Best Cast Iron Skillet for Glass Top Stove: Top Picks in 2022

Cast iron skillets are some of the most versatile pieces of cooking equipment you can have in your kitchen. They can be used for everything from searing steak to making eggs. This versatile product is noted for its quality, longevity, and ease. This skillet is suitable for grilling, baking, frying, broiling, and braising.

The best cast iron skillet for glass top stove has a smoother surface. This cookware won’t scratch a glass stovetop.

So many brands exist that it’s hard to tell which is best. We’ll show you the greatest products and offer purchasing tips. Check the whole article for the right one.

What Attracts You to a Glass Stovetop?

The smooth surface of a glass top makes it very easy to clean and maintain, which is one of the many advantages of having a glass top. Because the surface is so smooth, there are no gaps between the coils, therefore food cannot escape through those spaces.

One further benefit that comes with having a glass top stove as opposed to a coil stove is that the surface is flat and smooth. It does this by ensuring that the heat is distributed uniformly throughout the body.

Pots and pans with a weight ranging from medium to heavy are recommended for use on glass stovetops when it comes to the question of which cookware tool works best. It is quite likely that the bottom will be level. Stainless steel is still another material that is frequently used, and it is followed closely by copper and aluminum.

How to Choose the Right Cast Iron Skillet For Glass Top Stove

It is currently more difficult to get a cast iron skillet that is compatible with a glass top stove than it is to purchase a regular pan. The cast-iron skillet offers a number of advantages, such as adaptability, uniform heat distribution, ready-made cookware, and strong grip handling.

The qualities of a higher-quality cast iron skillet can be confusing. Before you look at the models, consider what you want to do with your cast iron skillet. If you compare the top five attributes of different models, you’ll find the best skillet for a glass stovetop.

Let’s make things simpler by providing you with some useful shopping advice:

1. Preseason Surface

These days, cast iron skillets come with a surface that has already been seasoned, making them nonstick right out of the box. Because of this, food clutching does not happen very often. Before making the purchase, it is important to determine whether or not the cast-iron skillet has been preseasoned.

2. Handle with Heat Resistance

On many different brands of cast iron skillets, a handle made of heat-resistant silicon is an optional accessory. It prevents the surface of the handle from being too hot, which is helpful. Because of this, working in a safe environment and raising the skillet using the method of cooking that was selected is now much simpler.

3: Handle Dimensions

There is a wide range of options available for both the length and width of handles. Because cast iron skillets are so heavy, you want to choose ones with short handles if at all possible. The handles on a lot of cast iron skillets are longer, and some even have two of them.

4. Heat Transfer

Skillets made of cast iron are superior to other materials for uniformly spreading heat throughout the cooking surface. This provides warmth for a variety of cooking methods according to the requirements. Make sure the heat in the skillet is safe to use in the oven! The answer to this question will indicate whether or not a glass stovetop is simpler to use.

5. Construction of the Surface

It’s possible that the surface of the material varies in more ways than one. Enamel is the material of choice for a skillet, but stainless steel is also rather common. The enamel surfaces are both simple to maintain and contribute to the overall polished appearance of the outside.

6. Longevity

Skillets made of cast iron demand a certain level of care. Having said that, not everyone has the same requirements for attention. The more long-lasting cast iron skillet can be used for as long as two years without showing signs of tear and wear such as cracking, chipping, or scratching.

The manner in which you clean the skillets after using them is of the utmost importance. In addition, the quality and brand make it easy to estimate how long it will continue to serve its purpose.

7: Cost-Effective

If you have a limited budget, it can be difficult to discover a brand that is in high demand. Again, some manufacturers create a single piece of cookware that can perform numerous tasks and sell it at an affordable price.

As a consequence of this, learning new skills while deciding between different models can be rather straightforward. Examine it carefully to determine if it lives up to your standards! Is there a reasonable return on investment? If the answer is yes, then you should go ahead and perform the action.

7 Best Cast Iron Skillet for Glass Top Stove

1. Cast Iron Skillet with Lid

The smooth finish of the Cuisinel cast iron skillet ensures that heat is distributed evenly throughout the pan. The frying and cooking done on grills, induction stovetops, and glass stovetops all benefit from this. 

If it is cleaned and used frequently for cooking, seasoned cast iron can last for many years. Because of their many uses, these pans are popular among both professional chefs and household cooks. 

This cast iron pan measures 10 inches and works wonderfully for frying, grilling, and broiling. Wide handle ensures durability. This glass top for the skillet made of cast iron fits well.

When compared to standard pans of top-brands, it stands out.

Highlighted Features:

  • Cast iron skillet with lid is a great choice for an all-purpose pan 
  • The lid allows for even cooking and prevents moisture from escaping
  • Pre-seasoned and oven safe
  • The 10″ size is perfect for smaller meals, and the included handle holder ensures a safe grip
  • The skillet is also induction safe, making it a versatile option for any cooktop


  • The grip on the red silicone handle is quite comfortable.
  • It heats up rather nicely.
  • Does not produce any issues with food sticking to the surface while it is in its preseason form.
  • It is simple to clean.


  • The coating on it can be stripped away using strong solvents.

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2. Enameled Cast Iron 12 Inch Skillet

Have you ever longed for an enameled cast iron skillet that was also affordable and came with an additional lid? The Enameled Cast Iron 12 Inch Skillet Deep Sauté Pan is without a doubt the ideal alternative for use with a stovetop that has a glass top.

Surprisingly, it has the impression of the best quality, with a handle made of stainless steel and a glass top that has been carefully crafted.

In addition, there are a number of traits that will surely convince you to make a buy. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Ergonomic design with two separate spouts for pouring and a knob made of stainless steel.
  • Skillets made of cast iron diffuse heat in a uniform manner.
  • It has a size of 12 inches and weighs 15.63 pounds.


  • The heat can be set to a low or high temperature.
  • Looks elegant and wonderful.
  • It works with electricity, gas and induction
  • It’s simple to wipe the handle.


  • Heavy.

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3. Lodge L14SK3 15-Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Skillet

Lodge American-made cast iron cookware has set the standard for quality for over a century. Natural, easy-release finishes, even heating, durability, and versatility are seen to be the hallmarks of a good cookware set. They don’t only make cast iron; they make heirlooms that can be passed down through the generations.

It’s a versatile cookware set that’ll help you slow cook all of your favorite dishes. You can use them over an open fire, in the oven, or with any slow-cooking food. 

It retains heat well, allowing you to sear meat at high temperatures while keeping a delicious meal warm for longer.

Highlighted Features:

  • Because it weighs only 12.36 pounds, it is very simple to operate.
  • It consists of cookware that does not stick to food.
  • Dual handling allows for the successful completion of heavy lifts.
  • Compatible with any type of heating range
  • Oven is safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Ideal cooking implements for use in ovens, on stovetops, in open campfires, or on grills.
  • It provides a significant quantity of available area.
  • It is simple to clean.


  • You are not allowed to keep the skillet in a damp

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4. Rachael Ray Enameled Cast Iron Skillet

Rachael Ray’s Enameled Cast-Iron Skillet is a multipurpose workhorse. It maintains a continuous and even heat, making it great for browning pork chops or creating pizzas in a pan. No preseasoning is needed because the enamel covers the interior and outside.

The skillet’s exterior is crimson-shimmering. This fits any stove. It can resist 500 degrees Fahrenheit, making it oven-safe. It can also be used as a serving piece, and the enamel exterior has a charming, vivid aspect. Its structure provides longevity.

Highlighted Features

  • Skillet Fry Pan has a vibrant red shimmer that will brighten up any kitchen.
  • This skillet is perfect for making bacon, eggs, and pancakes.
  • The enameled cast iron construction makes the skillet heat retention and even cooking.
  • Skillet has a soft grip silicone base that prevents it from slipping around on the stovetop.
  • The oven safe to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, making it perfect for finishing dishes in the oven.


  • Enamel exterior finish is vibrant and long-lasting, making it ideal for regular usage.
  • Allows for a smooth transfer from the burner to the oven or the serving table.
  • Improved heat dispersion and superior searing and browning are provided by the durable structure.
  • Interior enamel surface is smooth and black in hue.
  • Cleaning is simple
  • All cooktops, including induction, are compatible.
  • Handles that are sturdy and provide a tight grip


  • It’s difficult to move the handle.

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5. Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan, Square, 10.5 Inch

When you live in an apartment, you can’t have a BBQ. Isn’t it amazing how much you can learn?

Rather than employing an electric grill pan, the cast iron grill pan met the goal. Lodge, an American cookware company, regularly produces superior products that may be used in a range of applications.

So relax and take a deep breath! Grilling and searing, broiling, and much more are all possible with this square cast iron grill pan.

Highlighted Features:

  • The Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan is perfect for grilling meats, vegetables, and fruits.
  • The ridges on the surface of the grill pan help to create grill marks on whatever you are cooking, adding flavor and texture.
  • The cast iron construction makes this grill pan incredibly durable and heat-efficient.
  • The 10.5 inch size is perfect for small households or for taking on the go.
  • The pan has a comfortable, looped handle that makes it easy to grip and maneuver.


  • There’s no chance of food sticking.
  • Cleaning is a lot less difficult.
  • Can acquire the smoky flavors of a restaurant.


  • Extra attention is required.
  • The amount of space and width is limited.

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6. Cast Iron Skillet Set with Lids – 8″+10″+12″ inch Pre-Seasoned Covered Frying Pan Set

Cuisinel cast iron is known for producing a flawless, delicious sear with no loss of heat when cold food is placed in the pan. 

This premium cookware’s lossless heat retention and uniform heat distribution make managing your cooking times a breeze, whether you’re using it on your kitchen stove, oven, BBQ, or even an unreliable campfire. 

It Can be used to fry, bake, grill, broil, braise, and sauté meats, vegetables, and other foods!

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect for your next camping trip or for everyday use in your kitchen.
  • Skillet set is durable and long lasting, making it a great addition to your cookware collection.
  • The 8″, 10″ and 12″ skillets have silicone handles and lid holders to keep your hands and fingers safe while cooking.
  • The scraper cleaner makes it easy to clean your skillet, even if it’s been overindulging in bacon grease.
  • The cast iron skillet set is oven safe, stovetop safe and fire safe, making it a versatile addition to your cookware arsenal.

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7. 2 In 1 Enameled Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven & Skillet

Bruntmore produces the most sought-after enameled cast iron, and it’s well worth the investment. Unboxing the product after purchase, which includes a double dutch oven and a cover, can be a pleasant surprise. Including it in your cookware is, of course, advantageous.

This cast iron skillet has a large capacity for cooking. Because of its exceptional quality, it’s the best cookware for any versatile purpose. Let’s have a look at the product’s distinguishing features:

Highlighted Features:

  • The sky blue tint of the building makes it stand out.
  • Cast iron with a capacity of 5 quarts.
  • A domed iron cap might be used to fill in the additional area.
  • Cookware that is under 5.99 pounds in weight.


  • Make additional room for the roster.
  • Large kitchen area for preparing meals.
  • It’s possible to use the lid as a skillet.
  • At a reasonable price, you can have an oven safe.
  • The base has well-grip handles, and the lid is also attached for easier handling.


  • After a lot of use, the lid fitting can become difficult.

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How To Use Cast Iron Skillet on Glass Top Stove?

Both cast-iron and enameled cast-iron are used to produce a wide range of skillets; both are exceptionally sturdy, durable, and long-lasting materials. Also, knowing how to utilize cast-iron skillets is critical, especially when cooking on glass-top stoves, so do your homework before making a purchase and learn about the various variables that can help you make the best decision. Continue reading to learn more about how to use a cast-iron skillet on a glass-top stove.

  • Experts advise against using pans or pots that are extremely heavy or have an uneven bottom on glass top stoves. However, this does not rule out the possibility of using a cast iron skillet on a glass cooktop. You absolutely can, but you must take appropriate precautions.
  • It would be more convenient if you always lifted the skillet off the stove instead of sliding it about the surface. Even if you merely want to slightly reposition the pan so that it rests better on an element, you must lift it rather than sliding it the half-inch you did before.
  • When you place food in a cast iron skillet, it becomes heavier, which makes it easier for the pan to slip down from the cookware. As a result, lift it with both hands while maintaining a strong grip on each. Place it in a single position, gently and carefully, without scratching it.
  • Do not immediately wash the cast iron skillet once you have completed cooking. Also, you should always wash the cast iron pan before using it on a glass surface.
  • In general, cast iron absorbs oil fast, making it easier for small food particles to stick to it than other types of cookware. As a result, the oil and deposits in the pan begin to carbonize and burn when you use it again. Smudges and stains occur on the glass’s surface as a result of this.
  • Because these stains are difficult to remove, thoroughly cleaning your cast iron skillet before and after each use will help safeguard your stovetop.

Important Cast-Iron Skillet Maintenance Tips

When it comes to maintaining cast iron skillets, there are no hard and fast rules to follow. They are made from an iron alloy that has a trace amount of carbon added to it to boost the material’s hardness. 

Cast iron is an excellent material for searing meat, such as steaks, because it can maintain a high temperature for an extended period of time. Even though cast iron has been pre-seasoned, it can still rust if it is exposed to too much air or water. 

As a result, you should avoid immersing them in dirty water and washing them more frequently, as well as preparing very acidic foods.

For the greatest results, clean cast iron while it is still warm. Paper towels, sponges, or rags can be used to remove food particles. You can use a brush or coarse salt to carefully clear any stuck-on pieces. 

The skillet must next be washed in extremely hot water. After that, wipe it clean completely with a paper towel or a cloth, and then set it on the burner to dry for three to five minutes on medium heat. 

Apply a layer of seasoning oil to the skillet’s surface after the coating has dried, and store it in a dry location.

How to Prevent the Glass Top Stove from Pots and Pans Made of Cast Iron

Cast iron is heavy when full of food, as previously stated. When compared to other cookware, the pan is easy to drop. To ensure a firm grasp, always lift the cookware with both hands. After that, gently arrange it in one location to avoid scratching.

After you’ve finished using your cast iron cookware, don’t just wash it.

When compared to other forms of cookware, cast iron pans can gather oil and minute particles of food, which means that when heated, the oil and food deposits will carbonize and burn. On the glass top surface, it may leave ugly stains and smudges.

It can be difficult to remove these stains from the glass top in some circumstances. Clean the cast iron after each use and again before cooking with it to avoid scratches and damage to the stovetop.

Making use of a heat diffuser

Cooking and heating food with a heat diffuser is another way to use your cast iron pan on a glass top burner. Perhaps you’ve never heard of a “heat diffuser.”

It delivers on its promises and lives up to its name. They diffuse heat evenly across the bottom of the pan. The heat diffuser is made of a long-lasting material. It can also protect your glass top from the weight and abrasion of a cast iron pan’s bottom. Imagine a heat diffuser between the bottom of the pan and the surface of the stove.

It might be available at a reasonable price in a kitchen or hardware store. On your glass stovetop, place the diffuser. The cast iron pan should then be gently placed on top. Preheat the oven to 350°F. Due to the weight of the pan, keep the diffuser away from the heating surface.

Prepare your supper as usual. The possibility of scratching the surface of a cast-iron pan on the burner is lowered.

When using a heat diffuser over a glass top stove, however, exercise caution. Always keep an eye on the temperature. If you use the diffuser at too high a temperature, the heating element technology, and the stove surface may be affected.

Final Words:

Even though several manufacturers provide products with their own unique qualities, you might still be interested in purchasing a glass top stove of comparable standard. This can be affected by a wide variety of elements, including quality, price, size, shape, form, cooking methods, and others.

In my opinion, it is possible for you to choose the best cast iron skillet for glass top stove that has the characteristics that you desire.

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