Best Stainless Steel Microwave Oven

Best Stainless Steel Microwave Ovens – Reviews and Guide 2022

The microwave ovens are one of the most versatile electric kitchen appliances that you do not have to break your bank to get. And models that are available now can do more than just reheating your leftover foods.

However, when it comes to choosing indispensable kitchen devices, quality is something that you should not skimp one bit on.

And in the case of quality, the stainless steel ones reside on the top of the hierarchy. But choosing the best stainless steel microwave oven in this oversaturated market is something that is easier said than done.

Nevertheless, you have nothing to worry about because we are here to make that choosing process feel like a piece of cake for you.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Microwave Oven

Before we do get into the stainless steel microwave reviews, let us provide you solid reasons why you should consider these over the regular countertop versions that are out there in the market. The benefits of having one of these are:

  • Lifespan

In comparison, stainless steel has a longer lifespan. And the ovens that are of this material will be able to comply with heating tasks without exhibiting any longevity issues at all. Alongside that, they are highly resistant to scratches too. That means these are going to look brand new for years after years.

  • Cleaning

Cleaning stainless steel surfaces is a breeze. Even if you are a bit clumsy and tend to spill foods everywhere, you would have nothing to worry about. With just one wipe, you can take off the residues from the surfaces. You will not even have to struggle that much in the case of keeping these clean.

  • Germ Resistance

When compared to other materials, stainless steel has a higher ability to resist germs. As a result, you will be able to reheat your foods in a much more hygienic environment. Bacteria and lingering pathogens would not be something that you will have to worry about.

  • Outlooks

Last but not least, most of these are going to look exceptionally good. These are going to blend reasonably well with the other appliances that you might have in the kitchen too. As a result, the overall aesthetics of your workplace will get highly boosted.

8 Best Stainless Steel Microwave Ovens

As we have mentioned earlier, we would make things easier for you. And for that, we have gone through each and every popular units that the manufacturer is offering in this saturated market.

1. GE JVM6175SKSS Over-the-Range Microwave

Extra features are one of the main selling points of premium kitchen appliances. And being one of the premium manufacturers, GE did not disappoint us in that factor with this one. In fact, we think that this is the best stainless steel microwave oven that you can get for your money.

Let us start by talking about the capacity first. The unit has a 1.7 cubic feet interior that is made of high-quality stainless steel with ceramic coating. That capacity is relatively higher than what most of the other brands are offering with their ovens.

To evenly heat up that large interior, it utilizes powerful 1000 watts heating elements. Because of that, your foods are going to get heated up relatively fast. You would not have to wait that long.

Aside from that, this boasts a melt feature. For that reason, you can liquify butter, chocolate, marshmallows, and caramel being completely worry-free. Burning them will be out from the equation because of this specification.

There are ten different power levels. The temperature sensor that it boasts is highly reliable too. The Sensor Cooking mode that it has utilizes both of those to adjust the temperature automatically. You will be able to get deliciously cooked meals without having to put that much attention on it.

You will also be able to control the time for the defrosting mode by entering the weight of the food. It will carry out the process automatically after that.


  • Can automatically adjust the temperature
  • Boasts a relatively large-sized interior
  • Features an advanced melt feature
  • Has reliable and accurate temperature sensors
  • Fully customizable defrosting mechanism


  • The front display does not have a brightness adjustment option
  • The keypad does not have proper backlighting

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2. Frigidaire FFMV164LS1.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Over-the-Range Microwave

Power is one of the factors that make these premium devices climb to the top of the hierarchy. And Frigidaire kept that in mind while they were planning to offer this unit to the crowd.

First of all, let us describe the most highlighting feature of this product. This appliance’s capacity is 1.6 cubic feet, which is up to par with the rest of the available high-end devices. That means you will have no trouble at all in the case of making it accommodate large-sized kitchenware.

And Frigidaire knew that to heat up that large-sized interior adequately, they would need to integrate a powerful heating element. Well, that is what they exactly did.

The wave transmitter is 1000 watts, which will provide more than enough warmth to properly heat up any type of food that you wish you put inside. It can automatically cycle through 10 different power modes.

Aside from that, there are hidden vents with two speeds inside the unit , which is automatically shifted by the device. For those, heat is going to get delivered evenly throughout the entire interior. You will not have to worry about your food getting warmed up unevenly.

The turntable that it features on the front is made of glass. Because of that, the overall aesthetics of the unit gets boosted significantly. It will definitely look good on any countertop. Also, it will blend exceptionally well with the other appliances for having a stainless steel exterior.


  • The interior is 1.6 cubic feet
  • Sports a 1000 watt heating element
  • The turntable is made of high-quality glass
  • Features hidden vents with a two-speed mechanism
  • Can automatically cycle through 10 different power modes


  • The hinge of the door is a bit stiff
  • Does not have an automatic timer setting function

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3. GE JES1072SHSS 0.7 Cu. Ft. Capacity Countertop Microwave Oven

Not being able to set up your oven correctly because of a short power cord can be a bit of a hassle. Well, you would not have to worry about that if you opt for this one that is being offered by GE. And that is the main reason why we have decided to put this one in our stainless steel microwave reviews.

As we mentioned, the power chord of the unit is relatively large. It is 39 inches in length. For that reason, you will not have to struggle that much in the case of finding the perfect position for setting it up. You should be able to connect with a power outlet in your kitchen easily.

Apart from just being easy to set up, it is relatively easy to use as well. The front of the device has a control pad that has properly printed controls on it. You will be able to see them in any sort of lighting conditions quickly. Navigation through the panel will also be a fairly easy task for you.

Aside from that, the unit has some automatic features too including a timer function in which you will only have to input the weight of your frosted food. After that, the device will automatically set the timer and defrost your food accordingly. This feature will make it highly convenient for you to defrost.

Lastly, the LED on the screen is reasonably bright. It will not be that hard for you to warm up snacks in the middle of the night.


  • Comes with a 39-inch long power cord
  • Easy to use
  • Can automatically set the timer for the defrosting process
  • The control pad is to navigate on
  • Features a bright LED screen


  • The interior capacity is relatively small
  • The power of the wave transmitter is not that praiseworthy

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4. Sharp KB-6524PS Microwave Drawer Oven

While going through the stainless steel microwave reviews, you might want to have options in the case of the overall size and the exterior color. Well, SHARP is here to deliver you exactly those.

First of all, the unit is available in two different sizes. You can choose any one from 24 inches and 30 inches. The internal capacity of each of the sizes is 1.2 cubic feet. That means you will have more than enough room to fit casserole dishes that are up to 4 quarts.

Aside from that, you can choose between three different color options. It comes in regular stainless steel exterior or in the black and white color coating. So, you will have the full freedom of choosing the one that goes well with the rest of the appliances that you have in your kitchen.

Aesthetics-wise, the device features a heavily engineered design. There is an AutoTouch key that will open the door and close it automatically. As a result, you can easily access the oven even when your hands are full.

Other than that, there are some smart technologies integrated into it too. It has an 11 sensor mechanism that will let it automatically set up the timer. As a result, you will not have to guess and set the timing for defrosting and heating up your dishes anymore.

Lastly, it boasts a 950-watt wave transmitter that will ensure that the interior is heated up properly.


  • The capacity of the interior is relatively large
  • Features a smart design for the door opening mechanism
  • Boasts a reasonably powerful heating element
  • Has the ability to set the timer automatically
  • Available in two different sizes


  • The lamination on the button controls wears off over time
  • The door closing mechanism tends to malfunction from time to time

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5. Cuisinart CMW-100 Stainless Steel Microwave Oven

The manufacturer Cuisinart has been around in the kitchenware market for a long time. And now they are pushing out reliable electric appliances for the crowd too. This one is not an exception in that regard.

To start with, the oven has a plethora of built-in features. On the front, there is a touchpad control that has enough backlighting to allow you to control the unit in the dark.

Also, through that, you can switch between twenty-five convenient pre-programmed settings. You will not have to fiddle around with the controls that much to heat up your foods properly.

Aside from that, you will have two different options in the case of the interior capacity. You can choose between 1 and 1.2 cubic feet. Both the options will have a large-sized turntable that will be able to contain most of the large-sized dishes. The turntable is also made of premium-quality glass.

Besides that, the unit has two different defrosting options. Depending on how frozen your dishes are, you can choose the one that will make quick work of them. You would not have to wait that long to get your hands on your delicious snacks.

Apart from that, these feature a 1000-watt transmitter on the inside. For that reason, reheating your delicious meals will not take that much time. Also, the heating elements will ensure that the heat is properly distributed on the inside too.


  • Two different interior sizes available
  • Features 25 pre-programmed settings
  • The touchpad control is easy to use
  • There are two defrosting functions
  • Boasts 1000-watt wave transmitter to properly heat up the interior


  • The door latch feels a bit flimsy
  • Has some gimmicky features

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6. Toshiba EM925A5A-SS Microwave Oven with Sound On/Off ECO Mode and LED Lighting

Having useful pre-programmed options for ovens can come in handy when you are in a rush. Well, Toshiba factored that in mind, and that is why they have integrated plenty of such functions in this unit.

To begin with, it comes packed with six different pre-programmed menu options. In that, you will find programmed settings for most of the popular foods. With just one click, you will be able to heat up your favorite dishes and snacks because of that.

Aside from the pre-programmed functions, it boasts other smart features too. It will offer you the ability to turn the sound on or off, which will come in handy while trying to heat up snacks in the middle of the night.

Also, there is a power-saving mode and a safety locking mechanism. It also has a quick start power button on the front.

Unlike some of the other units, Toshiba did not skimp on the power for this unit. It packs a 900-watt wave transmitter that has ten different power modes. Because of that, you will be able to heat up your leftovers quickly.

The unit is up to par in the case of design as well. It is available in two different color options. You can choose from black or regular stainless steel. Both of them have a polished exterior, allowing them to easily blend with the other kitchenware and appliances.


  • Packs six different useful pre-programmed settings
  • Has a smart power-saving mode
  • Two different sleek color options are available
  • Packs a highly powerful wave transmitter
  • Has a quick start button and child safety mechanism


  • The operation noise is a bit loud
  • Some of the units might ship with malfunctioning LED interior bulb

7. Sharp SMD2470AS Microwave Drawer Oven

Opening the door of a microwave oven when your hands are full can a bit challenging. That is why Sharp integrated a smart door opening mechanism in this unit that they are providing to the market.

Unlike some of the other products, this one boasts an easy to open drawer system. There is a touch button on the body, which will automatically open the door when activated. You are going to have a redefined hands-free door opening experience because of that.

The control panel that it has on the front is properly labeled as well. It has texts printed in contrasting fonts and has an adequate amount of backlighting. As a result, navigating through different functionalities in the dark will not be that difficult for you.

Talking about functionalities, it has a lot of smart ones. There are highly accurate temperature sensors on the inside, which enables it to adjust the warmth automatically. It also has a quick heat-up button that will allow you to quickly recook foods when you are in a rush.

Apart from that, the overall capacity of the device is 1.2 cubic feet. It is capable of accommodating dishes that are up to 9 x 13 inches in size. That means you will be able to reheat a large amount of food without any issues at all.

Lastly, there is a melt option that will enable you to melt butter, chocolates, and marshmallows perfectly.


  • Boasts an automatic door opening mechanism
  • Has the ability to accommodate dishes up to 9×13 inches in size
  • Features a smart temperature adjustment system
  • The control panel is easy to read
  • Packs a smart melting feature


  • The LCD display is not that bright
  • The control panel door does not have a strong hinge

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8. LG LMV1683ST1.6 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel Over-the-Range Microwave

You might have heard about the brand LG before. They are one of the most reliable electric appliance manufacturers out there. And their reliability can be perfectly illustrated by this oven that we are going to talk about.

To start with, it boasts a highly powerful 1000-watt heating element. That is combined with ten different smart power levels. The unit will automatically cycle through them by factoring in the temperature and the food that you have kept inside.

Aside from the automatic functionality, the unit has an efficient venting system inside too. It can make the airflow at 300 CFM. As a result, the heat that the transmitter emits will get evenly distributed in the interior. And because of that, your dishes will be heated up relatively fast.

Just like the label states, the overall capacity of the device is 1.6 cubic feet. That is up to par with the rest of the large-sized microwaves that are out there. Because of having that large interior, reheating foods in large-sized containers will not be an issue for you.

Apart from that, there is a smart defrosting function. All you have to do is to input the weight of your frosted food. After that, the smart chip automatically sets the timer and defrosts your food efficiently. You will not have to guess the required amount of time anymore.

Lastly, there are different pre-programmed settings available to quickly cook and heat up popular food items.


  • The wave transmitter is 1000 watts in power
  • Can automatically cycle through ten different power levels
  • Has a comparatively large interior
  • Features smart defrosting mechanism
  • Boasts plenty of pre-programmed functions


  • Some of the units have a low-quality interior fan
  • The hinge makes an annoying squeaky sound after a couple of months of use

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Features to Look for Before Buying

Before you jump into purchasing one of the units, you need to keep some things in mind. Those factors will ensure that you can get the most out of the money that you would have to spend on one of these.  The factors that we are talking about are as follows:


First and foremost, you need to consider the capacity of the unit. If you are most likely to heat up and prepare a large amount of food at one go, you should go for the largest one that you can find.

Usually, the bigger ones have 1.6 cubic feet of inner capacity. And in those, you can accommodate casserole pans that are up to four quarts. There are many with 2 cubic feet capacity too.

However, if you do not intend to work with a large number of foods, anything that has an inner capacity of around one cubic foot should be more than okay for you.


The power of these are stated in wattage. Most of them will hover around 1000 watts, while there are some that have 1200 watts wave transmitters. In this case, the higher the wattage, the higher the cooking and heating power would be.

And with higher heating power, you can quickly warm up your foods. For that reason, we suggest shooting as high as possible in the case of wattage.

Inner Fans

The power and inner fans are closely related. Without proper vents and fans, you will not be able to evenly heat up the foods inside. And having unevenly warmed up foods would not be that pleasing, would it? That is why you should ensure whether the inner fans can provide an adequate amount of airflow or not.

Power Levels

Power Levels

Aside from the power and the fans, you should also factor in the power level. The higher this attribute is, the more flexible the cooking experience you are going to get. These levels will offer you full control over the heating process. As a result, you will not have to worry about overcooking or undercooking foods.


Most of the devices will have plenty of built-in features. However, you should consider whether they are a marketing gimmick or not. Many of the units will pack automated temperature control, melting and defrosting feature, and many more useful ones. Those are the ones that we would recommend shooting for.

Control Panel

Lastly, you should consider the control panel. You should opt for the ones that have clear printing and proper backlighting on the panel. Those will make it easier for you to navigate through different functions and features.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are stainless steel microwaves better than the regular ones?

Yes, they are better in many of the factors. But the most important one is the even heating capability. These also provide better protection against microwave rays leaking from the interior.

  • Would it be safe to use a microwave that has paint peeling in the inside?

We would recommend not to use the unit in that situation. With the peeling of paint, the rays will have a higher chance of getting leaked out. You should replace your microwave as soon as possible if you cannot find ways to repaint it.

  • Will stainless steel microwaves catch rust?

Stainless steel is well known for having a high rust resistivity. So, the chances of them catching rust over time would be very slim. But if you do not take care of it properly, it can surely catch rust.

  • Are microwaves repairable?

Yes, but to a certain degree. You will not be able to repair them if crucial parts get damaged. However, you can surely fix rust and peeling problems that these usually have.

  • Is rust bad for microwaves?

Rust in the interior can cause a microwave radiation leak, which can cause harm to your body. For that reason, you should take adequate measures to fix it as soon as possible.


We hope that the narrowed down list that we have provided was sufficient enough for you to choose the best stainless steel microwave oven easily. To conclude, we would like to wish you good luck and hope you can get the most out of the appliance you decide to purchase.

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