Best Franke Sink Reviews

The Best Franke Sink Reviews: Buying Guide 2022

The kitchen is an essential place in the house and serves as the center of it. Sinks play a vital role in our everyday life, and that is why we should get a great one that depicts high functionality and benefits. And since the kitchen’s overall flow lies upon the sink, we cannot just settle for less.

This article includes the best Franke sink reviews and will surely let you acquire a lot of knowledge about its features. Also, you can have the chance to know about its benefits and functionalities.

So, without further ado, let’s continue and start the discussion right away!

Why Franke Sinks Should Be a Better Choice

Through many years of service since the 1930s, Franke sinks have proven their loyalty to their customers. They are very reliable in providing guaranteed satisfaction every time we purchase their product. Not to mention, these sink models give out a high level of performance and functionality.

I must say that these are no ordinary sinks. They are designed and shaped uniquely, making them stand out among others. Their superior efficiency will enable you to have a large display area that incurs a satisfactorily high level.

Moreover, this factor is a must-have, especially for first-time buyers and homeowners.

With the stainless steel construction, it can handle and withstand any temperature. You can easily clean it and also get a lovely and timeless aesthetic. It is also compatible with many kitchen accessories that enhance a sink like no other.

There is always more when choosing the right kind of sink than just its design. These Frank sinks are genuinely a practical move because they yield you tons of benefits and advantages for a kitchen sink. You should not settle for less and consider Franke sink as one of your top options.

5 Best Franke Sink Reviews

There are tons of competitors when we talk about kitchen sinks. You will be amazed at how they are reviewed and evaluated based on their fantastic aspects. In this part of the article, we are going to tackle each model of Franke sinks. May you choose the best one!

1. Franke USA Sink Stainless Steel

If you are looking for a kitchen sink that has a sleek and stylish design, this stainless steel sink from Franke USA is undoubtedly the right one for you. Though very simple, it has a dual mount axis in which complements your kitchen and utility area.

Furthermore, the Axis series, which are from Swiss design, is manufactured with 20-gauge stainless steel. It offers you exceptional quality and outstanding durability that will last for many years to come.

There’s no way you will feel irritated about the noisy sink because this model offers you a sound-deadening detail that eliminates unwanted noise. You’re sure to have maximum security, thanks to the safe T-rims equipped therein.  With this, you can avoid the harm of sharp edges.

Most importantly, this 20-inch stainless sink can be installed as a top mount or an under-mount sink, depending on your preference. However, if you desire the latter part, you need to seek help from a professional installer.

This Franke USA sink is a good kick-off for these sink models. It is straightforward to install and will indeed provide you with guaranteed satisfaction.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed and made from Switzerland
  • 10-inch deep sink bowl
  • Sound-deadening detail
  • 20-gauge Stainless steel
  • Safe T-rims


  • Has a timeless and sleek design
  • With exceptional quality and very durable
  • Has high security
  • Comes with an ultra-quiet design
  • Very easy to install 


  • A bit expensive

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2. Franke USA Sink 30.5-inch by 20-inch by 9-inch deep Stainless Steel 

This next model of the best Franke sinks is designed to support a shelf grip in the kitchen area. By this detail, you’re guaranteed a real ergonomic cooking station. It is an excellent sink that is large and deep and comes with a sophisticated design.

Unlike the previous option, this is 18-gauge stainless steel that offers ideal workability and a softer aesthetic. As an addition, it is an imported model, which is manufactured in Switzerland.

Not to mention, the product is rimmed with a unique integral ledge that has a sparkling super subtle finish. Also, you’ll be certain that it is made of high- materials and can offer you a maximum level of efficiency.

Moreover, it has a sound-dampening pad that minimizes the annoying noise. These sounds are made due to the running of water or when disposing of waste.

This Franke sink model is a wise settle for first-time buyers and can offer you great satisfaction in every kitchen activity.

Highlighted Features

  • Franke integral ledge system
  • 18-gauge Stainless steel
  • Made in Switzerland
  • 9-inch deep bowl
  • With sound dampening pads


  • It is an imported product
  • Designed to support a shelf grid
  • Has a detail that minimizes noise when doing kitchen activities
  • Depicts good aesthetics
  • Large and deep 


  • Because it is imported, the sink is quite expensive
  • Installation is a bit tricky

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3. Franke Sink 33-inch x 22-inch x 9-inch deep, Onyx

If you are a meticulous buyer, this Franke sink is sanitized and has a protective barrier that can fight bacteria. So even between cleaning cycles, you will be assured of the protection it offers.

This sink model is scratch and heat resistant and can withstand a robust activity in the kitchen. It is made of granite which makes it very refined and has an onyx finish that depicts a luxurious appearance.

Like the previous models, it can be installed on either top or under-mount, depending on your preference. As an additional feature, it has one pre-drilled hole and three extra knockouts for faucet installation.

Furthermore, this 9-inch deep Franke sink can fit in a standard size cabinet that measures up to 36 inches. More so, mounting hardware and cutout template are included with the package.

Lastly, the sink model is genuinely a great product; you can opt for a germ-free kitchen.

Highlighted Features

  • It is made of composite granite
  • Top-mount and under-mount installation
  • Sanitized and has a germ-fighting barrier
  • Rear drain
  • One pre-drilled hole and three knockouts


  • Sanitized and easy-to-clean
  • Has a straightforward installation process
  • Large capacity and deep bowl
  • Scratch, stain, and heat-resistant
  • Comes with a standard hole for the faucet


  • Needs to be oiled continuously

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4. Franke HSF3322 – 1KIT Sink Kit, 33-in x 22-in x 9-in deep, Stainless Steel

Adding to the list, the mentioned best franke sink is everything you need in a kitchen sink. It is an all-in-one model with an accessible installation drop-in sink, drain kit, bottom protection grid, cutout template, and mounting hardware.

With its timeless design, it features a contemporary slim rim that has a minimum radius corner. Your kitchen will surely look sleek. Furthermore, the vector series is designed in Switzerland and is manufactured in 18-gauge stainless steel. This fact ensures you of a high-quality and durable sink.

Like the options as mentioned earlier, it is incorporated with a sound-deadening detail to eliminate the unwanted noise and vibrations due to water, pans, pots and utensils. It is undoubtedly a nice feature to take away the disturbance while cooking.

You can either install it as a drop-in or under-mount. This product is surely a money-wise decision if you aim for an advantageous Franke sink.

Highlighted Features

  • All-in-one kit
  • With a timeless design that has a contemporary slim rim
  • High quality and exceptional durability
  • Ultra-quiet model
  • 9 inches deep sink bowl


  • Everything you need is included in the kit
  • Comes with a contemporary slim rim
  • Made in Switzerland and heavy-duty
  • Comes with a sound-deadening detail
  • Very easy to install


  • Its draining ability is not exceptional

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5. Franke C2233R/9 Stainless Steel 33 ¼ by 22in. Dual mount Double Bowl Sink

Last but not certainly least is the Franke sink dual-mount double bowl sink. This model is made up of 18-inch stainless steel and an offset kind of double bowl sink. Franke is known for its superior construction without any welding techniques used in manufacturing.

Furthermore, it is high in quality, which ensures a durable model in your kitchen. It features a silk rim and is incorporated with a satin bowl finish. As an addition, it has three sinkholes intended for the faucet and other accessories.

Like the previous products, it is incorporated with sound-deadening pads to offer you quiet insulation against the excessive noise and vibrations. Also, it can fit a minimum-sized cabinet of 36 inches.

Finally, this Franke sink model has safe T-rims that will definitely protect you from the harmful effects of sharp edges during installation. This product won’t make your hard-earned money go to waste. It is a lovely settle for homeowners that need a double sink in their homes.


  • 18-gauge stainless steel
  • Installed top mount or under-mount
  • With sound-deadening pads
  • Has safe T-rims
  • Dual-mount and double sink


  • The giant left bowl offers you flexibility when it comes to kitchen needs
  • Has a safe and secure installation
  • Drains are located on the rear of the large bowl
  • It is an offset double bowl sink
  • With an ultra-quiet insulation


  • The brushed finish of the sink is not uniform

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How Do You Install Franke Sink Clips?

There are specific steps when you dare to install Franke sink clips. For a top-mount kitchen sink where the lip sits on the head of the kitchen, you need to do a specific installment. 

  1. First, you have to place the sink in the countertop’s cut out to ensure the right fit on the pan. If the tub is too large, just cut a little to allow the sink clips to fit inside the cutout using a jigsaw.
  2. Next, remove the sink and turn it over. Put the tube of the silicone caulk into the gun and then cut off the tip of the nozzle. It should be on a 45-degree angle using a utility knife.
  3. Squeeze the silicone caulk around the bottom lip of the sink in a continuous manner.
  4. Turn the sink over and prepare to set in on the cutout. Lean on the sink cabinet and lay your back. Look upward at the sink.
  5. Next, rotate each of the sink clips so that it faces away from the center of the sink. Tighten each clip using a screwdriver.
  6. Lastly, wet your fingers and gently smooth the caulk along the lip. Wipe the excess caulk, and there you go.

Franke Sink Accessories

Each of the kitchen accessories fits the sink perfectly. They are designed and built to do a great job of enhancing the capabilities of a Frank sink. By that, your kitchen experience will surely be one of a kind.

Strainer Baskets

If you have a problem with clogging and blockage of waste, Franke sinks come with a strainer basket to lift your burden. They are practically made from stainless steel and are fully adjustable. This leak-resistant basket prevents the occurrence of a clogged sink with its ability to accumulate waste.

If ever you come to the point where you need to replace the seal ring, you can do it easily without acquiring any hassle.

Pop-up Strainer

Because it is made from chrome or satin, these pop-up strainers are simply fantastic. You can quickly empty your kitchen sink with ease from the countertop area. Due to the replaceable seal ring, pop-up filters can guarantee a watertight connection and a long-lasting pan.

Inox Creme

Also, an excellent accessory for your kitchen sink is this Inox Crème. This product is stainless steel polish that offers you the most delicate care you can do to your Franke sink. It is non-irritant and non-flammable, so you are ensured that you and your family are away from danger.

With its white paste appearance and a lemon scent finish, you can never be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Franke Sinks of good quality?

When it comes to quality, these Franke sinks have the best, for it uses a stainless steel construction. The 16 gauge model of this sink is the commercial-grade and also in line with the Professional Series. Due to that account, it offers you the highest quality of a kitchen sink available in the market.

2. Does Franke sink scratch quickly?

For all we know, sinks get scratched with the long-time usage due to its stainless material. However, as time goes by, these scratches will be less visible, for it blends right into the surface.

3. Why is Franke sinks manufactured from China?

The Franke Company is the leading supplier for kitchen equipment like ovens, faucets, including sinks. This company only designs these things, but they do not manufacture them.

So, to answer the question, 90% of these Franke sinks are made from China.

4. Is Franke a good brand for a kitchen sink?

Sinks from Franke have established an excellent impression on the customers because of the significant aspects it provides. They have proven their reliability since the 1930s in producing a durable and highly functional kitchen sink.

5. Can I use steel brushes when cleaning Franke sinks?

You should never do that. Steel brushes will scratch the surface of your sink and make it susceptible to rust.

Final Words

This Franke sink review should provide you with the essential information regarding the best features, performance, and quality of a sink. If you read carefully and choose among the models listed above, you can never be wrong purchasing one of them.

Good luck with your future endeavors, and may you make a money-wise decision.

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