7 Best Double Sink Vanities: Reviews 2022 (Explained in Detail)

Bathroom is one of the most relaxing of places for many people. It is the place where you can forget all the problems of the world. And a bathroom sink vanity is the center of every well-designed bathroom, without which a bathroom really isn’t much of a bathroom at all.

The best double sink vanities are such piece of furniture that is able to complement the overall look of your bathroom. They make sure to give enough organizing space apart from emanating a well-deserved classy vibe.

Why Double Sink Vanity Is A Good Deal?

Couples love double sink vanities, and this is ideal for them too. When a couple shares a single sink, sometimes it feels like a pair of petulant siblings fighting over the same space.

Installing a double sink vanity means that they’ll have separate space to perform daily routines like grownups and less like annoyed siblings.

With two sinks you’ll get more personal space as there isn’t any chance of anyone spitting toothpaste on your hand as you’re trying to wash up. And having your very own sink also means you are able to keep all your makeup and personal effects or shaving kit without having your partner knocking them over.

A double sink vanity is also ideal for a master bathroom where there is plenty of space. Nearly all double sink vanities allow you enough space to store cleaning and hygiene products out of the view of guests.

You might also think of the future when a few years down the road you have to decide selling the house. Installing a new double vanity sink can add value to your home. Besides, if it lasts for a lifetime it can also be a long-term investment on your part.

And since so many couples prefer having double vanity sinks, a great upgrade to the master bathroom like this could be a big selling point and add value to your home.

7 Best Double Sink Vanities Review

To help you navigate through numerous bathroom vanities, we have handpicked a few of them. Have a look at these reviews and pick your favorite.

1. Homecart Double Sink Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

If you’re a fan of contemporary pieces, then you’ll be impressed with this cabinet. This Homecart double sink is a combination of contemporary design and durable construction. It has a beautiful and soothing white body that makes you feel relaxed.

The vivid color of this cabinet will create a sense of luxury and make it look more modern and elegant. This double sink vanity will cause your bathroom to shine at its brightest.

Its sleek glassed top surface only adds more beauty to the structure. Besides, the whole vanity is made with MDF Material which is anti-corrosion and moisture-proof. So, there are no worries of premature wear and tear because of the item’s constant exposure to water. And it is very easy to clean too.

The cabinet features ample storage matching your bathroom decorum. It has numerous drawers and shelves in its main and side cabinets.

Many freestanding models do not come with a faucet. So, you have to buy them separately. Fortunately, this Homecare vanity features 1.5GPM water-saving faucet. This also prevents any water from splashing.

All in all, this excellent bathroom vanity cabinet will look great in any bathroom and will be a great addition to a home.


  • Features a contemporary look
  • Has ample storage with many drawers
  • Easy to clean glass top
  • Moisture and corrosion-resistant material
  • Comes with water-saving faucet


  • Time-consuming installation  

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2. Vanity Art Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

Vanity Art knows exactly what the latest trend is in the double sink vanity industry. It has a perfect idea about what designs shoppers are looking for to increase the value of their own homes.

Based in Sacramento, California, Vanity Art ranks among the top manufacturers of furniture around the world in terms of size and volume. They have exceptional experience as well as rigorous quality standards ensuring each product serves its value and exceeds expectations.

Out of all the double sink vanities we’ve looked at, somehow, we kept coming back to this 84-inch structure from Vanity Art. Almost everything about it speaks of class and elegance. Offering a nice twist among traditional vanities, this contemporary vanity comes with all the hardware you need.

The item comes with 2 shelves, 5 cabinets, 2 large folding doors, and 13 drawers including drawer pulls and knobs. The two matching mirrors that come with the set also has a matching grey border around the edges.

Another trendy feature of this marvelous looking vanity set is the white ceramic countertop that breaks the monotony of all-grey finish.

Another reason to love this Vanity Art model is the ample storage it offers. Three drawers in each of the three smaller cabinets glide open and closed with a soft close design. And you also get two larger cabinets each with one folding door shelve and two extra drawers on the bottom.


  • Ample storage with 13 drawers
  • Trendy ceramic countertop
  • Two matching mirrors
  • Easy to assemble
  • Made with oak and plywood
  • Moisture-proof coating


  • Doesn’t come with faucet and drain

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3. LUCA Kitchen & Bath Geneva Double Vanity Set

In the double sink vanities review of this article, you’ll find many features that are common among various products. But still, each has something unique to offer on its own. And the unique feature of this vanity set from LUCA is that you can use it in the kitchen too.

You cannot but love this vanity because of its straightforward yet tasteful design along with the storage options. This is a double sink vanity that is bound to fit seamlessly into any bathroom or kitchen.

The 61-inches white double sink vanity from LUCA Kitchen & Bath has an ornate white finish that emanates a sense of calmness and creates an ambiance of relaxation.

Built from solid and durable birch wood, the cabinet doesn’t even have a trace of MDF or cardboard. This makes the unit extremely sturdy and durable. Its semi-gloss finish makes the cabinet safe from any harmful toxins.

Not only this LUCA double sink vanity looks beautiful, but it’s beautiful Carrara marble countertop also promises durability for generations to come. The entire set looks glorious and provides enough support for the silver hardware and ceramic sinks to stay put.

Another great thing about the product is that its countertop has been pre-drilled for 8-inch 3-hole faucets. Although, the unit doesn’t come with a faucet, but the pre-drilling surely makes things easier during assembly.

The vanity features enough space with two huge double door shelves and one drawer on either end with 4 drawers at the center. This provides you enough space to organize all the bathroom essentials or a great many kitchen accessories in the storage space.

Not to forget about the large mirror that comes with the unit, this mirror adds an illusion of extra space in the bathroom. And finally, the two porcelain oval sinks look classy as well.


  • Beautiful Carrara marble countertop
  • Cabinet made of solid birch wood
  • Doesn’t have any MDF or cardboard
  • Can also be used as kitchen sink


  • Faucet and drains are not included

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4. Virtu USA Caroline Estate Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

For artisan level craftsmanship and exquisite designs, Virtu USA is a great option. The brand has distinguished itself by offering beautiful and elegant structures in any bathroom design.

This Caroline Estate collection features a clean and shaker design with contemporary doors and hotel-style open shelving. The revealing hospitality towel rack for additional storage enhances the beauty of any bathroom

With a durable and sturdy construction of 2-inch solid oak wood framing reinforced with corner brackets, this vanity has one of the strongest foundations for a double sink bathroom item. This construction provides structural integrity as well as durable support.

Caroline Estate’s countertop is made with Italian Luxurious Carrera white marble which is a really heavy natural stone. The item is fully finished with a water-resistant cabinet. The zero-emissions with multi-stage painting and sealing makes it safe for the environment of your house.

The six drawers have been added with soft closing doors increasing the durability of the vanity with added quietness.

The Virtu USA is a freestanding vanity, there is no hassle of installation. The cabinet can rest directly on the floor of the bathroom. Compared to all wall-mounted vanities, this item contributes to a more traditional style by being of freestanding design.

Suits well with any type of master bathroom, this Caroline Estate vanity collection will surely add style and value to your home.


  • Has a contemporary shaker design
  • Free-standing cabinet makes installation easy
  • Italy imported Luxurious Carrera countertop
  • Soft closing doors increases durability


  • White color body becomes dirty easily

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5. Walcut Black Bathroom Vanity

When you’re looking to renovate your bathroom, look for a vanity set with such a finish and color that creates a neat and fresh atmosphere. Walcut black bathroom vanity comes with a double cabinet with two glass vessel sinks making it a perfect unit for a couple.

There are many who thinks that it is essential to burn a hole in their pocket in order to buy the best vanity for the bathroom. But this model proves the point wrong showing that sometimes it is possible to get away with spending less.

The vanity is made from high-quality MDF wood that complements its simple and modern look with a black finish. The sink is made from tempered glass that makes them durable as well as super easy to clean. But extra caution must be exercised as dropping heavy objects might crack them easily.

The countertop also has a glossy finish making the whole unit super attractive. As for the storage options, it has all the space to store your bathroom essentials with as many as seven pull out drawers designed to close softly.

Sometimes sharing two separate mirrors for the couple becomes much more comfortable than giving one large mirror. The well-defined two large mirrors the vanity comes with have sleek frame designs and add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the vanity.

Many high-priced double sink vanity units don’t come with faucets or drains. It is highly appreciable of this Walcut unit that it comes with the faucets with the installation hardware you’ll require. These oil-rubbed bronze faucets make them rather pretty much attractive.

Pop-up drain along with necessary hardware for mounting the unit is also included with this item which you’ll find very easy to set up.

The vanity can blend into almost all types of bathroom thanks to the stylish design. Being a versatile unit with luxurious design, it is the one vanity to pick if you want to add some sparkles and modern touch to your bathroom.


  • Durable MDF wood material
  • Tampered glass sink is easy to clean
  • Pop-up drain included for easy plumbing
  • Comes with faucets and mirrors


  • Glass sink is fragile

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6. Wyndham Collection Deborah Double Bathroom Vanity

This double vanity from Wyndham Collection is undoubtedly one of our favorites because of its minimalist design that is both elegant and simple. The Deborah 72-inch white vanity is surely going to appeal to those who have an elevated taste.

Suitable for a range of bathroom décor from traditional to minimalist modern, this modern classic looking double bathroom vanity is manufactured with solid plywood and marble top. Therefore, it is durable enough to use every day for years to come.

If we speak of its design, this model will fit seamlessly with nearly all types of bathroom décor. Its unobtrusive white color is moderating coupled with the Carrara Italian marble countertop. Together they steal the show by imbuing the bathroom with an air of prominent aesthetic.

The countertop that is made of Italian marble is always a class of its own. But the real winning feature of it is durability. Besides, its white background with grey veins running across only adds to the rich look and enhances the individuality of the vanity ensuring that it will be truly unique.

Although the porcelain sinks are designed a bit smaller, the under-mount square cutting gives you plenty of space on the countertop to put all your daily products. The countertop is also pre-drilled for a single hole faucet. But then they must be ordered separately as the unit doesn’t come with one.

Constructed with zero-emission plywood that lasts long, the unit’s drawers can be fully extended and designs with a soft close system. The metal exterior hardware with brushed chrome finish completes the picture of elegance.

One of the best reasons to love this unit is the ample space it offers with four drawers down the center with two larger cabinets and two extra drawers on the bottom. So, to keep your bathroom as tidy as possible, this might be just the vanity you need.


  • Environmentally friendly plywood made
  • Minimalistic modern design
  • White Carrara Marble Countertop with veins
  • Polished chrome finished metal hardware


  • Doesn’t come with mirror or faucet

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7. BATHJOY Double PLY Wood Bathroom Vanity

For any master bathroom, a double vanity sink is a must, so that when you get up in the morning, you don’t have to fight over who gets to the sink first. In our last double sink vanities review, we bring you a great item from BATHJOY.

This double vanity bathroom sink will make getting ready easy in the morning.  With plywood-built extra sturdy construction, this vanity is able to withstand all the pressure put on top.

The unit is brown colored with an impression of actual wood on it making the vanity feel more natural. Its countertop is made of the glass surface that can be cleaned easily, adding beauty to the entire structure.

Plus, this vanity sink also comes with two matching mirrors complementing the design. The above-counter sink features the highest quality ceramic material. It has a durable 0.5-inch tampered glass on top, which is pretty easy to clean.

With five drawers and double cabinets under each sink, you’ll have plenty of storage space for two people to keep all morning essentials in an organized way. Besides, its soft closing doors and drawers don’t wake up the whole house with loud noises.

Overall, this modern-looking bathroom vanity from BATHJOY is very stylish to look at and works with most bathroom decors.


  • Comes with faucet and drain
  • Has the natural wooden look
  • High-quality ceramic material sink
  • Soft closing drawers
  • Easy cleaning with glass countertop


  • Product comes in parts & requires assembling

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What to Look for While Buying A Double Sink Vanity?

A vanity could make or break the entire décor of a bathroom. And so, it is essential to consider all the necessary details before buying one. In order to assist you to make the perfect decision, we present some important buying tips and ideas which could be useful.


The material could play a significant role while choosing the best double sink vanities for your bathroom. The construction materials of the knobs, drawers, sinks, and countertops, etc. play an important role in setting out the décor, functionality, and durability of the entire piece.

Double Sink Vanities

Inside a bathroom, moisture and humidity are some of the biggest problems for any furniture. Solid wood vanities offer the greatest durability while rubberwood and stainless steel are also very much feasible options.


The layout of your bathroom will determine the size of the vanity you want to buy. There are numerous types of vanities of differing sizes and stuffing a large one into a relatively small space is not an ideal utilization of space. You need to give the bathroom some space to breathe too.

On the flip side, installing a small vanity in a large bathroom will get lost in the design and is not a useful storage solution either. If you happen to fall in love with a particular design but its size is mismatched with your bathroom space, then sometimes you’ll find a condensed or expanded version of the same.


Although there is no absolute standard for double sink vanity’s height, typically it ranges from 33 to 36 inches. Some of the comfort height vanities nowadays raise their height to 36 inches like a kitchen countertop. This allows the user to use the sink without having to bend over and strain the lower back.

Some of the modern vanities also feature wall-mounted legless units allowing you to install them according to your desired height.

Vanity Types

Modern-day vanities come in three major types: freestanding, built-in, and wall-mounted. Small spaces are perfect for free-standing vanities while built-ins are better for larger spaces. They have more countertop space and storage. And wall-mounted vanities provide a cleaner look and save floor space.

Double Sink Vanities

Styling or Design

Vanity styles include modern, antique, cottage, traditional, etc.

  • Modern

Modern vanities are contemporary remodels featuring clean straight lines and a simple appearance. The idea of modern vanities is simplicity and functionality.

  • Antique

These are more elaborate and decorative in design capturing a rustic look of the past. Antique vanities are ideal for homes featuring Old World Fashion country design.

  • Cottage

Featuring a combination of louvered panels, beadboard, and delicate carvings, cottage-style vanities embrace classic farmhouse-style appeal. They are painted in soft, neutral tones with ruff-hewn appearance and texture.

  • Traditional

A step up from modern styles, these vanities feature more ornate detail with a variety of colors ranging from brown to white tones. They are constructed from hardwoods carrying a furniture-like quality.


Since the vanity is likely to be the main storage compartment in your bathroom, selecting one with the right amount of space inside is important. If the vanity doesn’t help in efficiently organizing the bathroom, it barely serves its purpose.


Like all the cabinets in your kitchen, the finish of the bathroom vanity sink is important to make it aesthetically pleasing and to protect its surface from infiltration of heat and moisture.

How to Install A Double Sink Vanity?

Installing a double sink vanity requires you to install two ports for the pair of sinks side by side. This style requires more space and pre-planning to fit perfectly. Because of this nature, they tend to be more expensive in terms of installation as well as cost.

Double Sink Vanities

Although the process varies from model to model, consulting a proper assembler or plumber is a good thing to do. However, the following set of instructions should provide you a basic guide to understanding the mechanisms and steps of undertaking a double sink bathroom vanity installation.

Step 1 – Measurement of Space

As we have discussed in the earlier section, measuring the space required for installing is essential to ensure the vanity is neither too big nor too small for the bathroom.

Step 2 – Selecting a New Vanity

You could shop at the local hardware store to find a fixture that’s right for your needs and budget. While selecting the right vanity keep in mind the points mentioned in the previous section. But at the end of the, your personal choice prevails over all.

Step 3 – Positioning, Marking and Attachment

For a freestanding model, you’ll mark the place where the plumbing will be hooked up. And for a wall-mounted fixture, you need to orient the sink vanity with the mark on the walls appropriately.

To anchor down the full fixture, drill and insert the screws and attach the sink, faucet, and handles at the appropriate locations.

Step 4 – Water Supply Reconnection

The final stage is to hook up the input and output water line and test their efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are double sinks worth it?

When you install a double vanity sink, you not only get bigger storage and personal sink area, but also a changed décor of the bathroom. The conveniences of double sinks are more than single ones. So yes, having a double sink is worth it.

2. Can I put two vanities together?

When you buy a double vanity, it takes less space than two single vanities put together. Although, if you have a large bathroom area, you could do that. However, many of the double vanity products we’ve suggested in this article features two single vanity with cabinets put together side by side.

3. What is the point of a double sink?

With double sinks, a couple can use the bathroom at a time without having to push each other for sink space. Besides, you can keep your separate things beside each sink. A double sink also enhances the beauty of a bathroom.

4. Does a double vanity add value?

Many people nowadays prefer double vanity sinks over single ones. So, in the future, if you plan to sell your house, a double vanity sink will add value to your home.

5. What is the best material for bathroom vanities?

Although there are different types of material that are used to make bathroom vanities, the most popular one is solid wood. And bathroom vanities made of solid wood are the most durable of all materials being aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Final Words

At the end of the day, picking the best double sink vanities for a bathroom depends on one’s own choices and preferences. If correctly selected, they can revolutionize the entire aesthetics of the room.

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