Best Farmhouse Sink for the Money: Reviews 2022 (Recommended!)

Shopping for a farmhouse sink is an extremely time consuming and painful process. And you don’t want to buy the wrong one and ruin your kitchen décor. A sink is the centerpiece of a kitchen and the best farmhouse sink to buy only adds to its aesthetics.

A farmhouse kitchen sink is useful, extremely stylish, and adds value to your kitchen that’s built to last. They are made for modern living and offer the most comfortability and convenience while doing the dishes.

There are so many types of farmhouse sinks with multiple designs and materials each with their unique benefits. It becomes quite tough to pick the best one suitable for your own needs. This article will help you navigate through all these and assist you in making an informed purchase decision.

Why Should You Choose Farmhouse Sink Over Others?

It is far better to be an informed buyer with knowledge of all the advantages and disadvantages of a product than to regret afterward. So, you should also think about why you want to buy a farmhouse sink rather than getting a far cheaper alternative.

Accommodates More

A farmhouse sink is much larger and deeper than its standard counterpart. This big size makes it easy to accommodate large objects and big loads of pots and pans. Because of this amount of space, you can also hide lots of dirty dishes when guests are coming.

Ergonomic Use

Another great advantage of this sink over the other is that it is easier for people to work because there is no countertop in between. Thus, it becomes easier to stand directly against the sink without bending over too much. This is much more comfortable and means less back strain.

Looks Better

Additionally, farmhouse sinks have a rustic and beautiful look making it a pleasing centerpiece in your kitchen. They are much more aesthetically pleasing as well as more versatile than other types of sinks.

So Many Types

The wide variety of options, materials, and sizes available itself make a farmhouse sink stand out among other.

For Babies and Pets Too!

Also, a nice advantage worth mentioning is that you can easily bathe babies and small pets in the sink without having to bend over in a tub.

10 Best Farmhouse Sink Reviews

Farmhouse sinks come in a wide range of styles with distinct advantages and is made from various types of materials. Their different designs also make each one more attractive than the others.

So, have a closer look at some of our top sinks below to pick one for yourself.

1. Kraus KWF210-36 Kore Workstation

It is not surprising that our first entry in the list of best farmhouse sinks comes from Krous. You cannot make a list of kitchenware brands without mentioning Krous. But this particular model is something you’d want for your home. Its unique selling points would be the stunning design and additional accessories.

The sink looks very appealing and undoubtedly will become a center of attraction for the kitchen. Its stylish design and sturdy construction along with its versatility will go with any type of kitchen décor.

Kraus KWF210-36 sink is built with solid construction and made from premium quality 16-gauge stainless steel. For a durable and sleek finish in a sink, nothing else is a better option.

Coming to the topic of the apron which everybody looks at first in a farmhouse sink; we all know that a great apron front on a kitchen sink instantly elevates the aesthetics of the room. This is no different for this Kore Workstation as it offers you an interesting sleek design enhancing the beauty, functionality, and durability of the sink.

The 5-piece Chef’s kit accessories that come with the product are the unique selling points of Kraus KWF210-36. These attachments include a roll-up dish drying rack, a bamboo cutting board, a dish grid, a strainer, and a drain cover.

Stainless steel sinks tend to reflect a lot of sounds which is a pesky problem indeed. But fortunately, this problem has been taken care of with sound-absorbing pads. The innovative NoiseDefend soundproofing technology of this model of Kraus produces minimal sound when you’re washing a lot of pots and pans.

This farmhouse sink also has a sloped bottom preventing it from water getting clogged within. Even if you’ve never done it before, you’re sure to find installing this model a breeze.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Soundproofing feature
  • Great drainage facility
  • Sleek front apron design
  • Rust and corrosion resistant


  • Exterior isn’t scratch-proof

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2. ZUHNE 33-Inch Single Bowl Farmhouse Sink

For a single bowled farmhouse sink allowing you to easily wash all of the kitchenware, this model from ZUHNE can easily be your top pick. You can’t go wrong with ZUHNE as it has a better design and quality than all of its competitors

This sink has shown to all that ZUHNE knows how to really design and build stunning farmhouse sinks. It has steel which is 25% purer than most other brands in the market. The different features and styles that ZUHNE offers, make it one of the top manufacturers of sinks.

The sink has outstanding quality with the sink body is made from highly-strong 18/10 T304 16-gauge pure stainless steel. This itself speaks for its durability. Even after extreme use you can rest assured that the steel won’t wear or bend.

ZUHNE 33-inch sink is also non-toxic and has a scratch-resistant satin finish. This develops a balanced but stable patina over time which only increases the sophistication to its looks.

The sink itself has been made ergonomic and very comfortable to use. It has a 10-inch deep single basin capable of accommodating almost all types of cookware you put into it.

The precision-engineered corners curve at an optimal angle that maximizes the work area of the sink. This also makes the sink’s routine maintenance super easy. Its stylish base also slopes gently ensuring complete drainage of water.

The sink also comes with a few necessary tools, like stainless steel basket for straining all your dishes, mounting hardware, and a bottom grid. You can also call it the best undermount sinks as you don’t need to worry about mounting before buying.


  • Best design and quality
  • Premium stainless steel
  • Perfect drainage of water
  • Scratch-resistant finish
  • Ergonomic design


  • Drain unit is thin

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3. Ruvati Verona RVH9200 33″ Workstation

Looking for the best stainless steel farmhouse sink for your kitchen? Then look no further than the Ruvati RVH9200 model which has the most prominent features for a farmhouse sink. In fact, all the sinks made by Ruvati has familiarity and popularity around the world.

But among all the types of sinks that Ruvati produces, the Verona series is distinct from them all. Known as Workstation Apron Front Sink, this sink is an affordable and functional workstation for modern 36-inch cabinetry.

After installation, you’ll be amazed at the extra space it gives for cleaning the dishes. This large bowl sink will allow you to wash large items like pots and pans and baking sheets with ease.

This workstation is made of stainless steel of 18/10 T304 premium grade. This means there is no doubt about its superior durability and strength. Additionally, this sink has a small ledge on the front and back allowing it to function as additional counter space.

Having an excellent built quality, Ruvati has yet proved again how its attention to detail is one of the reasons behind the popularity. It has spared no effort to make sure every component and accessories stand up to even the worst wear and tear and look absolutely pristine.

The workstation comes with four different accessories that make the use of additional counter space much more fruitful. They include a solid hardwood cutting board with an excellent finish, a stainless-steel colander, a basket strainer, and a flexible roll-up drying rack.

The large basin sink also has a thick rubber padding and a sound guard undercoating minimizing the noise made while you’re busy cleaning all your dishes. The whole unit is designed not to rust and lasts longer than its competitors.


  • Rust resistant and durable
  • Noise minimizer with padding
  • Large basin space
  • Functional workstation with accessories
  • High-quality craftsmanship


  • Installation requires assistance
  • Possibility of little condensation

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4. Sarlai Matte Black Farmhouse Sink

Another stainless-steel farmhouse sink unit that might interest you comes from Sarlai. Its matte black color and amazing finish will never disappoint you. With a promise to last years in service, it is an investment you should look forward to.

This black stainless-steel farmhouse apron sink with sleek and elegant design will sit perfectly in any type of kitchen making it a beautiful addition to the area. The excellent quality material used promises the sink to be suitable for both industrial and household usage.

Made from premium quality 16-gauge T-304 steel that can withstand very high temperatures and heavyweight, this Sarlai sink will give you a long-lasting performance.

The anti-dent and anti-rust features of this item need a little mention because of the material and coating it is made with. A water drainage system with radial shape design gives you quick drainage. The drain itself is very deep and comes with a removable basket catching all the debris.

The corners inside the sink have a 10mm radius giving it a beautiful look. These round corners make the sink very easy to clean too. Just mop the inside with a soapy wet cloth and you’re done!

The sink also comes with a lot of accessories which include drain basket and cover, rinse grid, a cutting board, filter, rinse grid. A great thing about this item is that you can cover the whole sink with these added accessories.

This multipurpose kitchen sink can also be used for chopping vegetables, washing other utensils other than dishes and drying dishes.

Stainless-steel kitchen sinks make a lot of noise compared to other materials. This sink has sound dampening capabilities with 3-mm thick sound absorbing pads which covers the entire sink base muffling the sound.


  • Excellent strength and durability
  • Thick coating and noise dampening
  • Beautiful aesthetics and color
  • Rust and stain-free material
  • Great depth for keeping many things
  • Sink can be covered with accessories


  • Doesn’t have enough slope for debris movement towards the drain

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5. Friho 33″x 22″ Topmount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

The Friho 33″ sink is also referred to as the best drop in farmhouse sink. This single bowl farmhouse sink is a great stainless-steel kitchen adjustment you don’t want to miss.

The sink itself is enormous with 33″ in length where most of your utensils will fit in without any problem. Just make sure your kitchen has sufficient counter space to install it. The single-bowl design also ensures that you’ll be able to clean really heavy and large bowls in it.

This handmade kitchen sink is built with premium quality 18-gauge steel ensuring a long life. For heavy-duty applications, you cannot expect any better. Premium grade SUS304 stainless steel construction means its scratch resistance ability is top-notch.

Interestingly, the scratch-resistant grid is also provided to the bottom surface. And the outer surface is coated with anti-corrosion finish as well. Apart from being resistant to all these, its 3mm thick edge plate still emanates a durable and fashionable look.

Say goodbye to excessive clattering noises with Friho’s special ‘noise defend’ technology. The sink has an extra thick build and stone guard undercoating ensuring that the noise is significantly reduced.

This farmhouse sink is a top mount that comes with a wide array of accessories including a basket strainer, a dish grid, a cutting board, and a dish drainer. All these accessories are able to help you use the sink for multiple purposes and smartly as well.


  • Noise reduction with rubber dampening
  • Scratch-resistant grid
  • Super-fast water drainage
  • High-quality stainless-steel


  • Susceptible to rust after heavy and long-term usage

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6. Comllen 33 Inch Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Among all the best farmhouse sink reviews in this article, you’ll find this sink to be unusually popular despite the brand name not being among the top ones. The qualities you usually look for in a perfect kitchen sink are sturdiness, durability, and scratch resistance; and you can get all these features and many more from this Comllen sink.

Since it is an apron sink, it is curvy in the front making it look like a top-notch farmhouse kitchenware. It also increases the aesthetics of the cabinet thanks to the subtle rounded corners.

The sink gets a premium brush nickel finish even though it is made of stainless steel. Made with commercial-grade stainless steel, its quality construction makes it fairly durable no matter how long you use it. Its extra durability is also due to the 16 gauge 1.5mm thick steel used in the construction.

As for the drainage system, its opening is standard 3.5 inches that are good enough for common disposal systems. Quiet performance is also another of its awesome features since the sink has been sound insulated with thick rubber dampening pads and stone guard undercoating.

Comllen 33 Inch Farmhouse Kitchen Sink comes with a perfectly curved large front apron which eliminates sharp edges and corners. Its inner corners have also been rounded making it easier to clean and maintain. If dirt and grime stuck in the corners, simply wipe it with a damp cloth to make it shine like new.

Being the lightest farmhouse kitchen sink it is also the easiest to install. You don’t even need any professional supervision for it. Designed to elicit a modern style statement, this sink is the perfect choice for your kitchen.


  • Constructed with best stainless-steel variant
  • Satin finish ensures easy cleaning
  • Aesthetically pleasing with a sleek design
  • Best durability with stone guard undercoating
  • Sound dampening pads for soundproofing


  • Some might consider it too thin and light

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7. Logmey 33 Inch Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

For a truly economical farmhouse sink, there is no better alternative than the Logmey 33 Inch sink. Your dream kitchen won’t be complete unless you fix it with this stunning but simple fireclay farmhouse sink.

This apron front kitchen sink is a pioneer in terms of simplicity, hygiene, beauty, and overall performance. Thanks to the strength and quality of stainless-steel dish grid and basket strainer along with German precision, the sink will be extremely hygienic. You’ll be able to clean it without any difficulty at all.

Cleaning and maintenance of farmhouse sinks have never been easier because of its non-porous nature. Take only a damp cloth and soapy water and voila! It looks good as new.

This contemporary style of white color kitchen sink is suitable for all types of kitchen setups. The 33 inches single bowl design is able to accommodate almost all types of cookware no matter how big.

The stainless-steel dish grid and basket strainer included are both made of 304 stainless steel that has higher resistivity to corrosion. Made from fireclay at a temperature of 2900 degrees Fahrenheit, the Logmey farmhouse sink is a sturdy and more than a durable unit.

It has a cool design on both sides which is helpful if you want to install it according to your preference. You can customize the slab and kitchen by fixing it on the sides or front. The unit leaves plenty of space for washing and storing the dishes also.

Its high-quality material resists high temperature, acid, and alkali and remains as it is for years and years. This also makes it scratch and corrosion-resistant. Its classic style that is also practical as well as comfortable which makes it fashionable for a long time to come.


  • It has a classic yet fashionable style
  • Can install both on sides and back
  • Corrosion, scratch, acid, and alkali resistant
  • Extremely easy to clean and maintain
  • Noise absorption quality


  • No holes for the tap
  • Doesn’t come with fixing supports

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8. ALWEN 30-inch Fireclay Kitchen Sink

Inspired by classic designs, Alwen’s fireclay kitchen sink is a mark of timeless style. Handcrafted with white fireclay at a temperature of 2900°F, this classic looking farmhouse sink features strength and durability at its best.

Heat resistant to 300°F, its solid construction and classic look can match with any kitchen décor. Ideally suited for a white kitchen and consider as the best white farmhouse sink available in the market. This white apron kitchen sink has a smooth and non-porous glazed surface So, food and drink stains cannot stick to its surface. With a single stroke of a wet cloth, it looks shiny and bright clean as before.

The optimized bottom slope this fireclay kitchen sink has makes the water drain super-fast without any water pooling. Besides, it also has noise minimizing features thanks to the solid core construction. Its 3.5″ drain opening works perfectly well with most garbage disposal units.

The rounded apron is traditionally inspired with curves line, making it a reversible design, and providing you with two optional ways for installation. With a generous sized single bowl of 30″, the sink provides plenty of practicality. It is also deep enough to fit even the largest of pots and pans under the tap.

There are plenty of additional accessories that come with this beautiful kitchen sink. A strainer, an installation guide, a premium bottom grid of stainless-steel, and drain assembly are some of them.


  • Classic and charming design
  • Heat resistant to 300°F
  • Stain resistance at its best
  • Super-fast water drain
  • Noise minimization


  • Slight difficulty of installation

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9. Lordear 36-inch Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Every homeowner dreams of having the perfect kitchen with the best 36 inch kitchen sinks. As one of the luxury brands in the industry, Lordear still makes many affordable sinks with top-notch quality with durability and resilience.

This 36-inch Farmhouse Kitchen Sink is no exception to this rule. With exceptional construction, this apron front farmhouse sink combines a straightforward design with an attractive finish. Both of which make the kitchen gorgeous without going over the top.

The sink is fairly easy to install providing you with an easier experience. It is a single bowl of 16-gauge Nano stainless steel construction that makes the sink harder and resilient against rust and corrosion. This tough material will last for years with usefulness and comfort.

With an overall 1.5mm thickness of T-304 stainless steel, it is pretty much guaranteed that the sink will be capable of withstanding a hard impact without any problem.

As for the design of this sink, it is unique in its appeal yet simple to look at. Its satin finish also complements the kitchen perfectly. This single bowl 10-inch deep sink makes it possible to wash lots of pans and pots without any splash of water on the ground.

The stainless-steel material also holds up great to any scratches or rust coming in its way. Its slopped bottom prevents it from water clogging. And the Nano finish of the sinkhole also makes sure any liquid gets properly drained into it.

To prevent too much noise while dishwashing, the sink has been treated with 3mm dampening pads and stone guards. This way Lordear ensures and quieter job with no condensation on or around the product.

The additional accessories that come with the sink include a cotton apron, a dish grid, a cotton robe, and a cotton oven mitt. All these accessories make the use of this sink an enjoyable experience.


  • Hugely functional design
  • NoiseDefend feature for less noise
  • Excellent installation process
  • Sturdy & reliable stainless-steel construction
  • Visually pleasing sink type
  • Commercial-grade satin finish


  • The sink is not easy to keep clean

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10. Auric Retrofit Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

For a kitchen that not only provides you enough space for cleaning all your dishes but also complements the area, you’re looking for the Auric Retrofit Farmhouse Kitchen Sink.

The sink has a modern style to its construction with added value that makes it a good bargain for your money. This 33-inch sink might not be the most popular one but once you start using it, you’ll notice its worth.

As usual, Auric has used the best materials available for the construction of this single bowl sink. Crafted by hand with heavy gauge stainless steel material, it guarantees durability. Its single bowl 10-inch deep basin is also able to accommodate anything you throw into it.

This elegant and sleek designed farmhouse sink also produces very little noise thanks to heavy-duty sound resistant pads and grid rack added to the bottom. It reduces the likelihood of scratches as well as condensation.

With five added accessories including a colander, a cutting board, a roll-up rack, bottom rinse grids, a deep basket strainer, and a drain assembly, your experience of dishwashing with this sink will be a breeze throughout the years to come.


  • Excellent soundproofing
  • Modern and smart design
  • Deep and a big bowl
  • Easy maintenance
  • Many accessories


  • Draining takes longer

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What to Look for While Buying A Farmhouse Sink?

A farmhouse sink is not anything that you can just go and buy. It is necessarily a permanent installation in your kitchen that needs to suit the decor of the space. So, there are some very important things to consider before getting one.

Below are some of the major considerations to take into account for choosing the best farmhouse kitchen sinks before getting them installed in your kitchen.


Any material you choose will impact the overall aesthetics of your kitchen. Always consider the positives and negatives while buying such products because a farmhouse sink will dictate how you’ll maintain it for years to come.

Farmhouse Sink

Traditional farmhouse sinks are typically made from fireclay and the most common material among modern sinks is stainless steel. Besides these two, sinks are also made from cast iron, copper, ceramic, etc.

Each of these materials has its own strengths and weaknesses in terms of durability, aesthetic appeal, and maintenance. While picking the material, be sure to keep in mind which of these features are important to you.

  • Fireclay

The most common material for farmhouse sinks, fireclay is a material that is best known for its smooth and glossy finish as well as low maintenance. It is a very hard and nonporous material and physically identical to enameled cast iron.

The only drawback is its heavy weight which requires additional support while installation.

Farmhouse sinks made from cast iron are coated with a layer of hard, porcelain enamel or protective layer of ceramic. These sinks are sturdy and resistant to chipping and cracking even after hard use. It is glossy and glass-like surface has an appeal of timeless design.

Much like fireclay, the material is also heavy and will require reinforcement while installing.

  • Stainless Steel

This is the most common and widely used material for any type of kitchen sink, especially in professional kitchens. Undoubtedly, the primary selling point is low maintenance along with high durability and resistance to chipping and cracking. Stainless steel is also resilient to acidic materials.

The negative side is that sinks made with stainless steel are usually quite loud and are aesthetically very limited, having only a couple of colors.

  • Copper

If you are obsessed with cleanliness, then copper is the material for you. This material has inherent antimicrobial properties that naturally kill harmful bacteria. Sinks made from copper will never rust or tarnish and requires very low maintenance.

The thing with copper is that it has a living finish and patina may grow over time because of oxidization.


Farmhouse sinks tend to be a great deal larger than typical sinks. And since this is a product which needs almost permanent installation in your house, it is very important to find the correct size.

You’ll notice there are quite a few options to choose from while shopping for this product. The length of a farmhouse sink ranges from 20 inches in length all the way up to 60 inches or more with an average height of 9 to 10 inches.

Apron Designs

As for designs on the apron of a farmhouse sink, it comes down to your own personal preference and the aesthetics of your kitchen. Each material has its own apron design options from smooth to flat front etc. Bottom line is you want your sink to stand out with its unique apron design.

Farmhouse Sink

Sinks made of fireclay usually have a simple flat front. Sometimes you’ll also find aprons with raised front lips giving them a pronounced look.

Although it has a more modern look, stainless steel sinks do not offer too many options when it comes to apron design. They have straight and defined lines fitting their industrial settings.

If you want intricate designs with numerous options for apron styles, go for a copper made sink. Due to its natural ability to flex and manipulate, copper sinks offer you ranges of designs from smooth to hammered textures with very detailed and tasteful designs.

Number of Basins

There are both major advantages and disadvantages of having single and double basin sinks. Traditional farmhouses use single but large and spacious sinks which makes it easier to wash large pots and dishes.

On the other side, double-bowl sinks allow you to clean dirty dishes on one basin while preparing food on the other. Besides, you can install garbage disposal on one of the basins too. But these basins take up more space and sometimes neither of the basins is big enough for large dishes.

Right Faucet

Farmhouse sinks don’t usually come with pre-drilled faucet holes. So, while installing the sink you’ll have to choose a faucet that will align with the countertop holes. For this, you might need deck-mounted faucets that will mount on the countertop behind your sink.

Wall-mount faucets are a great option if you want to save the countertop space. Pull-down or side spray faucets are very convenient. For a proper rinsing on all corners of the sink, you might want to try a sprayer. They are the most useful ones for cleaning dishes by hand.

Cabinet Size

Last but not the least, the cabinet size under the farmhouse sink needs to be considered before you go out to buy the sink. It is better to communicate with a cabinet specialist before having the sink installed. This is especially important if you have an exposed front apron.

The best farm sink should be deep and will be fully supported on the cabinet base. Therefore, this will eat into your cabinet space. The base cabinet should be at least 3” longer in length than that of the sink being installed. This detail will also impact the size of the cabinet doors.

What Are the Popular Brands for Farmhouse Sinks?

When it comes to brands about farmhouse sink, two come to mind immediately, Kohler and Kraus. Both of these two are the most reputable and user-favored brands in the market.

The special thing about Kohler is that they have been in the industry for almost one and a half-century! Their experience in products like these has made them stand out among dozens of other brands.

On the flip side, Krous has entered the market very recently, 2007 to be exact. But still, it is now competing with Kohler in terms of aesthetic and practical designs. Their products are also much more affordable compared to Kohler.

The next two brands that come in second place in terms of popularity are definitely Ruvati and Zuhne. Based primarily in the USA, Ruvati farmhouse sinks are unique in their aesthetics and simplicity. Zuhne on the other hand are producers of high-end kitchen products.

Sinkology and Fine Fixtures are also trying to give them a run for their money recently. Sinkology products are handcrafted and their sinks are copper made with intricate details and designs. Fine Fixtures primarily make fireclay sinks which are nice and simple to look at.

How to Install Your Farmhouse Sink?

Have Enough Space In Your Kitchen

It is very important to remember that most farmhouse sinks do not come with faucet holes or a mounting deck. Therefore, you need to plan ahead to ensure enough space in your kitchen for proper installation.

Check The Supporting Cabinet Size

The first thing to consider is to make sure that the supporting cabinet is right. Because, if they are not of the right size, you might have to cut them to the perfect size in order to fit.

Or Just Get A Custom Cabinet 

If you don’t have any cabinets already, you could have a custom cabinet designed especially for your sink for the perfect fit. This is essential since farmhouse sinks are very heavy and are supported only by the cabinet, unlike drop-in and under-mount sinks which are attached to countertops.

Level The Sink With The Hole

The installation process is actually pretty easy if the hole is made and the supports are in place. Just place the sink in the hole and make sure it is levelled. You might have to use shims to make adjustments and silicone sealant for filling gaps around. Then place the countertop over it.

But the best way is to consult with a contractor or hire them for the installation. This makes it safer as they are professionals. They also can install the countertop with the edges completely covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best material for a farmhouse sink?

The material that best suits your needs will be the best for you. Materials used to make farmhouse sinks have their unique advantages. If the sink needs to be used for heavy-duty works, stainless steel is a better option. But for aesthetics and pleasing looks, go for copper or stone made ones.

2. What’s so great about a farmhouse sink? 

The benefits of farmhouse sinks are mainly depended on their large size capable of accommodating big pans and pots. Besides, their aesthetics and visually comforting feel add to the overall décor of the kitchen.

3. Are farmhouse sinks going out of style?

Recently, modern houses are more in favor of small and minimalist designs that farmhouse sinks lack. It is no secret that these sinks take up a lot of space which many consider a waste of space.

But farmhouse kitchen sinks have always had a visually appealing side to them. This makes them timeless in terms of style. In short, farmhouse sinks do provide a comforting aesthetic in the kitchen, and this doesn’t go out of style so easily.

4. Is a farmhouse sink worth it?

Farmhouse sinks usually cost more than regular sinks and require much more space in the kitchen. Besides, installing one means that the cabinet will surely be unsuitable for any other kind of sink.

That being said, the benefits a farmhouse sink provides, outweigh its drawbacks. You are able to clean a large number of dishes at a time in it. More so, the visual aesthetics that such a sink provide are simply worth the money.

5. Do I need a special cabinet for a farmhouse sink?

Farmhouse sinks do take up a lot of space from the cabinet as they are super deep, and the apron front needs a lot of depth as well. That will require some reworking on your existing cabinet and that makes the cabinet unusable for other sinks. So, a farmhouse sink does need a customized or a special cabinet for installation.

Final Words

This article talks in-depth about everything you need to know about farmhouse sinks and suggests some of the best ones from the market. We hope it has been informative enough for you to make an educated decision in buying the best farmhouse sink for your kitchen.

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