10 Best Butcher Paper For Smoking to Buy in 2022

Whenever you think about smoked meat, you must reminisce all its smoky scent, soft, tender, and mouth-watering juicy flavor. You may have tried to get this flavor in every possible way, but in every try, all it may have come out either dry or soggy.

So how to hold the moisture inside? Butcher paper is the thing that is behind perfect smoked meat like you ever desire. This magical thing helps the meat breathe and stay naturally soft, tender, and juicy without getting soggy.

Many people use foil for smoking, but this stiff paper doesn’t let the meat breathe, so the moisture gets trapped inside, and if you’re not careful enough, your meat can turn into a soggy one.

Hence if you want your meat to become smoky without compromising its juicy flavor, you better choose a good quality butcher paper.

Here we have brought the 10 best butcher paper for smoking that will help you to bring you the best result. But before you buy butcher paper, you must acknowledge some facts that will help you differentiate quality.

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Types Of Butcher Paper for Smoking

Types Of Butcher Paper

Butcher paper is not just a piece of paper. Instead, it is a versatile kind that is simply amazing. This piece is used for smoking and to protect your raw meat from coming in contact with air contamination.

Unlike other papers, it is firm but still breathable, which allows the food to stay fresh and perfect for a long time. You can even use it to store the raw meats.

So many uses with a single thing are amazing. But this amazing thing can cause you a headache if you don’t know which butcher paper serves which purpose. So to get the best outcome from the paper, you need to learn about its types.

Pink Butcher Paper

Pink Butcher paper is best for smoking as the breathable paper lets the smoke trap inside. That’s why the meat gets its perfect smokey taste.

Also, absorbing extra moisture prevents the meat from getting soggy and lets the meat stay naturally soft and juicy.

Peach Treated Butcher Paper

Peach Treated Butcher Paper is very strong enough to hold and soak moisture, and also it doesn’t let the blood or any liquid leak out that comes from fresh raw meat.

So for raw meat delivery, this paper is mainly used. Also, this paper is used to preserve meat as it lets the air pass through, so the meat stays good for a long time.

White Butcher Paper

White Butcher Paper is FDA approved, which comes uncoated. The type is best for wrapping burgers, sandwiches or sub.

This one can also be used during arts and crafts to save the table from getting destroyed. Otherwise, you can also use it to cover meat before smoking. But it can’t be used for smoking as it doesn’t absorb moisture at all.

Freezer Butcher Paper

Freezer Butcher Paper comes with an extra coating on one side to freeze the meat well. For this additional coating, meats don’t lose their moisture. As a result, they can be stored for a long time.

You can simply mention the date and timing on the other side of the paper, so you don’t get confused. These papers are available with different protection timing. Some give 3 to 6 months of protection, some 6 to 9, and others 9 to 15.

Steak Butcher Paper

Steak Butcher Paper is used for showcases, especially in the butcher showcase. Meats are wrapped and kept in these as the paper lets not easily discolor the meat and hold the moisture while locking freshness inside.

Hence, the customers get to buy fresh raw meat. These come in many colors like black, peach, white or green.

Gardenia Butcher Paper

Gardenia Butcher Paper comes with a unique color and serves the highest protection, preventing any leakage, especially oil and water leakage. So for poultry and raw fish, this one is selected mostly.

10 Best Butcher Paper For Smoking

1. Good Store’s Pink Butcher Paper Roll

You can try the Good Store pink butcher paper roll when you are too confused about which butcher paper to buy for smoking. This roll comes in 18 Inches x 175 Feet entirely; it will be around 2100 inches.

What is best about this paper is it is firm and durable but still breathable. As a result, smoke can easily enter and get trapped inside, for which the meat gets a wonderful smokey flavor.

That is why it’s been regarded as the best pink butcher paper for smoking since then till now. Not only for smoking but also for cooking, storing, and serving, you will find nothing better than this paper.

Most people have a misconception that all butcher papers are covered with a layer of wax used for longer protection, but this paper is unwaxed and uncoated.

The butcher paper is food grade certified. So now you can easily use this for cooking without any doubt.

This pink paper also can absorb moisture pretty well. So hopefully, you won’t have to worry about the leakage anymore.

 As the paper is breathable, so during smoking, it releases steam for which your meat never gets soggy ever. Now one thing might be in your head, like whether you can use it for freezing meat or not.

Absolutely yes, you can. But one problem you might face during the time is when the moisture will come out of the frozen one, it will be tightly attached to the meat, and you may have trouble peeling it off.

 You can also use the paper for art and crafts, and the paper will protect your surface from unwanted paint strokes.

Key Features

  • Unwaxed and uncoated.
  • Firm and long-lasting.
  • Food grade certified.
  • Absorbs extra moisture.
  • Let the smoke in and the steam out.

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2. Hugger Stone’s Pink Butcher Paper

While you want perfect smoked meat, you need a perfect quality butcher paper, and all the quality you need will be found in Hugger Stone Pink Butcher Paper.

It is a paper roll of 17.25 Inches x 175 Feet Roll. Most people often complain that their meat gets tough and rough while smoking.

But now, you can have juicy, soft, tender meat with the perfect smokey flavor just with the help of this pink butcher paper. It is the best butcher paper to keep your meat naturally soft and juicy.

Whether it’s a steak or brisket or rob or anything else, you will get the perfect cooked one every time. The butcher paper lets the meat cook well faster and allows the smoke to stay inside.

It stays naturally juicy, soft, and fuel. It holds the heat and lets the meat absorb evenly. As a result, you get your desired food in perfect shape, texture, and flavor.

This pink paper is specially made for cooking purposes; that’s why it’s non-toxic, free from any wax or any other chemicals.

The super paper is made with the best paper fiber; therefore, it won’t easily tear apart while fully soaked with water, blood, or oil.

The fabulous thing about this paper is that it comes with a dispenser box, so you won’t need to bother about where to store it after use. You can easily open the box, tear the amount you need, and store the rest inside the box.

Key Features

  • Comes with a dispenser box.
  • Non-toxic or free from wax and other chemicals.
  • Doesn’t tear apart easily.
  • Strong enough to absorb oil or other liquid.
  • Best for smoking or cooking.

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3. Mighty Dreams’ Pink /Peach Butcher Paper

Not every butcher paper can be trusted like you can trust Mighty Dreams Pink /Peach Butcher Paper.

 It is a 24″ × 150′ paper roll that is made for cooking or smoking use. Moreover, the paper will save your food from getting in contact with air contamination.

These are completely wax-free, or no chemicals have been used here, so you can expect your food to be as it was.

It won’t spoil your food taste anyhow. Unlike other papers, these are strong and sturdy, so you can expect them to not tear away when the paper comes into contact with moisture.

It can be easily used within 225 to 275 degrees, which is perfect in the case of smoking but doesn’t expect it to work as in smoking in the case of an open fire. It won’t help there.

These papers are far better than aluminum foil paper as these papers are made the way to breathe the air in and out; therefore, the meat doesn’t get soggy, and the even heat gives it all the perfection it deserves.

As a result, you get the juiciest, soft and tender meat you have wished for. This thing is so good that you can use it for multiple purposes.

Like cooking, smoking, for arts and crafts or wrapping sandwiches, burgers or even fresh fish and meat. The most amazing thing is you can even gift it as a BBQ gift to your family and friends. So perfect BBQ will not be a matter for you.

But it is suggested not to use the paper for freezing when the moisture comes in contact with the paper. It may try to absorb; as a result, it will be hard to peel off when needed.

The pink roll comes with some additional benefits like it comes in a durable carry tube which keeps your roll safe ever since, and also with a detailed ebook where you will find how to be a Grill.

Key Features

  • Comes with a durable carry tube and detailed ebook.
  • No added wax, no chemicals, safe for any use.
  • Made for smoking and cooking but also can be used for other purposes.
  • Let the meat breathe and stay in its normal form.
  • Made of the best material in the USA.

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4. DIY Crew Store’s Peach Butcher Paper

If you are not satisfied with your BBQ flavor and texture and want something to keep bringing you perfection, then DIY Crew Store Peach Butcher Paper is all you need.

The paper is around 200 feet long, which is near 2400 inches. This paper is a genuine one made of top-graded red butcher paper fiber, which gives it a strong base and texture.

Hence it can easily carry weight even though it is soaked with oil or liquid. This can easily absorb moisture, so it is likely to find any leak-outs.

Many people feel helpless when they need to marinate their brisket with some kind of liquid. Either they need to wrap it with foil or skip the plan of marinating.

Foils are not good for so, as they don’t let the meat breathe. As a result, it’s rare to get the exact juiciness you want from your meat.

But here, you will find a relief to use the pink paper as the paper can hold the moisture from getting leaked out and work perfectly as you wanted.

You will find many food papers coated with a thick layer of wax that sooner or later impacts the food taste, but here you will find no trace of wax or any other compound elements to interfere with your desired flavor.

So anytime you can have your perfect food thanks to the pink butcher paper. These are basically used for smoking and cooking, but these can be a good option to serve all the oily food at your party, or you can even wrap sandwiches, hamburgers, or other food.

For crafts and art, you can also use it. Many people even use paper to wrap presents with the leftovers.

Key Features

  • No use of wax or any compound elements.
  • Strong and durable.
  • It can be used for craft and arts.
  • Saves the meat from unwanted leak-outs.
  • Can soak moisture easily.

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5. Bryco Goods Store’s White Kraft Butcher Paper

You might have always seen pink or peach butcher paper in the stores, but this time you will meet a different one.

Bryco Goods Store has brought you White Kraft Butcher Paper Roll, which is a great thing to use. This 18-inch × 100 foot white paper is a perfect match for smoking or BBQ.

The paper is very strong and durable enough. So possibly you won’t face any problem. It can easily soak the excess moisture and hold the rest inside the meat.

As a result, you get your desired meat with perfect softness and tenderness. It also is resistant to oil or any other liquid, so there will be no leakage at all.

This white paper has maintained great quality and safety; therefore, you will find it unbleached, uncoated, or unwaxed. This is said to be made of top-class virgin pulp.

So you can trust it entirely for food storage or cooking. You can even use the paper to cover the table or for craft use or any other reason.

This paper is very breathable, so your food won’t get soggy anyway, and also it ensures even heat to every corner, so perfectly cooked meat is guaranteed with it.

 This white butcher paper is firm enough to prevent any leakage. So no matter whether you will have to apply more oil or any other liquid, there will be no breakage or leakage at all.

If you have used foil paper until now, you will clearly understand the difference after using the white paper.

Foil paper dries out the meat, but this butcher paper won’t. Instead, it holds the quality and freshness inside to give you the best-smoked meat.

Key Features

  • Comes in white color.
  • Gives full protection from air contamination
  • Prevents any type of leakage.
  • Hold the moisture inside for a long time.
  • Made of the best virgin pulp.

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6. Oren International Store’s Smokin’ Pink Kraft Butcher Paper

We always want the best things for us, and when it’s all about the food we love, we don’t want to compromise.

Oren International Store has brought a wonderful thing that won’t let you compromise anyway. This is the Smokin’ Pink Kraft Butcher Paper, an amazing piece that works great for smoking.

It is a 24″ × 200′ paper roll, the highest 400 sq feet. Many people feel uncomfortable about the other country’s products.

For them, there is good news: the paper is made in the USA, and obviously, high-quality materials have been used to build this item. So you can assume how safe it is to use for your food storing or smoking.

The manufacturer has taken care that there should be no coating, no wax, or no bleach to use. That means it is a toxic-free paper that is very healthy for daily use.

It helps your food stay fresh for a long time and holds the natural moisture, and when you use it for smoking, it gives you a perfect result.

Though it’s a tough one, still have enough space to breathe. As a result, smoke and temperature can easily get inside and cook the food accurately.

Also, it doesn’t let the steam stay inside, so your meat can stay fresh, moist, and tender. But try to avoid using it in the open flame. It may catch fire easily, then.

One more interesting thing is that the paper works as a barrier to leakage. So you can even carry raw fresh meat or fish wrapped in this paper.

Many butcher papers are hard to tear off, which becomes a trouble for you, but this one is the opposite. It can be easily torn off. Also, you will get a disposal box with the roll so you can use the paper without any issue.

Key Features

  • Pure USA-made paper.
  • Top-quality materials are used to build it.
  • Flexible and easy to apply.
  • Comes with a disposal box.
  • Works as a barrier to moisture leakage.

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7. LiveWell Brand’s Pink Butcher Paper

When foil paper is your best friend, but you are not satisfied with the performance, you need to try something better, something beneficial, and that can be LiveWell Brand’s Pink Butcher Paper.

This premium version is 24 Inches x 200 Feet, entirely 2400 Inches in full, which is a great thing to use.

Where foil paper sometimes makes your meat hard and soggy, this pink butcher paper won’t let it go down.

It ensures your meat gets the perfect temperature and lets the excess steam out of the boundary. For that, you always get the perfect smoked meat as you wished for.

This pink butcher paper is made of authentic virgin pulps. So no doubt, it is a quality product that you can use for any purpose. Also, there you will find no wax, no chemical, or any bleach, so it’s healthy and won’t interfere with your food taste ever.

You can use it not only for smoking but also cooking, storing and you can even use these to carry raw meat or fish.

It won’t let them discolor and keep them fresh for a long time. Most butcher shops use this paper daily as it doesn’t leak the blood and keep the moisture intact.

But while you use it for smoking, it becomes breathable and lets the air pass through. As a result, you get the perfect smoked meat with a soft and juicy form.

But one thing you must remember is that the paper can’t be used as parchment paper or in the open fire; it may catch fire then. Otherwise, you can almost use it for any purpose.

 The paper can also be used as art paper or during craft time, and it will protect your surface from getting destroyed.

Key Features

  • Provides premium protection
  • Best for smoking and BBQ
  • Good for carrying raw fish and meat.
  • Leakage free.
  • Sturdy and everlasting.

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8. Traeger Store’s Traeger Grills BACA427 Oren Butcher Paper

If you are bored of the ordinary pink or peach butcher paper and looking for something different, the Traeger store has customized butcher paper. This is the Traeger Grills BACA427 Oren Butcher Paper, 18″ × 150′ in total.

This is a strong and tough paper that gives your meat a strong base. Also, while you wrap the meat for smoking, it creates a strong layer around the one/

It ensures your food gets an accurate temperature from all sides, and the consequence is perfectly smoked meat with 100 percent authentic taste.

If you have tried to smoke your meat without butcher paper, then surely you know how rough and tough it becomes after smoking.

But the protective layer of this butcher paper helps the meat breathe; it holds the temperature inside and lets the steam go out. This is why you get soft and juicy meat every time you smoke your meat in this butcher paper.

Many people prefer to use foil paper instead of butcher paper, but if they could use this butcher paper, they would never look back to the aluminum foil.

You need to be more careful; otherwise, your meat can turn into the worst one. Foil papers can’t let the steam out; as a result, it remains inside and turns the food soggy.

But with this pink butcher paper, there is no chance of such an accident happening. It always smokes perfectly if it is used accurately. If we count it from the outside, it looks wonderful for the customized design.

For this, you can also use it for wrapping gifts or serving food at the party. You can even try it as a substitute for parchment paper.

Key Features

  • Firm and flexible
  • Customized outlook
  • Can be used for multi-purpose
  • Ensure no leakage
  • Perfect for smoking

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9. Creative Paper Co’s Pink Butcher Kraft Paper

While safety is important to you and you don’t want to compromise it at any cost, then you should try Creative Paper Co’s Pink. A genuine paper made in the USA will ensure the highest safety for your family.

This pink paper is 17.75″ x 1200″; overall, it is 100 feet long. It comes free of wax, coating, or other chemical layers.

So it can be used for daily purposes, and when you are looking for butcher paper for smoking or BBQ, you will find it the suitable one among all.

Though brisket, ribs, meat, or anything can be cooked perfectly with this paper, it’s famous as the best butcher paper for brisket to food lovers.

It’s very easy to use, flexible enough, so folding wouldn’t be a problem. Also, the butcher paper is a breathable one.

Hence the steam can easily run out of the pack and let the meat stay fresh and soft. It is made of the finest virgin pulps. Therefore it lasts long and gives you the best result.

Now you might fear how easily it can tear away while coming in contact with the moisture.

Here you will be happy to know that the paper is rigid enough to give you good support even though it’s wringing wet. Oil, blood, or any liquid can’t make it weak. So there will be no leakage guaranteed.

If you don’t know, this butcher paper is something more than you expect. It can be used for smoking, cooking, steaming, grilling, storing, freezing, gift wrapping, crafting, and so on.

This paper can bear more pressure and stay good as new. The finest thing you have ever heard is that it offers you a money-back guarantee. If you think what you expect is not fulfilled or are not satisfied with the paper, you can get a full refund.

Key Features

  • Safe and secure for daily use.
  • Unbleached, unwaxed, and uncoated.
  • Can be used for any purpose.
  • Strong enough to ensure no leakage.
  • Can be used for freezing.

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10. Reli. Store’s Reli. Pink Butcher Paper

If you are trying butcher paper for the first time, then this Reli. Store’s Reli. Pink will be the best one for you. Reli. Pink butcher paper comes in 18 Inches x 350 Feet.

This paper is very good at smoking as it can easily trap the smoke inside, let the meat absorb, and ensure the meat gets even heat from every side. For that, you get perfectly smoked meat every time.

Now, if you are wondering whether you can use paper to carry raw fish and meats or not, then you will be happy to know this paper can prevent leakage. Therefore you can use it to carry raw meats and fish.

Not only that, but you can even try it to store or serve food. You can serve sandwiches, burgers, or french fries on this paper as it can absorb moisture easily.

In the case of foil paper, it binds the steam inside and forbids it to come out. As a result, your food becomes soggy sometimes. So if you want to avoid such troubles, then you must try this paper.

The butcher paper is very easy to handle, just a few folds, and your meat is secured and ready to go inside the smoker.

Now you may be wondering whether you can replace parchment paper with this butcher paper or not, then it can be good news for you that this paper can be used instead of parchment paper.

This paper is quite strong and can absorb heat easily. So you won’t possibly have any problem with it. Otherwise, you can also use the paper for other uses.

Many try to use it to store frozen foods, but this has been discouraged as it can turn into a difficult job for you to peel off later.

Key Features

  • Made of the best materials.
  • Makes smoking perfect.
  • Can be used instead of parchment paper.
  • Absorbs moisture.
  • Let the steam pass out.

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Things To Consider Before Buying Best Butcher Paper for Smoking

There are plenty of butcher papers in the market, but obviously, not every piece will be helpful for you. So it’s essential to know exactly which butcher paper you may need and what quality it should have.


You must not compromise with anything you buy is the quality of your product.

When you are about to buy butcher paper, check what materials have been used to make the piece, if there is anything harmful added or not, whether it’s safe to come into contact with your food or not.


All want the best thing for themselves, and certified things are undoubtedly the best among all. So check whether the pieces you are about to buy are certified or not.

Many butcher papers use wax or other chemicals to make the piece more durable. If you want your butcher paper to be free from wax, you must go for the certified ones.

Length and Thickness

Every butcher paper comes in a certain size and how many times you can use the butcher paper depends on how long your paper is. The longer your paper is, the more you can use it.

Also, you should keep your eyes on its thickness too. Thick paper works well. So keep these things in mind while about to buy one.

With Disposal Box or Without

Some butcher papers come with a disposal box, so you don’t need to bother about storing, but some come simply in a roll without a disposal box.

 So you will have to decide whether you need butcher paper with a disposal box or without.

Customized Surface or Plain

Some butcher papers are plain, and some are customized with designer print.

If you think you need it for smoking or storing, or freezing, you can go for a plain one, but if you want to display your butcher paper or wrap your food to serve at the party, you may need the customized one.


Butcher paper can be used for many purposes, but what’s your purpose that’s more important.

 Suppose, besides smoking, you may need butcher paper for freezing your meat, then you will have to look for a strong one that doesn’t tear off easily.

Now, if you need butcher paper for serving food at the party, too, then you may prefer a little designer customized butcher paper.

Why You Need Butcher Paper?

Butcher paper is specifically designed for processing meat. It has a protective structure that will prevent it from burning while the meat is being smoked.

Wrapping meat in butcher paper causes it to retain its taste and become tender. If you don’t wrap it in butcher paper, your grilled smoked meat could end up tough and dry.

Butcher paper also keeps the flavor and freshness of food, which is why many chefs and restaurant owners use it.

How To Wrap Meat In Butcher Paper For Smoking?

How To Wrap Meat In Butcher Paper For Smoking

Everything has a perfect way to work. Butcher paper is not hard to deal with, but a few steps will make the use more effective and accurate.

Step 1

First, take a little longer piece of butcher paper for about 36-40 inches, so you don’t feel any difficulty wrapping your meat.

Step 2

Spread the butcher paper on a flat surface.

Step 3

Spray on the paper with a spritzer to be flexible enough to work with. You can even skip the part if you want and directly pack your meat.

Step 4

Put the meat you will cook in the corner of the paper. Don’t put it at the edge. Keep a little space to start to fold the meat with ease.

Step 5

When the meat is set on the paper, fold the paper from the meat side.

Step 6

Slowly wrap it. While wrapping, gently pushes the meat inside to be packed well in the paper.


When you give it a fold, start looking at the other sides and fold all the sides, all the corners and make sure no hole remains where the smoke can pass through.

Step 8

When all the corners are sealed, take the rest part and fold it to give the meat part a base.

Step 9

Set the fold under the meat fold part after creating a base. Now your pack is ready to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can butcher paper be used for smoking?

Butcher paper is the most popular way of smoking as it lets the heat and smoke reach the meat and soaking excess moisture; it gives you a perfect, soft, juicy one.

Also, it allows the extra heat to pass through, which saves the meat from getting soggy. So obviously, for smoking, you should try this one.

2. How does butcher paper confine smoke inside?

Though butcher paper is breathable, it can still hold the smoke inside. This is made in a way so that the meat can breathe.

As a result, smoke goes inside and perfectly reaches your meat, helping you get the perfect smokey strong flavor you expected.

3. Why is butcher paper better over foil paper for smoking?

Butcher paper and foil both work great for smoking, but if you look a little closer there, you will find a subtle difference between these two.

Foil paper saves you time as it helps to cook faster and holds the heat inside pretty well, but it dries out the meat but other hands, butcher paper, by absorbing the excess moisture.

It keeps your meat soft and juicy without drying entirely. As a result, you get the perfect BBQ like a restaurant.

4. Is Butcher Paper 100% FDA Approved?

Check the product manual to see the approval status of the paper. Go to the manufacturer’s website to make sure it is approved by the FDA.

5. Will butcher paper catch on fire?

Butcher paper is normally non-flammable, but if you use low-quality butcher paper, it may catch fire.

Wrapping Up

Butcher paper might be a normal piece to the others, but for a food lover, it’s a mighty saver. This paper offers perfect smoked meat and helps to store and freeze food.

This piece can also be used to carry raw meat or fish. Therefore It will be tough to find a substitute for these papers.

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