Best Garlic Keepers

Best Garlic Keepers: Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

Garlic is something we use almost every day. It’s native to the world’s Central Asian parts. It is not only widely used for seasoning, but also has many health benefits.

But storing several bulbs of garlic requires some extra measures since it has some specific requirements. This is where garlic keepers come into play.

Today, we are here to guide you through some of the best garlic keepers and point out why you should consider buying them. These items will give you the best results, and keep your supply fresh for a long time.

Benefits of Garlic Keeper

It may seem relatively straight forward why garlic keepers are essential. But there are several layers to that discussion since garlic is unique among the families of Alliums.

To Prevent Mold and Decay

Molds grow quite quickly on garlic, and they start to decay. Now, we all know how nasty it can get when food goes bad. Molds harm not only the vegetables involved but also your health.

So, in that case, to prevent such premises, you need to be mindful of where you’re keeping your garlic. Cold and dry places are ideal locations for garlic. Now, you may be wondering, ‘why dry areas?’

That’s because moisture causes garlic to form molds, which happens quite quickly. Moisture will also cause it to decay faster, ruining batches of garlic. In such situations, garlic keepers are perfect.

To Preserve the Freshness

Every garlic keeper is constructed keeping the conditions of storing garlic in mind. They are structured for sufficient airflow and to prevent any unnecessary moisture from entering.

This product will keep cloves of garlic safe and fresh for an extended period, preserving all the health benefits garlic has to offer. Additionally, the options for garlic keepers are nearly endless.

10 Best Garlic Keepers Review

The variations are eternal when it comes to garlic keepers. But some are better than the others. In this best garlic keeper review, we will help you find the best one according to your needs –

1. Fox Run Garlic Keeper

This keeper may be one of the most simplistically aesthetic products you’ll find on the internet. It has the most comfortable design for any minimalist, while being practical in its uses. 

Garlic keepers need to be durable and robust enough to handle several garlic bulbs. For this, a ceramic build may be the go-to choice for anyone.

The construction of the Fox Run keeper involves high-quality ceramic stoneware, which is known for its durability and precise structure.

Stoneware is dense pottery that is fired at high temperatures, making it resistant to liquids and retaining a low moisture level. This feature is perfect for garlic since they require dry places to stay fresh.

Also, stoneware is considerably more robust than the usual pottery. This makes this product ideal for anyone looking for a product with premium construction.

Moreover, the vent holes allow airflow in a sufficient amount, which is perfect for keeping the garlic cool and fresh for an extended period. At the same time, the perfectly fitted lid will prevent any light from getting inside.


  • Made from high-quality ceramic
  • High moisture retention
  • Minimalistic design
  • Sufficient airflow
  • Prevention of odor


  • Smaller in size
  • Might contain lead in the ceramic

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2. Norpro Deluxe Stoneware Garlic Keeper

When it comes to aesthetic design, this garlic keeper gets the trophy. It combines the best craftsmanship with practical and useful construction to give you the best the manufacturer has to offer.

This product falls under the category of modern garlic keeper. It has all the functionalities coming down for centuries, with some additional modern touches.

Due to its large build, the Norpro Deluxe can hold up to half a dozen garlic bulbs. This size is perfect for people who use garlic on an everyday basis. Therefore, they won’t have to refill as often.

Moreover, the stoneware build is known for its ability to stay dry and prevent unnecessary moisture from entering. Consequently, this build will allow the garlic keeper to be more practical.

It will prevent it from decaying or forming molds since garlic molds when kept in non-dry places, spoiling quite quickly. So, this keeper will keep the garlic fresh for longer.

Additionally, some airflow is required for the garlic to stay fresh. The specially structured air-vents allow sufficient airflow, keeping the insides cool and preventing foul odor.


  • Large in size
  • Well-structured lid prevents excess light
  • Keeps the garlic dry
  • Light-weight build
  • Large opening


  • Not suitable for roasting or cooking the garlic
  • Glaze prevents airflow

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3. Progressive International Terra Cotta Garlic Keeper

Another traditional type of garlic keeper is the Terra Cotta Garlic keeper. The thing that makes it unique is present in its name. Among the listed keepers, this one has some unique things to offer. 

You might be thinking, ‘Why does terracotta make a difference?’ Well, terracotta is a type of pottery made from baking terracotta clay; which is processed clay that retains some of the minerals from the earth.

Terracotta clay is fantastic at keeping garlic fresh and last longer due to its capability to manage proper airflow & allow excess moisture to exit from the surface.

The infused minerals help in enhancing all the benefits already present in garlic. This factor is essential for people who use garlic every day for its health benefits.

As for aesthetics, this keeper has a handmade outlook which is impressive for people who like vintage designs. Moreover, an unglazed system is perfect for promoting airflow.

Airflow is quite essential when it comes to keeping the garlic fresh. The air-vents of this keeper are perfect for the job. This feature will keep the garlic fresh, and allow them to last longer.


  • Terracotta construction
  • Promotes the presence of minerals
  • Features 3 ventilation holes
  • Reduces moisture
  • Imitates a cellar environment


  • It can hold a small amount of garlic
  • Fragile construction

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4. Mud Pie Garlic Keepers

When you look at several garlic keeper reviews, you will definitely find this keeper in every top 10 lists. This item is a unique garlic keeper in this list. It combines some of the most suitable materials together.

The Mud Pie has a ceramic build, which is impressive for its hardness and resistance. Moreover, ceramic is quite good at handling moisture and corrosion, allowing the garlic to last longer.

When you keep garlic inside this keeper, it will prevent the garlic from getting too humid and forming mold, or decaying too soon. This will allow you to store large amounts of garlic for an extended amount of time.

Additionally, the wooden lid prevents any light from entering the containers. We all know that light is terrible for garlic. Garlic needs to be kept in dry and low-light areas.

Therefore, the wooden lid coupled with the ceramic body will create the perfect environment for garlics. Moreover, the ceramic body’s vents will allow the moisture to escape from inside, keeping it cool.

Also, the fantastic design is perfect for any setting. This design will be advantageous for anyone who likes things to match or complement their house.


  • Efficient wooden lid
  • Durable construction
  • High heat tolerance
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Modern design


  • Lack of space
  • Lacks practicality

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5. Joie Terracotta Garlic Keeper

Several things are interesting about this garlic keeper, the most eye-catching one being its design. The design showcases garlic, which will be quite attractive to some users.

Moreover, this garlic keeper has a terracotta build, which is processed raw clay. Terracotta is first sculpted, and then heated until it’s hard. This plays a fantastic role in the keeper’s durability.

The terracotta build brings out a traditional touch to the construction of the garlic keeper. Not only that, terracotta is fantastic for absorbing moisture and keeping the surface dry and cool. That is the primary condition to keep garlic fresh for a longer period with minimal effort.

Moreover, the vents also play a fantastic role in reducing odor. Since we already know that garlic is quite prone to molding and decaying, you need to choose a keeper that will imitate the required environment. This keeper is perfect for that.

It is also a fantastic gift for anyone. Overall, it is quite aesthetic while being practical for people who require garlic every day.


  • Aesthetic design
  • Reduction of humidity
  • Keeps garlic fresh for longer
  • Perfect as gift
  • Glazed outside 


  • Holds only one garlic
  • It lacks practicality

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6. Norpro 5-Inch Ceramic Garlic Keeper

One of the best large garlic keepers available in the market is this Norpro Ceramic keeper. This size is terrific for people who like to store more garlic for later use.

Norpro is known for making several types of garlic keepers, in modern as well as traditional designs. They implement modern technology with some classic methods to create something with greater functionality. 

This product is slightly larger than most others on this list, which allows it to store more amounts of garlic. That is useful to anyone who uses garlic a lot.

Most people use garlic for seasoning and health benefits. You get the best out of garlic when it is fresh and ready to use any time of the day.

However, garlic is easy to spoil. They require particular environment to stay fresh and last longer. Typically, it’s hard to achieve that. That is why these garlic keepers play a fantastic role in creating such conditions.

Along with garlic, this product is suitable for storing other herbs and vegetables. The efficient air vents and perfectly fitted lid will keep everything inside the pot in top condition, enhancing their properties for a longer time.


  • Large in size
  • Suitable for multiple items
  • Practical design
  • Top-quality ceramic build
  • Maximum airflow


  • Not usable in ovens
  • Glaze traps some moisture

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7. Henry Watson Garlic Keeper

The best thing about this garlic keeper is how it represents traditional aesthetics. It is a go-to for anyone who likes vintage style things in their kitchen.

Along with its traditional design, it upholds all the old and modern garlic keepers’ functionality. Moreover, it fits in any place of the house due to its miniature structure. So, you can keep it anywhere. 

Another exciting thing about this keeper is that it is made in England. It is built with exceptional quality Staffordshire clay, something that is used for excellent pottery work.

This quality clay is the reason behind its fantastic durability and flawless structure; which gives it a smooth outlook and feel. Furthermore, all the natural properties present in the keeper keeps the garlic fresh.

Also, thanks to the Staffordshire clay, it is dishwasher compatible. This will allow you to clean the garlic keeper more efficiently and comfortably.

Additionally, the wide ventilation holes will allow complete airflow from within the garlic and remove any unnecessary odor, while evading excessive moisture.


  • Staffordshire clay construction
  • Vintage aesthetics
  • Presence of natural properties
  • Capable of handling dishwashers
  • High-quality craftsmanship


  • Can’t handle high temperature
  • Retains moisture

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8. HIC Harold Import Co. Garlic Clove Keeper

Among the affordable garlic keepers, this product is one of the best garlic storage containers. This garlic keeper is quite simple in its build, efficiently handling all the work a perfect keeper should be capable of.

Moreover, this is an entirely unglazed, smooth ceramic product. There are a few advantages to being unglazed. Glazed keepers usually get restricted airflow.

This predicament is quite problematic for any garlic keeper since the product’s main function is to keep the garlic dry and cool. That is because dry and cold environment is the ideal condition for garlics.

Air-flow is very important in extending the life-cycle of garlics. This product plays a fantastic role in ensuring proper airflow through the air vents. It allows the moisture to dissipate, keeping the garlic healthy.

Garlic spoils quicker than most other food. They decay and form molds quite rapidly. This can be rectified through this item’s premium ceramic body, which does not retain any unnecessary moisture.

Moreover, considering the product’s size, it is possible to store a sufficient number of garlic for your daily needs. This product has quick accessibility too, as it fits in almost anywhere.


  • Garlic stored lasts for weeks
  • Requires no refrigeration
  • Air-vents allow the garlic to retain necessary moisture
  • Handles make it easy to carry around
  • Enhances flavor


  • Roasting is not possible with it
  • The lid fits badly 

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9. Le Creuset Garlic Keeper

The first and foremost feature to point out about this garlic keeper is its stoneware build. Its name starts with the word ‘stone’, which gives a hint on how durable and functional this build is. But, let us elaborate.

Stoneware materials are strong, but that’s not the only feature they have. Several things make stoneware perfect for keeping garlic. So, it’s safe to say this item is ideal for garlics.

What garlic requires to hold all its minerals and other beneficial properties is a dry and colder area that will not sustain too much humidity.

Since humidity makes garlic mold faster and decay much quicker, it needs some special care. This product is the embodiment of those exceptional cases. It meets all the criteria to keep your garlic last much longer.

Stoneware is infamous for its capability to resist water. It will also prevent the outside air from getting inside, which might speed up the decaying process. Thus, this item creates a perfect environment for garlics.

Also, it is fully capable of handling dishwashers and other washing components. This compatibility makes cleaning more flexible, and it will require minimal maintenance than usual garlic keepers.


  • High-quality stoneware
  • Non-porous build
  • Resistant to cracks
  • Secure lid system
  • Flexibility in cleaning 


  • Air vents are inefficient
  • Insufficient storage

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10. Vinkoe Kitchen Garlic Keeper 

Vinkoe Kitchen makes some of the best kitchen equipment in the market, and this garlic keeper is one of them. It has an excellent modern design coupled with a high-quality wooden finish.

One of the most exciting additions to this item is the high amount of ventilation present on the design. It has about 12 full-sized vents that allow maximum ventilation in the container.

Ventilation helps the garlic keeper to keep the garlic fresh, dissipating any excessive humidity. This feature will keep the garlic fresh as it’s one of the most important factors when you’re keeping garlic.

Moreover, the wooden lid is excellent at sealing off the garlic keeper. It prevents any light from going in, as light can be harmful to the garlic. This will also reduce the formation of molds on the garlic.

So, garlic keepers need to imitate a specific environment for garlics, which Vinkoe Garlic keeper does flawlessly. Additionally, garlic isn’t the only thing this keeper can handle.

Another important feature to highlight is the ceramic build. Ceramic is easy to clean. Its durability allows the user to have some flexibility with it. Therefore, its construction allows the product to fit right into our lives.


  • 12 efficient air vents
  • Made from high-quality ceramic
  • Perfectly sealing lid
  • Light-weight design
  • Extends shelf life of garlic


  • Easy to break
  • Not suitable for microwaves

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What to Look for Before You Buy Best Garlic Keepers

You might think there is not much considerations to look at when you’re buying garlic keepers. Actually, there’s plenty of things to consider beforehand, and we will simplify them for you –


One essential thing to remember when buying a Garlic keeper is the size. Keep in mind that every garlic keeper has a particular dimension, which you should be mindful of.

Some people prefer smaller sizes, because of aesthetics. But, for people who need garlic on a daily basis, something more practical is required.

So, try to determine what kind of usage you’re trying to get. There will be plenty of options based on that criteria, starting from small to sufficiently large.

Build Material

Construction of a garlic keeper requires several different materials. We’d suggest getting a stoneware keeper. But this doesn’t mean other materials are not good. In fact, some other materials have their own benefits. 

Stoneware keepers are great for keeping the stored garlic dry and healthy, as it will not retain any excess moisture. Moreover, it is non-porous, which means liquids and air can’t travel through it.

Build Material

These features make it perfect for garlic keepers. It will create the ideal environment inside to make your garlic last longer.

Durability is also essential for garlic keepers. Otherwise, they will not last too long, and you’ll start seeing cracks on the body without even being too rough with it.

Therefore, it’s crucial to find the strong ones; so that even if you stuff a lot of garlic inside, it won’t lose its shape or get cracks.


The ideal condition for garlic is dry and cold, getting which from usual places is not easy. Even with the slightest humidity, the garlic may form molds quite fast and decay much quicker.

So, when you’re using garlic keepers, you need something that will keep the their insides cool and allow the container’s excess moisture to get released into the environment.

Hence, it’s imperative to check if the product you’re buying has sufficient ventilation. This feature will elongate your stored garlic’s shelf life and maximize airflow inside the product.

So, to achieve the best performance from the product, try looking for something that will allow you some flexibility while maintaining proper ventilation. This feature will make the product worth your money.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need to keep the garlic keeper inside a refrigerator?

It is not required to keep the garlic keeper in a refrigerator; that’s the reason of using a garlic keeper in the first place. Keeping garlic in the fridge will cancel out its health benefits.

Are glazed garlic keepers better?

There are no such situations where glazed garlic keepers are better. Glazed garlic keepers may retain some moisture and restrict airflow, which is bad for garlics.

How many cloves of garlic can a garlic keeper hold?

This depends entirely on the size of the garlic keeper you’re purchasing. Some garlic keepers will hold only one garlic, and some will hold several.

Can I roast garlic with a garlic keeper?

Most garlic keepers cannot handle micro-oven or any other cooking instruments. Therefore, it is not recommended to roast garlic inside a garlic keeper.

Is it okay to store garlic and ginger together inside a garlic keeper?

It is not recommended, since that might spoil one of the items.  A garlic keeper is designed to keep garlic individually, separate from other items.

Final Words

Through this article on the best garlic keeper, you will be able to get the most value out of your money since you’ll be able to choose what’s right for you. There are hundreds of options in the market. Use our advice, and get your money’s worth.      

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