5 Best Candy Melts For Cake Pops: Get the Perfect Candy Melt!

Candy melts are made up of sugar and oil and are used to coat various delights including buns, truffles, pretzels, and other sweets. Sugar coats the sweets in a sweet and delicious coating, while the oil helps in the sugar’s spread and coating.

There is a lot of different candy melts available on the market, so it can be hard to decide which one is the best type to use for cake pops. However, there are some specific types of candy melts that are especially good for this type of project.

Below, we will discuss some of the best candy melts for cake pops and why you should consider using them for your cake pops.

Best Candy Melts for Cake Pops in 2022

1. Wilton Bright White Candy Melts


Six 12-ounce packages of Bright White Candy Melts candy, made with milk or soy, contain wheat, peanuts, and tree nuts; they are made on the same equipment that is used to process eggs.


These tasty clear vanilla-flavored white wafers candy melts are perfect for melting into many kinds of sweet confections.

Ease of Use:

Vanilla-flavored Candy Melts are a good alternative for cake pops, cookies and molded candies with Wilton molds. They are ideal for decorating different items as well, simply because it’s more fun when it has something sweet on top.

Highlighted features:

  • Create colorful candy treats
  • White candy coating is perfect for making candies in a rainbow of colors
  • Easy to use melts are also great for adding text or designs to your sweet treats
  • Pack of six means you’ll always have enough on hand to make your favorite recipes
  • You can use it to coat your favorite nuts, fruits, or chocolates
  • These melts are also ideal for creating unique candy displays.

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2. Merckens Coating Melting Wafers

The Super White wafers are a real white color, as opposed to the off-white color of the ordinary white coating wafer. These high-quality wafers melt to a creamy, smooth finish, comparable to white chocolate. They’ll be perfect for all of your candy-making needs.

Merckens Melting Wafers are white candy melts that can be used to coat and mold chocolate. They’re simple to melt and don’t make a mess. Because they’re white, you can decorate them and let your ideas flow. 

However, if you melt them very quickly, they will become too thick, so go gently. In the microwave, these have been known to melt perfectly.

Highlighted features:

  • These are the perfect way to create delicious chocolate treats
  • Wafers melt quickly and smoothly, making them easy to work with
  • Perfect for coating or filling cakes, cookies, and other desserts
  • Available in a variety of colors and flavors
  • They are gluten-free and dairy-free

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3. Ghirardelli White Chocolate Melting Wafers


This Ghirardelli duo, which features a 10-ounce package of white chocolate and Ghirardelli dark chocolate melting wafers, is a crowd-pleaser when used to create chocolate fondue. It’s the ideal chocolate fondue for entertaining guests!


Ghirardelli Candy Melts are great dipping chocolate and are definitely worth a try. It has a chocolate flavor, so it’ll go nicely with chocolate-covered strawberries or any other chocolate-flavored treat.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Your money will be refunded if you are not totally satisfied with this fantastic Ghirardelli melting wafers combo!

Highlighted features:

  • This Variety Pack has both White Chocolate Melting Wafers and Dark Chocolate Melting Wafers.
  • Perfect for making rich and dark chocolate desserts.
  • They are gluten-free.
  • The wafers are also kosher certified.
  • One-stop shopping solutions for all of your melting chocolate wafer needs.

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4. Wilton Candy Melts Set of 3 Colors


These wafers are vanilla flavored and are easy to melt. You can melt candies in the microwave, a double boiler, or another device specifically designed for candy melting.


This set includes (1) 12oz Yellow Candy Melts (1) 12oz Bright Pink Candy Melts and (1) 12oz Lavender Candy Melts.

Ease of Use:

Wilton Candy Melts are great for any activity related to candy manufacturing because of their versatility, creaminess, and ease of melting. They are perfect for molding, dipping, and coating.

Highlighted features:

  • Set of 3 Colors includes 12 ounces of each color, yellow, lavender and bright pink.
  • Perfect for making your favorite candies.
  • Can create whatever shape you desire.
  • The fun, vibrant colors are perfect for adding a pop of color to any party or celebration.
  • Great for creating festive treats like cake pops, chocolate covered strawberries and more.

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5. Bundle of Wilton Candy Melts, Red and Pink


Candy Melts are vanilla-flavored and have a smooth melting consistency. They can be melted in the microwave, a double boiler, or similar apparatus intended specifically for candy melting.


(1) 12oz package of Red Candy Melts and (1) 12oz package of Pink Candy Melts are included in this bundle.

Ease of Use:

Cake pops, chocolate-covered strawberries, and other desserts may all be dipped, drizzled, and decorated with Candy Melts. Alternately, you may use candy molds to fashion homemade candies into interesting shapes.

Highlighted features:

  • Great for candy making, cake decorating, and other baking needs
  • Each color is a bright and vibrant shade that will add a pop of color to your creations
  • Melts easily and smoothly, so you can use it however you please
  • A great value for the money, since you get two colors for the price of one

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How to Use Candy Melts for Cake Pops

How to Use Candy Melts for Cake Pops

Candy Melting Techniques

You can melt Candy Melts in the microwave, in a double boiler, or in the Candy Melts Melting Pot, depending on the method you prefer. When it comes to preparing cake pops, a melting pot or double boiler is your best bet.

Melting Pot: Candy Melts

Using a Candy Melting Pot makes it simple to melt candy for use in cake pops. This pot can melt two and a half cups of Candy Melts in about ten minutes and hold them at an appropriate temperature until your project is finished.

To begin, heat the silicone foundation in the saucepan for a period of five minutes. After the pot has been brought up to temperature, put in the candy, and continue stirring it every so often until it has completely melted. If you want your candy to melt more quickly, cutting it into tiny pieces may assist.

Once the candy has completely melted, you can keep it liquid by moving the switch on the pot to the warm setting. This will allow you to keep the candy liquid while you dip your cake pops. If the candy begins to harden or become cooler, you can rewarm it by switching it back to the melting option on the appliance.

After you have done dipping all of the candies, give the pot a turn, then wait until it has completely cooled before washing it.

Double Boiler

The candy is melted using steam when you use the double boiler method, which is perfect for making large amounts.

In order to melt your candy, use a double boiler, which consists of a small pot that has approximately an inch and a half of water in it. Put the saucepan on low heat and place a large bowl that can withstand the heat on top of it.

Add the candy to the bowl and give it a good swirl on a regular basis to help distribute the heat. As the water boils, the steam will rise from the pot, and the candy will melt.

If the pot is producing an excessive amount of steam, reduce the temperature. When Candy Melts are put in contact with water or steam, the candy can solidify and become worthless.

As soon as the candy is almost completely melted, remove the bowl from the heat and whisk the candy until it is completely smooth and shiny.

In the event that your candy dries out or becomes more solid, simply remelt it in the pot over low heat while swirling it.


Even though melting Candy Melts in the microwave is the quickest method, you should keep in mind that this method works best for melting very little amounts of candy.

When melting candy in the microwave, you face the risk of it burning, especially if you are melting more than 12 ounces at once. 

This is especially true if you are melting chocolate. You may use this method to make candy cake pop decorations!

How to Make Candy Melts Thinner

How to Make Candy Melts Thinner

Use EZ Thin Dipping Aid to dilute the melted candy if it is too thick to drizzle properly over your dish or if it does not cover it evenly. These crystals will dissolve in the heated sugar to produce the perfect consistency for dipping and drizzling when used in this recipe.

To make EZ Thin, all you need to do is combine 12 ounces of melted candy with two tablespoons of crystals. Stir everything together until it is well incorporated. If you are melting less than 12 ounces of candy, start with a little quantity of EZ Thin and then add it until you get the appropriate consistency.

It is also possible to use solid vegetable shortening in order to dilute the melted candy (2 teaspoons per 12 oz. bag). Never use liquid vegetable oil, butter, milk, water, or any other liquid to thin your candy. 

This includes all other liquids as well. Your candy is going to get broken or seized if you do any of these things, leaving it unusable. This can also take place in the event that your candy is overheated or burned.

Whether the Candy Melts are thinned with EZ Thin or veggie shortening, they will still solidify and keep their glossy appearance.

Candy Melts vs Chocolate for Cake Pops

Candy Melts are designed to be used in the decoration of sweets. They’re ideal for decorating because they come in a variety of colors and flavors. The most popular flavor is vanilla, but there are also cocoa varieties, raspberry tastes, toffee flavors, and even special editions to explore.

However, if you’re only going for décor rather than flavor, this can be a negative. As a result, the flavor of candy melts might quickly alter the flavor of your delicious creation.

Coverage chocolate is a form of chocolate that is commonly used in baking, coating, and molding. As you might expect, it only comes in one flavor: chocolate. 

However, I wouldn’t consider this a significant drawback because chocolate is so delicious that it warms your heart! Especially if you choose a high-quality chocolate like Lindt couverture chocolate.

Candy melts come in a variety of vibrant hues that effortlessly blend together. If you need purple, for example, you can easily melt red and blue to obtain purple. 

However, mixing different candy melts is rarely necessary because there are so many colors to choose from – green, orange, black, light blue, dark blue, and so on.

Couverture chocolate isn’t known for having a wide range of colors. Different hues of brown and pearly white chocolate are available. Pink ruby couverture chocolate is also available, but it is not widely available in supermarkets. If you are fortunate enough to discover it, I recommend purchasing it!

Another distinction is the way candy and chocolate behave at room temperature. Candy melts will maintain their firm form while chocolate softens. So, if you have any candy melts left over, simply store them in the kitchen cupboard without fear of a mess.

When melting chocolate and candy melts together, you’ll observe that chocolate hardens more faster than candy melts. Chocolate usually takes around 5 minutes to start firming up. Candy melts will take 10 to 20 minutes to set.

The expiration date varies as well. You can utilize the leftover candy melts in 18 months if you open the bag and store them carefully. However, any leftover chocolate should be consumed within 8 months.

If you’re concerned about cost, the fact that candy melts are less expensive is unlikely to surprise you.


1. Which Candy Melts Melt the Fastest?

In general, the thinner the chips are, the easier they are to melt. The fat content of the chips also helps them melt more easily. It’s easier to melt them the fatter they are.

2. Are Candy Melts or chocolate better for cake pops?

Candy melts keep the cake pops wet, resulting in a wonderful, soft pop. As a result, candy melts are preferable for cake pops.

Even so, if anything can replace candy melts, it’s chocolate. Chocolate, on the other hand, contains less oil than candy melts.

If you want to use candy melts instead of chocolate, make sure to add oil.

3. How long does a candy melt last?

Candy melts have an 18-month shelf life. They are confectionery items, which implies they are long-lasting.

4. Are Wilton candy melts good for cake pops?

Wilton candy melts are a popular choice for cake pops because they are consistent in size, shape, and color.

Final Words:

To summarize, the best candy melts for cake pops are those that are simple to work with, come in a variety of delicious flavors, and melt into a smooth consistency. 

Wilton, Ghirardelli, and Merckens are three of the most recommended brands to take into consideration.

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