Top 9 Best Teapot Warmers: Reviews and Detailed Guide 2022

Is it not a hassle getting up to heat the tea several times? It clearly ruins the feeling of peaceful teatime while reading, or conversing with others.

We all wish to take that relaxing sip of tea while still hot after a very exhausting day. Teas tend to cool pretty fast, thus, losing the fresh touch, but fear not!

A chic addition to your favorite teapot could save you from constant tea brewing. This little ambient glow of love, as we believe, is known as teapot warmer.

Once you own one, hot drinks will never cease to exist in your life. So, we better find out more about the best teapot warmers and see why they deserve our attention.

Why Teapot Warmer Is a Good Deal?

Some might find it a superfluous accessory that is unreasonable to buy. However, keeping the hot serving tea drinking fans in mind, it is the best deal for brewing a perfect cup of the favorite drink.

Why We Like It

When a person readies the final infusion, it cannot just be a liquid boiled down to settle into the teapot. It eventually loses the flavor.

This is where the warmer comes in for a tasteful rescue. If you start using it, we promise you will never want to drink tea again without its company.

A teapot warmer preserves the raw flavor of herbs and makes it stronger. It is like an entirely unique taste of the very same leaves you serve without the device.


First and foremost, it is like a tiny hearth on a cold wintry night. In many regions, people find it difficult to keep the teapot warm for more than half an hour.

So, using the warmer is more common in those places. Besides, this tiny warmth has been in the history of culture for centuries.

Even if you do not live in hard cold continents, it still is a struggle to keep that right temperature at all times. Well, a teapot warmer will solve that problem right away.

9 Best Teapot Warmers Review

You now have an option to keep the poured tea as hot as if it’s made just now. Without any further ado, let us get to the reviews one at a time!

1. GROSCHE Cairo Premium Teapot Warmer

What made GROSCHE Cairo Premium an initial choice is the quality and sturdiness it offers. If you take a closer look, you would see that it is made entirely out of steel.

That is not all, it is further coated with brass for additional beauty when laid eyes upon. The base disk provides girth in a wide and thick fashion, making it a better heat insulator.

Hence, it serves the right amount of heat to warm up the tea just the way you would like. You can place teapots or mugs ranging in different sizes!

This is the kind of tea warmer that is designed not only for individual satisfaction but also for taking delight in inviting a friend or guest for tea for the day.

The intricate and classy curved design is an inspiration from Egyptian cultural art. And to witness the mysterious light show, you must darken the room before lighting the candle.

So, in a way, it is a tea warmer that will not bore you even when you are by yourself or without a book. Simply remember to put out the candle after you have finished.


  • Versatile application
  • Different sized teapots and kettle are operable
  • Exquisite design
  • Includes a tea-light candle
  • Premium quality
  • The bronze finish gives a luxurious appearance
  • Well-priced


  • Might not suit very large teapots

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2. Esschert Design USA Cast Iron Teapot Warmer

Esschert teapot warmer is the only product in our list that exudes the most dramatic flair. The piece has been crafted from the cast iron with a look of antiquated yet extravagant style in mind.

However, this royal design is preferable on special occasions when you wish to add bits of festive atmosphere to the plain room.

You can even take it out to add a happy and dynamic air in between a casual get-together among close people. It is carved out meticulously in the right places to give out a regal touch.

The tea warmer sits on a three-legged stand with a hollow cut in the middle for a tea light candle to place. Its construction promises uncompromising longevity that will not fade away with time.

Consequently, it stands out as an heirloom of a lifetime. In addition, cast-iron delivers outstanding heat to your teapot.

The balanced temperature of the simmering point is what you will get every time you pour the beverage from the pot. Make sure to keep the warmer far out of reach of the children as the iron tends to heat too.

This fine specimen is an example of a forgotten era where such accessories developed social exchanges with a mere cup of hot tea without any delay.


  • Skilled craftsmanship
  • Very sturdy quality
  • Can be used for various sized teapots
  • Ideal for gatherings
  • Intricate curve outs from a bygone age
  • Gives a decorative soul to the room


  • Possibility of uneven legs

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3. Sun’s Tea Ceramic Teapot Warmer (White)

This teapot warmer is a perfect little beauty for those in the circle of acquiring elegance-loving apparatuses.

The whole design is from a ceramic material with a white finish, giving it an ambient visionary from the Victorian era. We will not be lying if we say it makes you want to dress up as a character from Jane Austen’s novels and enjoy the tea!

Nevertheless, even an impeccably crafted device has its drawbacks. This piece, however, has just one. You can use only thin glass or metal teapots over the warmer.

You could still use it to warm up the mug full of coffee or tea, though!

The material is resistant to heat and safe to wash in the dishwasher. What is more, it is quite a favorite to many consumers for being efficient on the budget factor.

So, the user can get it at a decent price and still have a masterpiece addition to the kitchen collection.

Since it measures about 4.5-inch, it can hold teapots of the similar-sized diameter. In short, it is a cute and enviable accessory that is compatible with medium to smaller teapots and mugs.


  • Heat-resistant ceramic material
  • Safe to put in the dishwasher
  • Elegant looking piece
  • Fits teapots up to 50oz
  • Serene design
  • Reasonably priced
  • Small but very durable


  • Suitable for thin glass and metal teapots only

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4. Teabloom Tea Warmer

Now, if you are looking for a tea warmer to go with basically any sort of material, then here is your pick. As long as the tea holder is up to about 12cm, any cup or pot will fit cozily.

A very straightforward instruction to start using it genuinely warms the hearts of the consumers. The complete warmer being constructed from the stainless steel makes the instrument further eye-catching.

Moreover, the material is fully rust-resistant! So, even if the beverage happens to drip down unintentionally, that is okay! There is no hurry to wipe it off; instead, you can go back to enjoying the refreshment without any distraction.

Teabloom also provides a tea light candle to begin the first-ever experience. Thus, you can buy as many candles as you like at your leisure pace.

One single tea-light candle works for hours to keep the tea warm. The atmospheric change in the flickering glow of the candlelight will definitely ask for more tea or coffee.

Another best part about stainless steel is that it can be put in the dishwasher. However, we advise not doing it quite too often, or the warmer could lose its glossy form.

Since the top grill is removable, placing the lit candle will ensure safety.


  • Keeps the teapot very hot
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Offers artistic shadow around table and room
  • Works with almost all teapots
  • Beautiful and sleek design
  • Easy to rinse and wipe clean after use
  • Lightweight


  • Extra cream or milk reduces the temperature

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5. Simtive Teapot Warmer

Simtive teapot warmer is another amazing model to attain at a small price! On top of that, it is made to complement a wide range of applications many warmers fail to achieve.

It is an item that will help to warm up your mind and soul by enjoying numerous cups of hot beverages of your choice.  And if the day speaks of a friend coming over, hot drink is the best way to initiate a conversation!

Since this model is constructed from brushed stainless steel material, it provides all kinds of advantages to the user. The teapot warmer is a great addition during the winter season when warm drinks are most appreciated.

Therefore, it can be gifted to the loved ones who are addicted to hot tea/coffee but has little time to make them several times.

The hollowed frame design is another reason why Simtive teapot warmer is much favored to all hot beverage lovers. These pebble-like hollows, as a result, offer full combustion of the tea light.

Then, it begins the mystic effect of light and shadow under the dimmed environment. Hence, you get a warm atmosphere on a cold night described in most storybooks!


  • Suitable for varieties of teapots and cups
  • Premium build material
  • Stylish form
  • Can withstand heavy load
  • Keeps teapots warm at precise heat
  • Holds medium to smaller sized items
  • Cost-efficient


  • Thin material; could get very hot to touch

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6. DecentGadget High Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass Teapot Warmer

If you want to add a classic suave to your glassware without spending too much, here is a teapot warmer from DecentGadget to fulfill that wish.

As you can see, the design of this glass teapot warmer means long-drawn efforts in craftsmanship, all the while maintaining a low-cost budget. It does give a minimal style with a sophisticated air to your kitchen or dining area.

Almost all teapots with a base up to 4.5-inch seem most fitting for this wondrous device. If you are afraid that the glass might break or crack due to its lightweight feature, you can rest assured.

The smart structure is created into the shape by mouth blowing, and the material used is known as Borosilicate Glass. In short, from heat-resisting to bearing pot weights, it has it all!

Besides, you will experience the transformation in the surrounding once the thing is lit up because of the luminous wash of the cozy glow. It is an instant mood changer!

This is also a way to upgrade your favorite corner like a classic lantern of glass as décor in the house.

The only issue you must not forget is to never put it on top of the cloth or any flammable items.


  • Superior quality
  • Affordable
  • Warms any type of cups and teapots
  • Lightweight
  • The top plate is aluminum alloy, sturdy, and durable
  • Works as a small lantern as well
  • Crafted from heat-resisting glass


  • Very few holes for heat combustion
  • Potential wobble near the base

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7. NewlineNY Stainless Steel Coffee Tea Warmers

Suppose you are having many guests or friends over, and coincidentally they all happen to drink huge amounts of tea or coffee. What would you do?

Obviously, keeping tabs on every warm cup is impossible. This is where NewlineNY dual warmers come to rescue! Now you can set one for tea while the other for coffee enthusiasts at the same time.

Of course, this would require two separate teapots, but just imagine having the stress of constant heating of the drinks, suddenly being lifted off! Plus, if not for hot beverages, the items are large enough for small dishes to stay warm as well.

Each comes with a simple but neat design made from stainless steel. Thus, maintaining them does not require any extra attention.

They are pretty sturdy to hold on to any sized teapots without compromising the heating temperature. However, we believe smaller cups or mugs might not fit if placed.

You can do so many modifications with these warmers. Some prefer keeping them in two separate rooms while others like using one for beverages and the other to warm up small plate or tray filled with food.


  • Amazing quality
  • Versatile operation
  • Appealing design to set up on tablesLarge and sturdy
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Great for tea parties or restaurants
  • Easy to maintain regularly


  • The inner diameter could be too big for small cups

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8. Metropolitan Tea White Ceramic Teapot Warmer

This ceramic constructed teapot warmer ensures warm tea with every cup. All you need is a single illuminating tea light candle; then you are set for a relaxing mood.

Many people are more into white ceramic instead of other materials. It matches with most tea or coffee sets and gives a peaceful looking base to the pots.

Thanks to the glazed ceramic make, this product offers stability and high durability. Even better, it is very easy to clean up due to the dishwasher-safe option.

If we talk about the whole structure, we think the entrance for the candle to place in could use a little more space. Additionally, you might have to check in advance whether the size of the teapot is compatible with the warmer.

Some have remarked on the size strongly because it turns out the piece has the proportion to fit larger teapots best. So, it is better to have the base of your tea holder measured before purchasing it.

All in all, it still holds dear to most users for being very useful and extremely robust. There is no fear of the base getting too hot, but we still advise keeping an eye on the flame.

It will not let you down; that is for sure! You will love the hours of idly sitting and sipping the hot beverage without worrying about reheating.


  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Sturdy construction
  • Operational for long-term use
  • Provides soft glow in the dimmed room
  • Accommodates various types of teapots and mugs
  • Perfect for matching it with a china set


  • Requires proper measurement to suit the warmer

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9. Jusalpha Elegant Embossed White Ceramic Teapot Warmer 01

Jusalpha ceramic teapot warmer is one of those perfections that do not cost too much to obtain. It is an absolute beauty to add in your favorite china collection.

The ideal size of the product enriches the warmth created into the teapot. Hence, it delivers precise heat accumulated within, giving you the enhanced form of your favorite hot liquor.

However, the only problem is that the base of the teapot must fit the inner diameter of the warmer for the best outcome.

On the other hand, you will never regret the decision to buy this fine china warmer with incredibly beautiful artisanship. The material ensures resistance to heat and cracks despite moving it around the place.

Its ivory appearance with an embossed floral design almost takes you back to the Chinese cultural traditions of tea making process centuries ago.

 All you have to do is darken the surroundings to see the atmospheric change. It is as if you have gone back in history while sipping steamy hot tea! Overall, Jusalpha is a wise addition to offering quality, efficiency, and superiority.


  • Very tough and strong
  • Made from fine china
  • Heat-resistant
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Suitable for various mugs, cups, and teapots
  • Simple yet eye-soothing design
  • Cost-efficient
  • Great choice as a present


  • Does not fit all teapots; requires measurement

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What to Look for While Buying a Teapot Warmer?

As much as we would love for you to get started, there are certain criteria you should look out for before buying. Some have been mentioned below.

Types of Materials

Obtaining a random warmer is not going to make things any better. So, learning about the varieties of substances used to craft a specific warmer could save you from a lot of troubles with compatibility.

Most materials you will come across are ceramics, stainless steel, cast iron, and heat-resisting glass. Ceramic and stainless steel practically suits all types of teapots.

But stainless steel and cast-iron are more ideal for versatile use besides solely limiting to warming tea.

Glass warmers, on the other hand, offer less adaptability with types of pots, though they are artistic in appearance and flexible with mugs and cups.


Remember that this small thing should not just warm tea at best, but also serve looks. Each material used to make every tea warmer also presents an elegant or rustic design.

Although they seem almost similar in structure, if you notice, you would see that each reveals unique details and dramatic style.


So, do not hesitate to select what your heart finds most appealing. Of course, as long as it is proportionate to the available mugs or pots.

It is all about inviting your personal vibes; hip, cozy, or sophisticated touch.


This option is important, though not as much. It is because most warmers are often forged in about similar dimensions. But sometimes it matters in terms of single-use or tea parties.

Therefore, consider carefully whether to take the small one, which does get along with medium-sized pot, in case a friend or two swoops along.

If you do have gatherings with many people in mind, or a family full of tea lovers, we suggest getting the bigger ones that can accommodate larger teapots for everyone’s benefit.


How do you determine the quality of a tea warmer? Honestly, we think this apparatus does not require much attention towards quality as long as it stays firm and stable when on flat surfaces.

If you choose the item with legs, make sure they are of the same size to avoid wobbly stance. Do not forget to get something with enough ventilation holes to prevent accidental fire incidents.

Finally, despite the cost factor, choose what seems sturdiest and functional in the long-term. It is one of those products that hardly need replacements, so go for the one that suits your mugs, cups, or pots.

What Is the Best Material for a Teapot?

Porcelain is the most valuable material to make teapots. It is also more costly. This is because the material is capable of holding the temperature effectively. Plus, it is very easy to maintain.

Being non-porous material makes it widely popular among people who prefer variants of tea.

However, ceramics have been taking over the place in recent years for being equally competent. It sustains and retains the heat inside perfectly, making it adequate for regular use.

Nevertheless, this material is only suitable for making selective assortments of tea.

While the porcelain is superior for many reasons, its thin wall cannot contain the tea liquor temperature for quite as long as ceramic walls.

How to Use a Teapot Warmer Properly?

Before you directly put the pot or mug over the warmer, you need to know that this thing comes with traditional sets of instructions.

Gathering Components

Different kinds of tea warmers represent different varieties of structures. But they all have one thing in common. Every one of these holders has a small section inside the mid area.

How to Use a Teapot Warmer Properly

Make sure to place a little tea candle there. While you set up the warmer, boil a kettle of water in the stove. Meanwhile, keep some tea bags or loose leaves at hand.

These are your main things to gather to keep the infusion warm.


When the water in the kettle is at near boiling point, put the bags or leaves in the teapot. Simply light the candle of the warmer and transfer the bubbling hot water to the pot or mug.

Then, place it over the tea warmer and enjoy a lovely time drinking your preferred beverage.

Alternative Method of Using the Warmer

Another way to use the warmer is by placing the teapot on the already lit warmer. Next, add a medium portion of boiled water. Let it warm up thoroughly to achieve a very hot teapot and then pour them out.

Finally, add measured ingredients according to your taste, followed by more warm water in the infuser. Cover the pot to let it steep for several minutes.

Let the warmer do its magic while you sip several small cups of tea as hot as newly infused!

This method is derived mainly from Asian regions where herbal tea is mostly consumed in this fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does warming the teapot make any difference?

Yes, it absorbs more flavors of the leaves or tea bags. As a result, the brew becomes stronger with aromatic taste.

  • What is a tea warmer?

It is an apparatus to heat the water of the pot or mug while keeping the temperature consistent.

  • What kind of cup or teapot should I use on a tea warmer?

Pretty much all kinds, simply make sure they have a flat bottom to sit still and fit the size. Though, glasses with silica gel must not be used as they are not good heat conductors.

Also, double-decked glasses provide heat insulation, thereby, not the right choice either.

  • How do I prevent the teapot from blacking at the bottom?

Remember to cut the used up wick of the candle after every use. Failing to do so could darken the lower surface of the glassware.

Snipping off the black wick eliminates further darkening below the pots or mugs.

  • Can I use the warmer for other purposes?

Yes! The teapot warmer can be applied to keep coffee or milk warm and hot as well.

Moreover, the object is like a medieval centerpiece that gives an ornamental touch to the room.

Final Words

Well, this is all we could gather up after unyielding research. Hence, reading this article would be enough to seek out the best teapot warmers of your choice.

Everything you need to have is poured into this small piece, so, have fun brewing!

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