Blackstone Griddle vs FireDisc: What Are the Differences?

Those who enjoy throwing parties outside and serving grilled meals to their guests should give careful consideration to the types of outdoor cooking equipment available before making a purchase.

The comparison of the FireDisc and the Blackstone found in this post will assist you in selecting a grill that satisfies both your desire for cutting-edge features and your specific requirements. Now, let’s compare the various features and other aspects of the two options.


The FireDisc is a griddle that has a strong carbon steel plate (or disc) mounted on a solid steel stand. The steel stand is two pieces that interlock to give it a stable and sturdy alternative.

This griddle’s single gas burner is powered by an LP canister, which is also required to operate and heat the disc. Since all it has is the steel surface attached to the gas burner, it isn’t that remarkable, to be honest.


When it comes to griddles, Blackstone is a popular brand since it is a reliable and adaptable piece of machinery.
A 36-inch gas griddle has been included as part of its design to make meal preparation, cooking, and cleanup simpler.
Blackstone griddles are ideal for people who wish to prepare a range of things for their family, such as meat, potatoes, seafood, pancakes, waffles, omelets, and more.

Blackstone Griddle vs FireDisc:


The very first thing we really want to do with a new edition of outdoor kitchen equipment is go camping with it so we can make delicious food outside with fresh air around us. Both products offer advantages in this regard. The Blackstone griddle will be discussed first.

Now that you can easily move a griddle from Blackstone to cook outdoors, you have a ton of alternatives at your disposal.

Whatever you’re looking for actually, there are tabletop griddles with easily disassembled and rebuilt stands, and this will be quite handy when you’re packaging it up to go camping.

Even FireDisc also provides this. Additionally, and we don’t say this lightly, perhaps just a little bit more handy.

Yet, where a FireDisc really seemed to edge it for us is the size of the cooking area that is accessible to you when you’re there. FireDiscs are also easily assembled and disassembled, breaking down into three components that pack flat and are quick to throw in the trunk as you’re leaving for the weekend.

Their 36-inch models have an ingenious design that makes it possible to transport them with your camping equipment without taking up much space. This size of transportable griddles is not available from Blackstone.

But that doesn’t mean that everyone prefers one to the other. The Blackstone range may be ideal if you’re cooking for a smaller crowd. FireDisc will have to accept this one if you were a larger party, though.

Backyard Barbecues

It is crucial because this is the circumstance in which you will utilize your goods the most. You may simply select the ideal griddle for you if you look at Blackstone griddles once more.

You can choose one that fits your family or the group of friends that frequently visit your backyard cook-offs because there are so many options available, ranging in size. Blackstone truly put up a fight in this area due to the variety of products they offer.

However, FireDiscs once more provides items to meet this requirement. Realistically, they might also be left outside with the Blackstone griddles, ready to be heated up next time you would like to host family and friends. They may be made to be portable, but they are also made to survive the weather.

The FireDisc, however, may be used for more than just grilling food. It can do almost anything you can think of, including boil, steam, and broil. Of course, this is useful, but for a straightforward backyard barbecue, we just don’t think it’s required.

We also wonder how much the producers want users to leave their goods outside all summer long given that it is so simple to install and disassemble.

You shouldn’t always do something just because you can. Blackstone griddles require more attention and care to prevent rusting, but we believe they would be better suited for a backyard barbecue because they can be left outside in every weather condition with the right maintenance.

We’d have to give Blackstone credit for a straightforward backyard barbecue. However, FireDisc appears to have what you need if you’re seeking a great choice for an outdoor kitchen.

Bigger Events

Whatever the situation, there are times when we require an item that can feed a large group of people at once, whether it’s for a birthday celebration, a tailgate party, or a group of stadium fans.

Blackstone can truly deliver in this area, but you’ll need to be picky about the product you choose because some size and portability compromises will be necessary.

Given that you won’t necessarily be bringing many other items along with you in addition to your food, you may pack one of the larger 36-inch versions from Blackstone, which will allow you to cook enormous quantities of food quickly for a large number of people.

In fact, FireDisc sells what they consider to be the ideal tailgating bundle, but it is only 22 inches long to facilitate transportation. That said, 22 inches is still a substantial amount of space, so it’s not always a terrible thing.

However, even if you choose one of their larger 36-inch models, the circular design would still have an impact on how much you could actually cook at once.

Yes, it looks great and undoubtedly will draw a lot of attention to you, but Blackstone griddles are simply more useful for efficiently feeding larger crowds of people. We believe Blackstone wins again when it comes to bigger events.

Cooking Without The Routine

We had this last point in mind when we stated previously that both of these weren’t meant to face up against one another. This is due to the fact that FireDiscs are portable.

Literally. Blackstone griddles can’t compare to FireDisc for eating alongside a cliff, on a boat, or while hunting in the middle of the forest.

The legs are meant to stay stable on rough surfaces, which makes them more transportable. Finally, they are significantly lighter, making it possible for you to carry it wherever you go.

Blackstone will never defeat FireDisc in this category, but that was always the plan.

And in many respects, that is the ideal approach to illustrate our point that both are excellent products, but that some situations call for greater ones.

Wrapping Up

Why worry with a Blackstone if you like to cook outside every night at a different location?

In any case, as a group of people who enjoy outdoor cooking, it couldn’t be better than they are totally diverse things with various uses.

Therefore, as we stated at the beginning of this article, each product has a specific application. If you frequently cook outside under a variety of conditions, you should probably get both of them

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