Best Cover for Blackstone Griddle: Protect Your Blackstone in 2022

The pool party clicks look amazing, and you were looking like a culinary chef in front of the new griddle. As much as it is gratifying now, it should be at the next party.

If you want that tall, dark Blackstone griddle to remain the same for the next shoot, providing a protective layer is necessary. We are talking about a cover that will provide protection.

However, the best cover for blackstone griddle will provide the most protection. The outdoor culinary centerpiece requires maintenance. Most of it is keeping it safe from the weather.

That is why we emphasize the cover more than any other accessory. To ensure no rust can bust your party, covering the griddle is a must!

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Should You Cover the Blackstone Griddle?

The accurate answer is, yes and there is no alternative. When you get a new Blackstone griddle, it gives off a glistening aura where you feel the quality. The cover keeps that shine intact till the next use and the uses after that.

A meticulous storage method is crucial for this cooking equipment. As you know, the flat top is made of iron.

This is where chemistry interferes with the black flat top. Air has oxygen, and humid weather reacts to iron. Therefore, makes the Blackstone griddle rusty.

In humid areas, the corrosion starts relatively fast than in drier regions. There is no escape from corrosion without coverage, no matter where it is. Iron is highly reactive, and only seasoning the griddle cannot prevent the undesirable outcome.

The protective cover blocks most of the humidity from coming near the flattop. It is the first line of defense for the griddle.

Certainly, the most effective one as well. If you keep the Blackstone griddle near the sea area, pool, or heavy rain, the cover prevents water from damaging it.

If the rusting process starts, more to come along with it. It will erode the entire griddle until that breaks apart. That’s the horror store, but it doesn’t have to be so.

Seasoned griddles do not come into contact easily. Above all, the water-resistant cover stops water and humidity before that.

Best Cover for Blackstone Griddle

You cannot just throw any fabric over the iron griddle and call it a day. It needs some specific features to qualify to become the bodyguard for your Blackstone griddle.

We mentioned the most important ones in another section of this guide. Now let us get into the blackstone griddle cover review.

1. iCOVER 36-inch Griddle Cover

When you have an eye for perfection, every object in the house beams radiance. A faded cover over the Blackstone griddle may become an eyesore for you.

An anti-fade technology stops fabric from fading, which can be on your perfect list. The iCOVER 36-inch griddle cover has the same technology, which prevents the fabric from fading.

This process is primarily due to exposure to sunlight. The sun fades the fabric and makes it look unpleasant. This cover is an exception to that.

A Blackstone griddle cover has to be secure. By that we mean, it stays in place in any situation. ICOVER’s 36-inch cover has straps to keep it in place.

You will find that at the bottom, which includes buckles. The buckles are tough and able to tolerate heavy wind.

Adding handles made it one of the best blackstone griddle cover. It is the little details that make your life easier.

This 36-inch griddle cover is easy to handle; putting on and taking off is hassle-free. It is due to its double-padded handle.

Another brilliant addition to this cover is its extra straps. These straps are sitting on the sides of the cover. The purpose of these is to keep the cover in place.

Further, make the idle griddle look good even with the cover. A snug fit keeps out as much air as possible.

A 12-in pole comes with the cover. It elevates the top of this cover. The advantages include no water pooling, less dust accumulation, and more.

Key features

  • Has UV protection layer
  • It is easy to install and take off
  • Polyester fabric is an anti-water absorbent
  • Has a vinyl inner layer
  • The double-padded handles make handling a breeze.

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2. Blackstone 5004 Hard Top Lid

Want to take your griddle culinary skills to the next level? Creating an oven-like atmosphere on the griddle cooks the meat and vegetables to perfection. This requires a quality lid to circulate the heat from all sides.

The 5004-hardtop lid is the best blackstone griddle hard cover in terms of fitment. We can say without a doubt that Blackstone made this cover perfectly fitting for the 36-inch griddle. You won’t have to measure the griddle before purchasing this lid.

This cover’s measurements are 36-inch in length, 22-inch in width, and 3-inch in height. It fits other griddles and grills of the same dimensions as well. This lid fits front grease and rear grease griddle top models.

Blackstone uses high-quality stainless steel to construct this cover. It is lightweight and easy to handle. You can put it on, take it off with only one hand, and hold the spatula on the other.

The lid plastic handles are heat-resistant. It does not get hot when on the griddle. So, you won’t get unconscious burns while enjoying parties and grilling.

The Blackstone 5004 hardtop lid is the perfect companion to the griddle when we talk about looks. It is the same color and has the same type of finish.

The black powder-coated look gives the exact shine as the main body. It is also easy to clean due to this type of finish. The lid is dishwasher safe.

Key features

  • Made of stainless steel
  • The outer layer is powder-coated
  • Matches perfectly with the actual griddle
  • Hangable in the back to block the wind.

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3. Unicook 36-inch Blackstone griddle cover

It’s disappointing when you buy a raincoat for griddle, and the water creeps in anyway. The whole purpose of the coat is to stop water from entering. That happens due to leakage through the seams.

The Unicook 36-inch Blackstone griddle cover ensures double protection at the seams. The dense double stitching is the first line of defense.

To back it up, they also add a special tape. This tape successfully prevents any water leakage that might creep in.

There is an eight-inch support pole that stops water pooling. Accumulated water makes the cover weigh down and reaches the iron griddle.

This makes the iron rusty. The pole also prevents dust and debris build-up. Cleaning the cover becomes an easy task.

To clean it properly, you just have to use a hose and water. The outer part of the cover is made of a fabric with anti-staining properties.

For that reason, only water is enough to clean it. This cover’s maintenance is a hassle-free process.

The cover has UV-ray protection. It does not fade if kept in the sun for a long time. It also protects the griddle from harmful rays and discoloration.

Key features

  • Reinforced seams stop water from entering
  • The seams are backed with tape
  • The pole helps to prevent water pooling
  • Has anti-fade properties
  • Cleaning is easy and hassle-free

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4. Blackstone 1529 Griddle Cover for 28’’

For a piece of high-quality equipment, you need a high-quality protective measure. A Blackstone griddle is such equipment that it needs heavy-duty protection.

Blackstone 1529 Griddle Cover is made using 600D oxford polyester. This fabric is a type of synthetic fabric that resists water and is durable.

The fabric is dense and does not absorb water. It keeps the moisture outside. The fabric resists staining too.

The cover is highly durable. This is due to its densely weaved fibers. The 600D polyester is used in backpacks to carry heavyweights.

It is resistant to wear and tear. In extreme weather, it stays strong. There is no cold cracking in winter.

The corners are reinforced with additional fabric. Stitches at the seams also have double protection. These make sure the cover does not start tearing at the edges and seams.

To secure the cover in place, it has straps. These straps are there to ensure that it does not fly away at the time of a heavy storm.

The straps have polyresin buckles. High-quality buckles help to tighten the straps and secure them in place.

Key features

  • Reinforced corners resist cold cracking
  • Dense fabric is tear-resistant
  • Bottom straps the cover in place
  • Protects the griddle all year round.

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5. Sunpatio outdoor griddle cover

Sunpatio has justified its name by making this fade-resistant Blackstone griddle cover. If your patio is super sunny, the black cover will still not fade for a long time.

Sunpatio outdoor griddle cover for 36-inch Blackstone grill is made of super-dense polyester that stops the cover from discoloring. Apart from being fade-resistant, the cover is also water-resistant and crack-resistant.

The water resistance comes from double stitching at the seams. The stitching is quite dense as it has 6 stitches per inch. Some water may creep in through the punctures at the stitches.

These seams are reinforced with tape that keeps the water out. The water protection rating is as same as a camping tent.

If your griddle has 65″W x 21″ D measurements, this cover will fit it perfectly. You don’t have to worry about the height as it has the standard size of 26-inches. It fits 36” four burner grill griddles of the similar build of Blackstone 36-in.

It comes with a 12” support pole. This helps the rainwater flow down and not accumulate. Additionally, it stops the cover from touching the greasy flat top. The grease and dust can create a mess that is tough to clean.

Key features

  • It fits 65″W x 21″ D griddles
  • Support pole prevents water-pooling and dust accumulation
  • The fabric does not discolor
  • It is as waterproof as a camping tent
  • Seams are reinforced with tape.

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6. BBQ plus 36-inch griddle cover

The combination of PVC coating with Oxford Polyester makes a cover waterproof. This is a type of protection a patio griddle needs.

BBQ plus 36-inch griddle cover Uses the fabric which is the most water-resistant. It is made of 600D super dense fabric.

The internal part has a PVC coating. Also, the PVC coating helps make this cover dustproof and anti UV ray absorbent. The outer layer does not let moisture in.

This cover is very durable. It has two handles on both sides to make it easier for you to put it on and take it off. The stitching at the handles is tough. You can hang the cover by the handles by making a loop.

Fastening straps at the bottom help keep the cover in place when there is a storm, wind, or hail. You don’t have to worry about the cover blowing away in windy seasons.

The straps also keep the dust and debris away. That is why the cover needs to fit the griddle perfectly.

Key features

  • The straps keep the inside dustproof
  • High-quality fabric resists water
  • Stitches are dense and durable
  • Has UV protection coating
  • Handles make it easy to install

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Things to consider before buying cover for Blackstone griddle

Just any cover cannot make it to the final pick for your precious Blackstone griddle. It has to have some specific qualities to ensure that it is suitable for all-year-round use.

We have selected these factors, which sets the best cover for blackstone griddle apart from the rest.

Fabric quality

The fabric must be water-resistant. It must have the ability to keep out water and dust particles from the covered space. Here polyester performs better than nylon.

It is because nylon can absorb water, but polyester does not. Polyester fabric is an excellent choice for the Blackstone griddle cover.

It should be durable as well. Durability is necessary for handles and joints. There may be harsh weather where strong wind, storms take place.

It has to withstand the seasonal weather changes without tearing and wearing. A high-quality fabric will have the ability to remain strong under pressure for a long time.

The final quality that the fabric should possess is anti-fading properties. If the UV-ray fades the dark color, it looks cheap. A faded, dusty cover doesn’t suit a pristine griddle of premium quality.

Polyester also is better in this category as it does not fade over time. UV-ray resistant fabrics help to keep the objects inside protected from fading as well.


A cover is already an addition to the Blackstone griddle. However, there is one more item that helps the cover function fully. The stand is for elevating the middle part of the cover.

It is usually the place where rainwater and snow accumulate. These accumulated water and snow weigh the cloth down, creating a crater of fluid.

The fluids then come into contact with the flat top. If the contact remains there for a prolonged period, there is a big chance that it will corrode the griddle.

Fit for the Blackstone griddle

There are so many options for choosing Blackstone griddle. Accordingly, there are many more covers to choose from. You must find the perfect fit for your specific type of grill or griddle.

The most popular griddle sizes come in 28inch and 3inch. The right size will fit the griddle perfectly.

You want your cover to fit the entire cooking system snuggly. The extra fabric will flail around in the wind or a storm. That also increases the chances of wearing and tearing quickly. A perfect fit provides the perfect protection.


Double line stitch is better than single line stitch. A double line stitch has 2 parallel stitches for the same seam.

The purpose is to provide double protection to the joint. It is tough to penetrate one proper stitch, but it is tougher to penetrate two.

Also, double line stitched joints don’t tear off easily. They tend to hold the joint in place even under too much pressure. Sometimes the stitches are sealed with water-resistant tape. This adds another obstacle in the way of water.

Stitches also make punctures on the fabric, allowing some water in. Thus, the water-resistant tape acts as a barrier there.

How Do You Put a Cover on a Blackstone Griddle?

How Do You Put a Cover on a Blackstone Griddle

There are two types of cover available for the Blackstone griddle, based on construction material. the soft one is made of fabric, and the hard one is made of steel.

There are different methods of putting them on the griddle.

Method 1 – Hardcover

  • When in use

Your initial concern ought to be the fitment. First, you have to make sure you get the perfect size cover for your Blackstone griddle. If you purchase the wrong size, it will not work.

A smaller one will not cover the griddle; too much big cover will sit on the top but will let the water and dust sneak in.

It is always better to get a cover slightly larger than the griddle. Otherwise, the same measurement cover cannot fully surround the griddle sides. It is where the rusting can start. Then it may spread to the middle of the griddle quickly.

After the correct purchase, hardcover lids are as easy to put on as you put a lid on a pot. Just simply put the cack part first.

 The front part sits on afterward. In this manner, you will have full control of the lid in your hands.

  • When not in use

This is always another big concern whether they are hangable on the back or not. If you are cooking and there is a grease stray, wide hangers make the lid sit in the back easily.

Method 2 – Fabric cover

  • When in use

Putting on the cover easy-peasy work. You have to figure out which corner goes where to position it correctly.

To the front should be the logo. You can use the handles to control the cover. The corners are double-lined. It increases durability and indicates the position that will match the griddle.

Once you situate the cover properly, make slight adjustments if necessary. All four corners should be parallel to the floor.

The fabric cover hangs and does not reach down to the bottom of the wheels. It does not entirely cover the griddle system.

Finally, you have to put on the straps and buckles. You can tighten the cover at the buckles to make it snug.

It is important to tighten it because there may be a windy day and the loosely bound cover has a higher chance of flying off. A tightly fitted cover is less likely to do so when there is a storm.

Also, when placing the cover on the griddle, put objects that will elevate the top part of the cover. It must not touch the greasy part as it will accumulate dirt build-up.

Further, it will create a water pool when it rains. If you have a pole-like object, you can you that. If not, you can use lids as well.

  • When not in use

When you are not using the cover, you can hold it and hang it. The handles are useable as loops to hang in the corner. If your cover does not have a loop handle, just fold it and keep it in a bag.

However, it is better to put the fabric cover over the hardcover. It is because it keeps the other parts away from dirt and damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you add a cover to a black stone griddle?

You can add a cover to a Blackstone griddle. The cover is an essential part of the storage routine.

Proper coverage adds to the longevity of the iron griddle. You can purchase different covers with the griddle or purchase a cover separately.

2. What size cover do I need for my Blackstone griddle?

There are different sizes of griddle available from Blackstone. You need to purchase the cover that was exclusively made for that model. You can go up a size, but that will not give you the perfect fit.

To make it nice and snug to the griddle, get a 28-inch cover for the 28-inch griddle and a 36-inch cover for the 36-inch griddle.

3. Are Blackstone griddle covers waterproof?

The 600D oxford fabric is very dense. It makes the cover mostly water-resistant. The polyester version is more water-resistant than other fabrics.

It does not absorb water. The cover is waterproof if the joints and the elbows are sealed correctly.

There may be some punctures due to the sewing process. Another layer of tape fixes that. Thus, stitches with waterproof tape keep the h2o out.

4. Is the hardcover better than the fabric Blackstone griddle cover?

The fabric cover covers most of the griddle from head to toe if you are looking for overall protection.

Thus, you have the equipment in fine condition all year. The hardcover only protects the iron griddle means the flat part.

It is more likely to get rusty, but all-over protection is preferable. However, the hardcover has its benefits too.

 You can use it as a lid when the meat is sizzling and block the fumes inside. It also creates an oven-like atmosphere inside.

Final Thoughts

To make sure people keep on admiring your outdoor culinary centerpiece, you have to maintain it well. The first step to the maintenance routine is to add cover. That will secure the next protective steps.

We know that preventing rust is better than scraping. It is also easier to prevent rusting than taking out the rust. Before your precious iron griddle starts to corrode, secure it with a waterproof cover.

The best cover for blackstone griddle is not only waterproof but dust and UV resistant as well. Why not go for it then?

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