5 Best Temperature Controller for Big Green Egg in 2022

Preparing for a BBQ party is not complete without cooking the meat. BBQ is incomplete if the meat doesn’t give off the vibe, not the burnt one, though. Properly cooking BBQ may require skill, not everyone can do it.

Yet by controlling the temperature and having the basic idea may help you. Several temperature controllers are available that give a quack to feel like a skilled chef. Well, choosing the temperature controller is a tough task though.

That’s why we bring you a complete overview and a list of the best temperature controller for big green egg so that you can get the suitable one without any hesitation.

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Best Temperature Controller for Big Green Egg Reviews

There are several eye-catching temperature controllers available that can do your job precisely. But, choosing one blindly will not help here.

In that case, the following big green egg temperature controller review may help you select the suitable one according to your needs.

1. Flame Boss 500-WiFi Smoker Controller (Ceramic/Kamado)

Smoker controller is all about controlling temperature to its best. No one can be present in front of the BBQ for the whole time to observe the changes until it’s cooked.

The best option is to use a controller to control the temperature and properly make the meat tender without burning it.

Flame boss, a 500-wifi smoker controller, is much more palpable in that case. You can easily control the temperature as you want. You can even change the temperature using an android phone or wifi.

It is the easiest way to control the temperature of the big egg screen without being present in front of it. Well, you can focus on gossiping and enjoy time with your friends and family instead of focusing on the meat.

There is an option to set alarms according to preferences. No worries about burning out the meat.

Even if you pull off the lids, the temperature will come to a stable one. Not too hot, not too cold, absolutely the temperature on which you may set the device.

Flame boss 500 wifi can be the best kamado temperature controller, considering the features. However, the preferences may vary.

It even goes with google assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can even ask them to monitor the temperature. Cool one, right?

You can be like Alexa, how many more seconds do the meat need to be cooked, and Alexa may give you the appropriate time according to the flame boss device.

The greatest invention of technology indeed. You do not need to move either unless you want to check the meat yourself.

The flame boss even views the information as a graph which can provide you with a detailed view of the total procedure.

Most importantly, when the meat is completely done, the device may reduce the temperature to normal to prevent overcooking of food. Make sure that guests do not have burnt foods.

It can also monitor up to 3 meat probes. You can have the accuracy on the kits best. Moreover, it regulates the air intake on the egg screen.

Well, it is a must required as it controls the smoke. Otherwise, the smoke may fill the environment without cooking the meat properly. You may feel the smoke faster than the delicious smell of the meat if the blower does not control the air.

Overall, the priority is to control the temperature of the meat and cook it at the right temperature to make it tender, soft, and juicy as a BBQ should be.

Key features

  • Can be controlled with wifi and even android phones.
  • You set alarms which may help to notice the procedure.
  • Easy to maintain temperature through the wifi or even can set it beforehand.
  • The temperature keeps on stable and makes its way to stability.
  • Controls the air on the screen by using a blower to reduce the excessive smoke.
  • Also monitors the overall procedure and presents it as a graph.

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2. MOBOT wifi Kamado Grill and Smoker Temperature

Smoker controls are mostly used to control the smoke created by the BBQ of the meat. Excess smoke doesn’t refer to better cooked food. Instead, it refers to more carbons and is harmful to health.

Controlling the smoke is also a priority as it may protect the environment and give the perfect tender quality meals. MOBOT wifi maintains the smoke without even using any blower.

It doesn’t even create any extra pressure inside. Only maintains the temperatures at its best and controls the air to cause less smoke.

It consists of integrated wifi which ensures monitoring the temperature through phones. So it is a kind of real-time monitoring.

You can monitor the temperature from any place yet get updated information and changes. The temperature can be set to an appropriate one, and the controller will keep that temperature inside as constant.

The controller can prevent even a slight chance of a changed temperature. Unlike other controllers, it is settled on the top and monitors the overall activity inside. Controls the temperature naturally by letting the air in and out.

Even the USB can ensure that the controller works on a low power supply. Well, cooking at a low temperature for a long time requires more effort, and it is quite exhausting. Even if you want to have a delicious meal, too much effort is unlikely to give.

Waiting for hours to cook the meat to perfect texture may make you give up. Here, the symbot works like a robot that monitors the whole work. The robotic feature of the symbot may attract many as you can control the temperature and change it from anywhere.

No need to move around or spend time cooking. Instead, set the temperature and monitor what is happening.

An easy way to cook without giving much effort. It holds the temperature within. A natural temperature controlling system indeed.

Overall, the robotic features used are indeed eyecatching. Even the temperature controlling naturally and maintaining the smoke is on another level. No need to do it manually, and you get a delicious meal in any case.

Key features

  • Air controls by the top damper without using any blower.
  • Uses less power and is easy to install.
  • Real-time monitoring through apps or androids.
  • The sensor monitors the temperature and changes to the appropriate one or takes it to the settled one.

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3. BBQ Guru’s UltraQ Bluetooth/wifi BBQ Temperature Controller

Giving an accurate temperature reading should always be a priority of a controller. The accuracy of the temperature gives an idea of what time the meat may take to completely prepare or even how the texture would be.

BBQ Guru’s controller kit provides an accuracy of the temperature. The set temperature can be monitored by the device and regulated perfectly. Even if you leave the big green for hours, you may find the temperature as the set one.

This controller strictly maintains the temperature of the meat. It is really hard to find any faults in its measuring temperature.

Besides, it even shows the temperature with the highest accuracy. It also uses a fan to blow out the smoke. In addition to that, the fan also regulates the temperature inside.

By controlling the oxygen flow inside and out, the controller gives an accurate temperature reading. The oxygen flow even helps cook the meat properly and makes it more tender and juicy. Cooking the meat at its best quality is the priority here.

The controller even visually presents a graph that may show the temperature changes and the condition of the meat if it needs more time or equipment. Moreover, the controller monitors the temperature so that the meat is not burnt.

Even if it resists high heat, the controller may stabilize it instantly if the screen comes in contact with high heat.

After all these benefits, the controller may not be controlled from far places. Well, you are not putting the meat to cook and going on vacation.

You can control the smoke controller from a nearby distance. The information is displayed on the LED screen. Regardless of the price, the appearance and the controlling function are appreciable.

Summing up, temperature accuracy may be the stand-out feature here. Everyone would want to monitor the temperature to understand the condition of the meat. The accuracy of temperature helps to know it better.

Key features

  • Can monitor the temperature from any place at home through phones.
  • It can even increase the air efficiency to provide good quality to the food.
  • Attractive display and controlling information set.
  • Provides an accuracy of the temperature with an easy setup.
  • An accurate reading of temperature and monitoring it perfectly.

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4. Flame Boss 400-WiFi Smoker Controller (Ceramic/Kamado Kit)

Getting the proper sense of when to add fuel or charcoal is also a concern. If charcoal or fuel is not added at the right time, the cooking can be delayed. Delayed cooking may lead to improper cooking, more likely to delay heat contact.

The flame boss 400 wifi smoker controller properly indicates the temperature changes throughout the whole procedure.

The smoker controller also controls the procedure by maintaining the temperature. Maintaining the temperature and showing the frequent changes in a graphical presentation is a big handful.

Slow cooking here in making BBQ is the proper way. Flash boss controller regulates the temperature by facilitating slow cooking.

You can easily move around without any worry about burning the food. You can even check the temperature frequently by using phones and wifi. Frequent monitoring may let you know about the condition of the fuel.

Yet, the temperature might always be maintained to the stable or the sealed one. You can even change the temperature from anywhere. Moreover, it can display the graphs on a big screen.

That might help you to read the temperature easily. People who find reading the temperature on the phone or mac as a hassle can try it.

The frequent reading may also give you the idea of when the fuel is coming to an end. It may give prior notice to that.

You can save your cooking any time only by looking at the changes. The controller also controls the pit probe temperature, giving the meat a perfect environment to be cooked. Other than that, it is also compatible with Alexa and googles assistant.

You do not even need to look at the screen. Alexa may inform you of the frequent condition of the meat and pit.

Well, it is quite a benefit and helps to reduce manual effort. You can enjoy making BBQ without moving. Yet do not pull off the lid too much of the big screen.

The controller comes with a big fan that might regulate the oxygen flow. Pulling off the lid too much may affect that, and it is better to stay stable.

Finally, the whole design of the controller to the monitoring and displaying is hugely in the user preferences. Considering the options and conditions, it can be the best smoker temperature controller available at this range.

Key features

  • View the temperature changes as a graph.
  • Uses a fan to regulate the oxygen flow.
  • Continuously regulates the temperature changes of the meat and the pit.
  • A modern appearance with easy use.
  • May give you an idea of the fuel used and when to add more.

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5. TempMaster Wireless BBQ Temperature Smart

Controlling and maintaining the temperature of the meat and the pit in all situations gives the advantage of cooking the meat properly. The controller should stabilize the highest temperature and lowest temperature evenly.

Tempmaster wireless comes with a unique design and the latest technology. No irritation over wires, as it comes with no wires and totally can be used freely. The one dial operation is unique from other devices.

Not just that, the temperature can be settled and changed frequently even though you should not. Keeping a constant temperature for the whole process is a better choice.

Yet you can make changes according to your preferences. In either way, the controller smoothly supports that.

Unlike other controllers, the airflow is maintained by the controller properly. Even if you pull off the lids frequently, the temperature might stabilize immediately.

Well, that’s indeed a plus point as most of the controllers take a bit of time to control the temperature if you pull off the lids often. Being one of the best temp controller for big green egg proves that.

It comes with a hardware case. You can put the controller in the case and use it as it doesn’t have wire problems. The temperature can be monitored frequently.

The controller comes with Bluetooth control. You can view the details of the changes in your android.

Even the one-dial operation makes it seem fine. You can just set the temperature, and the rest of the work is done smoothly.

No need to panic overcoming near to the BBQ. All facilities are provided by the controller itself. The charger adapter also works fine for a long time. Moreover, the use of fuel may also be guessed through monitoring.

Overall, easy set-up to easy use, all the necessary facilities are there. You can spend hours without even worrying about anything, like changing the fuel or charging the controller.

It runs with long battery life and gives a frequent reading, staying in the best big green egg temperature controller guide. Apart from that, the design itself is irresistible with no wiring problems.

Key features

  • Can control the temperature even if one pulls off the lid often.
  • Unique design and portability.
  • Temperature can be monitored through apps.
  • Keeps the stability of the temperature in all conditions.
  • Comes with a case that gives protection to the controller.

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Temperature Controller for Big Green Egg: Buying Guide

Buying a temperature controller is not as easy a task as it may seem. You should focus on the common factors that may help you find the best big green egg temperature controller.

As the preferences vary, everyone may not find every feature useful. Yet some common features and factors are necessary for comfortable cooking.

Here we enlist some things you must notice before buying a temperature controller.

Wifi control or Bluetooth control.

Well, it might be one of the useful features you might want to see in their temperature controller.

One of the main reasons to buy a temperature controller is to use it comfortably and monitor the temperature from anywhere.

No one wants to be in front of the big egg screen for the whole time for the meat to be cooked. The cooking requires a lot of time as well.

That’s why controlling by using wifi or Bluetooth may help to reduce the manual effort. Yet a wifi controller is still a better option.

Bluetooth controlling may limit the control within the house so that the wifi is set on a wider range. Choose the one which might seem good for you.

Controlled through apps.

Many new temperature controllers come with the feature to control it through apps. Well, you can monitor the temperature from anywhere by using apps. It is quite effective if you are going on a walk but still need to cook.

The disadvantage of this feature is many times, the app may remain jammed and may not give you the information you need. In that case, you may get into trouble for sure.

Temperature accuracy.

Not many of the temperatures can give you an accurate temperature reading. Accurate temperature reading provides an idea of the meat’s condition. You can check it by pulling off the lead. Yet it may unstable the temperature.

Displaying the changes.

Displaying the changes is always a priority for choosing a temperature controller. Frequent changes can happen in the temperature, and it is necessary to monitor that change. Many controllers view the changes as graphs which is a good feature.

It also helps to know about the fuel condition, like if the coal needs more fuel or not. You may get enough hints before the fuel is completely used.

Fan or blower.

Letting the oxygen enter and exit through the big screen is also a concern. A fan or blower can regulate the oxygen level. Yet, that might make some temperature changes. Not all temperature controllers come with fans.

Some may provide an automatic oxygen controlling facility that may let the temperature remain stable.

Stabilize the temperature.

The most important feature of any controller is how fast it can stabilize the temperature. You may set a temperature and, from time to time, find the temperature changing frequently.

It might hamper the cooking too. That’s why stabilizing the temperature immediately without making any other changes is considered good.

Especially when you pull off lids, the temperature may often change when one pulls off the lid and takes a long time to get to normal. As you can prevent this by not pulling the lid too often, you may do so.


Accuracy of the temperature is a priority, and the thermostats may give that facility. Every smoker controller comes with a thermostat that gives the temperature reading to display. Now, how many thermostats are required?

Many smokers may have two to three thermostats giving the reading of appropriate proficiency. Some can even regulate more than one food. That may allow one to work on different foods and save time too.

Appearance and less problematic.

Appearance may matter to some great, yet it is not as big a factor as others. But less problematic ones are indeed the best choice.

Some temperature controllers come with a less wired connection that may seem easy to handle and with the best technology.

How to Control Temperature on the Big Green Egg?

How to Control Temperature on the Big Green Egg

The temperature on a big screen egg can be controlled using an automatic smoker controller or even manually.

Some may prefer doing it manually as it may assure one. Yet automatic controllers are better as they save your time and don’t need you to stand in front of it for a whole day.

Still, you can follow the rest if you want to do it manually. We may give you the better solutions below.

Set the big screen

The first step is always setting up the big screen. Well, cleaning it is indeed a priority. Remove all the charcoal residue from before and clean the pit.

Make sure to put in the newest charcoal and may some extra influencers. After filling the pit with the charcoal, light it up.

After that, you can close the lower vent. Before that, you should check the temperature of the pit. When the temperature comes to your desired point, you can close the vent to reduce oxygen flow, increasing the fire.

Well, if you are using an automatic controller, you may need to set that too so that the temperature of the pit can be monitored.

After that, close down the vent. You may not even need to check it as the device will monitor the temperature and stabilize it.

Control the temperature.

You can increase the temperature or decrease the temperature of the pit by opening up or closing the vant or controlling the blower.

If you are not using any temperature controller, you may need to keep the vant open up for 90%. Thus allowing the oxygen to flow inside the big screen. Well, it is on the lower vent. The lower vent is directly related to the pit that may control the fire.

In need of increasing temperature, open up the vant a bit. Let the oxygen flow on the big screen. That may raise the temperature.

Close the lower vent when the temperature is raised to the desired one. Now, open the upper top want to hold the temperature.

Well, only open a bit of the top vent. Otherwise, the temperature will decrease. The same goes in terms of reducing the temperature.

By closing down the vants, you can decrease the temperature inside the big egg screen. Though it might take a lot of effort, monitoring the temperature is still possible.

Well, using a smoke controller may facilitate the procedure. If you are using a smoker controller, a probe might be used on the pit.

If you find any drop in the temperature of the pit, the blower of the device will immediately fix that up.

The device may increase the oxygen flow inside the pit, which may increase the fire and raise the temperature. Up to reaching the stabilized point, the blower may do its work.

If the pit needs a temperature reduction, the blower may create an environment lacking oxygen.

Which in turn may slow the fire. Resulting in reducing the temperature. Thus using either the controller or not using a smoker controller, you can control the temperature of a big screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a smoker temperature controller work?

The smoker controller works by reducing and increasing the temperature inside the big screen. It even monitors the temperature changes allowing you to know about the present condition of the food.

The blower used in the device controls the oxygen flow inside the big egg screen. The oxygen directly impacts lighting the fire.

 When the flow is increased, the temperature rises. In contrast, the temperature decreases. Making the oxygen flow packed up inside the egg big screen.

2. Will Big Green Egg crack in cold weather?

No worries about that. You can use a big screen egg even in cold water. Not just that, even the rainy season may not affect the big egg screen. You can use it even at night and day times.

Big green egg screens are made of sturdy material which doesn’t shrink easily. As it can endure the highest temperature while cooking, it can even endure the hot weather and cold weather so well. The outer surface, even the inside, may not get affected by the cold weather.

Final Remarks

Temperature controller indeed provides the ultimate experience of BBQ and the real taste of the meat. BBQ is a bit of a tough task to do. It doesn’t mean you burn the meat.

Instead, a juicy outer texture with a soft inner texture is what the BBQ provides. Proper cooking without a temperature controller is tougher as you may need to check the BBQ more often.

No one has so much time for that. That’s why choosing the best temperature controller for big green egg is the priority here. Preferences may change according to the choices.

Better choose the controller that might give you no worry and a proper cooking direction. Hope this guide helps you choose the suitable controller for yourself to enjoy the BBQ at ease.

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