spoonful of the commercial cleanser with 1 cup of boiling water.
  • Put on rubber gloves, then smear the griddle’s surface with the cleaning agent using a soft cleaning pad.
  • Rub and scrub until the solution has evaporated and the surface has returned to its original coloration.
  • Turn off the griddle, let it cool, and then clean it with warm, soapy water once more, being careful to keep any electrical or heating devices out of the water.
  • The griddle is completely dry.
  • Presto advises sprinkling a little layer of cooking oil on the griddle’s surface before using it again, although I would advise doing this immediately after it has dried.
  • Firstly, reheat the griddle to a high heat and then cover with a thin layer of oil. Wearing heat-resistant gloves, spread the oil out evenly across the griddle’s surface.
  • You might wish to repeat the procedure a few more times after the smoke has subsided to properly season the griddle.

When you use the griddle again, it will be excellent because this will strengthen its non-stick coating.
The end of that. If your Presto griddle ever becomes discolored, all that has to be done to restore it to its original appearance is a simple cleaning.

There isn’t really much else you need to learn on cleaning Presto griddles outside the three areas I covered today, as this information covers initial cleaning, everyday cleaning, and washing the griddle after discoloration.

So, all I really have to say is, “Happy griddling!”

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